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Found 10 results

  1. Hello All, One of the emails Whole30 recently sent me had a nifty 30 day calendar with the "symptoms" inputed on in, such as "Kill All the Things" and "Tiger Blood." I meant to save it and print it but failed to do so. Now I can't find it. Could someone direct me to it? Thanks!
  2. I just completed day 4 with almost no side effects at all. Some of my body stuff has been different (but not in a bad way), and I've had slightly less energy, but otherwise I've had no other symptoms besides some pretty powerful cravings. Maybe this is very paranoid of me, but... Am I doing something wrong?! It seems like people oftentimes have a terrible adjustment period, whereas I seem to have almost no physiological complications. The program is a moderate change in diet for me. Before, I was eating without dairy, most grains (still had rice on occasion), and some sugars (honey, maple syrup, stevia). Cutting out legumes was the only thing I've never done before, but it hasn't been too much of a problem. I would admit that I'm likely having more fruit than what is recommended, but I am definitely eating much more other nutrients, especially fats and the great stuff in veggies (eating veggies with every meal is definitely new for me!!). I would love some feedback on this. Thanks!
  3. amandablakley22

    Endometriosis & Sugar

    Hello ladies, I am on day 32 of a compliant whole 30. I decided to do this program because I suffer from chronic endometriosis pain. I decided to buy some cold cut honey glazed ham as my first reintroduction. Does anyone know how long it takes to get pain from having a reaction to the sugar/honey. After eating this ham I started having mild pelvic pain again... which I have actually been free from during my whole 30. Any help or research would be appreciated... thank you so much!! Amanda
  4. I just started the Whole30 on Saturday, March 18, and I have been nothing but exhausted and foggy since then. I work in a place that I need to be on point pretty much all the time and this fogginess is really worrying. As is the need to sleep ALL THE TIME. Did anyone else have this reaction or can tell me how long this might last? The Timeline I found under resources and in the book doesn't really seem to be applying to me at this point. :\ Thanks!
  5. ambxc1


    Hi, I'm on day 12 of the whole30 and woke up this morning with a small rash on the side of my neck. Later in the afternoon I noticed that my forehead is covered in what looks like an allergic reaction and it's also a little bit on my cheeks. I'm no stranger to allergic reactions - I'm allergic to hair dye so know what they look like - and this is quite similar only not as angry looking. I haven't changed my face wash or face creams. No other changes that I could attribute to the rash. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this and if so why has it happened?!?
  6. I'm on Day 5. Yesterday I felt crappy, like my bones were made of lead and my brain was gray sludge. Okay. The timeline said fatigue is to be expected sometime in the first few days. But today, after a good solid 8 hours of sleep, when I have gone up and down the stairs in the house, my heart is pounding and my leg muscles feel really tired. I don't think I am THAT out of shape! Is this something other people experience around now?
  7. Hi, I'm feeling a little bewildered.... I have a history of poor diet, (skipping meals, stress eating etc), high stress.... Particularly in the last year or so. The last few months I've had a huge crappy food binge - lots of carbs and sugar.. with alcohol every night or two and excessive alcohol once every week or two. So... By all accounts I should be feeling the full force of withdrawal on day three... Right? I have stuck to plan, although I think I've over indulged in the fats a little too much, especially ghee! I also have a history of sugar and carb cravings and excessive consumption of these... But no problems so far. I am also 16kg overweight and my body fat is 48%! I'm wondering what I am doing wrong? Or why I'm still feeling fine? I am not working much at the moment and am still trying to stick to my naturopathic regime which involves large amounts of fish oil, multivitamins, adrenal support, antioxidants etc. this might be helping? See the picture attached below. I would really appreciate some advice about this. Has anyone else experienced this? Am I doing something wrong? My naturopath told me just 3 weeks ago that I am so full of toxins at the moment from my lifestyle and that my cells are a mess! My doctor has told me that at 37, after ten years of blood pressure medication, that it's just not working and I simply must loose weight and improve my lifestyle to lower my blood pressure as she is worried about future complications. I also suffer from Graves Disease, (update 23rd August: Actually its Hashimotos thyroiditis; FINALLY confirmed last week after 8 years - and what I always suspected!) although I think my thyroid goes up and down, pcos and suspected endometriosis. I am determined to get healthy, no matter what. If someone in the know can advise me I would really appreciate it! Thanks!
  8. How soon after you start the program do your symptoms start to go away? I've had chronic headaches, fuzzy brain, nausea, vomiting for a long time.
  9. Anxiety. I am feeling so anxious ...sort of a nervous type feeling. I don't have anything to be anxious about; I'm at major issues going on...pretty happy in my life...exercising regularly. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there something I am missing in my diet that could be causing this? Anything I am missing here?
  10. So, today is day two for me. I am normally a very clean eater, mostly paleo plus dairy. But lately for the last two-three weeks I have found myself indulging in candy, cake, etc. So I decided enough was enough and here I am. I need this and I feel mentally great already just knowing that I am back on track and I have a plan! But I have some basic questions maybe some of you more experienced folks can answer. 1. Is it normal to pee more often? I feel like I haven't had a whole lot more water than usual, but I have noticed more trips to the bathroom. 2. I have had a low grade headache since yesterday. I assume this is normal.... any tips? 3. Today for lunch I had a salad with pork at Chipotle topped with guacamole... and I feel so icky and have a stomach ache. I wonder if the fat triggered something? I have gall stones but I can usually avoid attacks... think this is related? 4. Just to be clear, I should have protein before I workout and a protein (plus optional carb) after? I workout at 5am and have to be at work by 8, so there isn't a lot of wiggle room for post workout snack and then breakfast. Can I make breakfast my Post workout snack/meal? 5. I know a snack isn't recommended but I"m a teacher and lunch is at 10:45 am. I need a snack to make it through to dinner usually.... what type of snack should I have? 6. I wonder if I am eating enough carbs? I am very active and cross fit or run 6 days per week. It's only day two, but I want to make sure I"m eating enough. Thoughts? Thank you so much to all who take the time to read and answer!!! <3