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Found 66 results

  1. Yogi Detox Tea

    I’ve seen a post about this in the past but never saw an answer I’m pretty sure this is compliant but would love verification, love this tea occasionally
  2. I'm on Day 6 of Whole 30 and having a mid-morning tea break. I was so excited that I finally remembered one of my teas from home so I wouldn't have to drink one of the generic teas in the office kitchen - in fact, this is my favorite fall tea, Autumn Mist Green. As I was walking to the kitchen, though, I realized I didn't look at the ingredients in the tea - I completely forgot when I was putting my stuff together this morning. A search on their website turned up the following ingredients list: "Blended With Gunpowder Tea, Apple Pieces, Cinnamon Bark, Rose Hips, Natural Creme Brulee Flavor, Marigold Flowers And Rose Petals" Natural Creme Brulee flavor...that sounds like sugar to me. Just looking to see if anyone else agrees? I'm foregoing drinking it to be on the safe side but now I'll have to smell it next to me all day!
  3. Want to know the health benefits of barley tea? Is it a healthy alternative to coffee, roasted barley tea.Anyone here who had barley tea. what are the benefits of this tea.
  4. Hi everyone, I've read in It Starts With Food that coffee may be bad for your GI track and it suppresses your appetite, so it's better not to have it when your stomach is empty. Is this harmful effects on the GI track the same with all the teas with caffeine, like oolong / green tea, etc? Between the meals or when I haven't eaten anything yet, I like drinking a blend of oolong, jasmine and green tea as I find the taste very mild and this tea gives me a somehow soothing energy. But of course I wouldn't want the benefits if the harm is bigger, when I have this with an empty stomach. What do you think? And thanks in advance everyone, wishing you all the best in your journeys!
  5. Tea and Additives

    Hello! I am a massive tea drinker. Generally if I don't drink coffee (with my lovely icky chemical creamers) I drink my tea straight up. And I have a problem in that I own a ton of tea. I'm sorting through it before I start Whole30 and I'm noticing in the ingredients a lot of things I'm not sure if they're okay. I have a chai, for example, which has vanilla and natural vanilla and cream flavorings. I have no idea if these are legit. I did search the forum and it looks like no one has asked about teas. I don't know if that's because no one is a loose leaf tea snob like me and tends to haunt their local boutique? But I'd love some guidance. Especially since all the site and book seem to say for tea is "all is acceptable". And tea, well. I've found that a lot of my favorite teas are apparently doctored up pretty well with some sugars of the non-fruit or flower enhanced variety! Any advice is super appreciated.
  6. I enjoy my tea when I'm not in the mood for black coffee. And I saw Starbucks has a "Joy Brewed Tea" they say it's a blend of Black, Green Jasmine and Oolong teas with a hint of apricot. And but I wasn't sure if I can have it... I'm on day 12 of my first Whole30.
  7. Astragalus

    Hi. I bough a hibiscus tea and one of the ingredients is artaragus root. Someone know if I can have it?? The other ingredients are compliant. Thank you
  8. I have a Harney & Sons tea that is chocolate tea. The only questionable ingredient was "natural flavors", so I wrote the company and asked them what that meant. They said they use a natural chocolate flavoring that is an oil. So my question is, is chocolate oil compliant?
  9. I am starting my first W30 in January and I am buying items ahead of time in preparation, such as tea. My local grocer has all their Traditional Medicinals tea on clearance, and I'd like to buy some to drink as an alternative to drinking plain water sometimes. My question is, on the label, under ingredients, it says natural flavors, but that could mean anything. I am wondering of there might possibly be some added sugars that they aren't disclosing? Some of the boxes said natural flavors in the ingredients listed part, and 0 Sugar under the nutritional label part. Is this tea probably sugar free, and ok to drink during my Whole30? I do not want to have to start over because I accidently consumed sugar by mistake.
  10. Hello, I know coffee is not allowed for people with IBS. Is black tea (caffeinated) or green tea allowed if i have IBS and if i am eating LOW-FODMAP foods? Are the following teas allowed? Tetley - Black Orange Pekoe Tea Tetley - Pure Green Tea Tetley - Rooibos Red Tea Thanks,
  11. Hello everyone, I'm brand new to Whole30 and starting mine on September 5th! I'm doing my planning this week. I'm pretty comfortable with all the restrictions except what do I do about milk in my tea???? I have to have tea every morning and I'm looking for suggestions to put in it instead of regular milk. I've never tried almond milk, would it taste weird in tea? Thanks!!! Christine
  12. Can I have stash teas

    Love their herbal teas however. They say pineapple coconut flavor (Oblong mango coconut) and raspberry flavor (hibiscus raspberry herbal tea)
  13. Tea during the day

    Hello all! I'm about to start my first Whole30 (happy dance!) and I have a question about when I can drink tea. I'm not a coffee drinker but I do love my rooibos, Earl Grey, peppermint, Irish breakfast, or really anything I'm in the mood for. To these I'll either add nothing or a splash of almond milk. I'll usually have a cup in the morning with breakfast and then I love to have a cup while I'm at work, usually sometime after lunch (not because I'm hungry or craving it, I just like to sip on it while at the computer). Does this tea in the afternoon routine of mine go against the "no snacking" rule? How about having a cup of decaffeinated tea after dinner? I don't want to harm my Whole30 results but I also don't want to give up a nice routine if I don't have to. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  14. black tea ingredients

    Hello! I am in the preparation stage and have noticed ... - Twining Earl Grey tea has "bergamot flavoring" - Stash Chai Tea has "cinnamon flavoring" Do I need to find brands with clearer ingredients, or are these two black teas fine? Thanks!
  15. Tiny Tea

    I usually take Tiny Tea and husband takes Man Tea from Has someone done this or something similar like a teatox while on Whole30? Both are gluten free and Chinese herbs so I'm assuming they are okay? But not sure.
  16. Corn SILK tea?

    Help! Corn is a grain, so it's out... but corn silk isn't a grain, it's part of the vegetation / corn flower. Thoughts?
  17. What I thought was day 25 turned into something not so good. I've followed the plan perfectly or so I though until I read something that made me go back to the Yogi Tea site and look again at the ingredients in their teas. When first checked out the site at the beginning of my Whole30, I didn't see anything that had forbidden ingredients in the bedtime tea. Went back to the site and under the list of ingredients they use, stevia leaf was listed and it had all the teas with the leaf So what turned out to be Day 25 was actually nothing at all since a cup of Yogi Bedtime Tea is what I had been having every night since I started. Back to day 1 today. Sigh!
  18. Tea

    Hello, I'm on day 12, and I've just realised that the tea I've been drinking contains hidden sugar, maltodextrin. It wasn't on the label, I've just read it on the Internet... I'm so upset! (By the way, as not being a chemistry genious, I did not know that maltose and maltodextrin are kind of the same thing, and on the "sneaky sugars" list I didn't read maltodextrin. Though I wouldn't have drank the tea if I had known that it contains anything else than fruits.) My question is: do I have to start over? I'm not going to drink that type of tea anymore, and I'm going to check the Internet as well, not only the labels. So annoying! Thanks in advance.
  19. How to drink tea on Whole30???

    I'm starting Whole30 tomorrow, and usually drink three cups of tea at work to curb hunger. I typically have English Breakfast tea, with one sugar packet and some almond milk. I tried making tea today without adding either the milk or sugar and it was GROSS! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to supplement tea so I can continue to drink it? As an aside, I don't have the means of making my own almond milk and am not sure where to find some that is Whole30 approved.
  20. Hi, My DH bought me a treat (he was complaining that there is nothing nice he can buy for me anymore!) - a package of London Fruit and Herb Company Strawberry and Vanilla Fool Herbal Tea bags. It lists the following ingredients: Hibiscus, apple pomace, blackberry leaves, flavorings (6.5%), tartaric acid, licorice root, citric acid, rosehip, strawberry pomace, vanilla powder. Compliant? I looked up the ingredients on the additives list etc. and they seem fine, but what about the 'flavorings'?
  21. Good evening, Unfortunately, I did not read all of my labels labels. 4 days into my Whole30, I realized I had a few cups of tea with soy lecithin in it, as well as some glycerin in my herbal supplements. Do I need to start over, or just omit from now on? Thank you!
  22. I thought I would have some tea and found some Bigelow green tea with pomegranate in my cupboard. I decided to check the ingredients first, not expecting to find anything bad and discovered soy lecithin is listed as a flavoring! Darn it. At least I checked before making a cup.
  23. I'm on day 15 of the Whole30. Things are going well! I am trying to avoid caffeine (coffee) since that is something I relied on heavily before, but I find that I like to have something else to sip on at work sometimes that's warm. I have some TAZO teas that are good, but I came across another tea at Whole Foods yesterday and I'm not sure if some of these ingredients are compliant. It's The Republic of Tea - Peppermint Chocolate.( Ingredients: Rooibos, carob, cocoa kernels, peppermint leaves, sweet blackberry leaves, natural mint flavors, natural chocolate flavors, and natural vanilla flavors. It seems to me that they are all okay, as long as I'm not drinking it to satisfy a sweet tooth. The vanilla flavoring is what really throws me off. I just want to confirm before I brewed some up this afternoon!
  24. One thing I gave up on this journey to better health was coffee because I only like it with cream and sweetener. Coffee itself is allowed, but not the rest. After completing my first 30 days, I did try some coffee with half and half and stevia like I used to enjoy every morning. Yes, it tasted good but my digestive system did not like it. I'm not sure if it was the coffee itself, the creamer, or the stevia. It likely was the dairy, but it doesn't matter. I would rather do without than drink it black so I'm just going to concede that this is something I can live without. I'll test more for a reaction to dairy later but for now I'm continuing with the program. But I do miss my morning ritual of having something hot and comforting, especially with cooler weather approaching. I do like tea and have some favorites but nothing that stands out as something I would really look forward to every morning. Any teas you can recommend for me to try?
  25. I had this tea yesterday on day two of the program. It's the rebublic of tea double dark chocolate mate. I don't really understand the ingredient list