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Found 31 results

  1. AShuffnstuff

    Various Yogi Teas

    okay, i've already gone through my hot teas and eliminated ones that have Stevia Leaf as an ingredient. i think all these listed are complaint, but can any tell me for sure? I am prepping for my first Whole30 starting September 3rd and i want to make sure i don't slip over ignorance. The one thing i am questioning too, is the cocoa shell in the yellow DeTox tea. I have tried to search for these already, but couldn't find anything on these specifically. Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Want to confirm that I can have this Rishi tea with the following ingredients- unsure about cornflowers (not flour) and red wine grape skins. Thanks!! Organic schizandra berries, organic strawberries, organic rosehips, organic maqui berries, organic lavender flowers, organic red wine grape skins, organic hibiscus flowers, organic blackberry leaves, organic cornflowers
  3. I saw a couple postings about David’s tea, but it wasn’t so specific. I looked at David’s tea website to see the ingredients, and it says “ Apple, almonds, cinnamon, beetroot, artificial flavouring “. now this sounds ok for whole 30 to me, but someone did mention that their dried fruit would be covered in sugar, even though I didn’t see that on the list. Is that true?
  4. Hello! I recently started the Whole30 and I am curious about this tea called "skinnyfit" tea. It says it is all natural, non GMO, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and vegan. It has 13 superfood ingredients, Sencha Green Tea, Nettle Leaf, Oolong Tea, Dandelion Leaf, Goji Berries, Yerba Mate, Lemon Grass, Milk Thistle, Guarana, Peach Powder, Ginseng, Stevia, Matcha Green Tea. I would only drink 1 serving a day! I would love any feedback about this product and if it would be alright to drink while doing the Whole30! Thanks!
  5. Mattyc23

    Yogi Detox Tea

    I’ve seen a post about this in the past but never saw an answer I’m pretty sure this is compliant but would love verification, love this tea occasionally
  6. Local gas station chain in Iowa called Quick Trip has unsweetened peach tea... I am having a hard time finding the ingredients.. I can find the nutrition facts and it says 0grams of sugar, but could there be fake sugar? Is all unsweetened tea okay?!
  7. I'm on Day 6 of Whole 30 and having a mid-morning tea break. I was so excited that I finally remembered one of my teas from home so I wouldn't have to drink one of the generic teas in the office kitchen - in fact, this is my favorite fall tea, Autumn Mist Green. As I was walking to the kitchen, though, I realized I didn't look at the ingredients in the tea - I completely forgot when I was putting my stuff together this morning. A search on their website turned up the following ingredients list: "Blended With Gunpowder Tea, Apple Pieces, Cinnamon Bark, Rose Hips, Natural Creme Brulee Flavor, Marigold Flowers And Rose Petals" Natural Creme Brulee flavor...that sounds like sugar to me. Just looking to see if anyone else agrees? I'm foregoing drinking it to be on the safe side but now I'll have to smell it next to me all day!
  8. Hi! I found what looks to be a yummy tea! The only ingredient I think could be controversial is the cocoa shell? Does anyonoe know if cocoa shells are complaint? Here is the link to all ingredients where it explains them all: Thanks in Advance!
  9. Hello, I know coffee is not allowed for people with IBS. Is black tea (caffeinated) or green tea allowed if i have IBS and if i am eating LOW-FODMAP foods? Are the following teas allowed? Tetley - Black Orange Pekoe Tea Tetley - Pure Green Tea Tetley - Rooibos Red Tea Thanks,
  10. ethill

    Tiny Tea

    I usually take Tiny Tea and husband takes Man Tea from Has someone done this or something similar like a teatox while on Whole30? Both are gluten free and Chinese herbs so I'm assuming they are okay? But not sure.
  11. What I thought was day 25 turned into something not so good. I've followed the plan perfectly or so I though until I read something that made me go back to the Yogi Tea site and look again at the ingredients in their teas. When first checked out the site at the beginning of my Whole30, I didn't see anything that had forbidden ingredients in the bedtime tea. Went back to the site and under the list of ingredients they use, stevia leaf was listed and it had all the teas with the leaf So what turned out to be Day 25 was actually nothing at all since a cup of Yogi Bedtime Tea is what I had been having every night since I started. Back to day 1 today. Sigh!
  12. Having realized that my Bigalows Tea is on the edge of compliant I started to look for suitable replacement loose leaf teas.. bloody heck there are tons, especially black teas. I realize I am at a loss with them and wondering what others are buying. The main teas I used were Constant Comment for unsweet Ice Tea and Earl Grey with Honey for either Sweet Tea or Hot Tea. I am determined to be compliant with my tea. I found a recipe for Constant Comment which I know I will have to modify but at least I have a base idea now: 4 tablespoons black tea 12 whole cloves, crushed 1 inch cinnamon stick, broken and crushed 2 teaspoons dried orange peel, broken into small pieces Probably will buy made Earl Grey as locating dried bergamots peel to make my own seems to be beyond my abilities. So I need to acquire a mortar and Pestle, a good kitchen scale, and real black teas and Earl Grey blend. Any suggestions?
  13. michpro210

    How to drink tea on Whole30???

    I'm starting Whole30 tomorrow, and usually drink three cups of tea at work to curb hunger. I typically have English Breakfast tea, with one sugar packet and some almond milk. I tried making tea today without adding either the milk or sugar and it was GROSS! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to supplement tea so I can continue to drink it? As an aside, I don't have the means of making my own almond milk and am not sure where to find some that is Whole30 approved.
  14. One thing I gave up on this journey to better health was coffee because I only like it with cream and sweetener. Coffee itself is allowed, but not the rest. After completing my first 30 days, I did try some coffee with half and half and stevia like I used to enjoy every morning. Yes, it tasted good but my digestive system did not like it. I'm not sure if it was the coffee itself, the creamer, or the stevia. It likely was the dairy, but it doesn't matter. I would rather do without than drink it black so I'm just going to concede that this is something I can live without. I'll test more for a reaction to dairy later but for now I'm continuing with the program. But I do miss my morning ritual of having something hot and comforting, especially with cooler weather approaching. I do like tea and have some favorites but nothing that stands out as something I would really look forward to every morning. Any teas you can recommend for me to try?
  15. I had this tea yesterday on day two of the program. It's the rebublic of tea double dark chocolate mate. I don't really understand the ingredient list
  16. even if it's lightly caffeinated like green tea?
  17. I saw one post where someone asked what there was to drink other than water, but I couldn't find it again, so I thought I'd post what I drink during the day. (organic decaf) coffee with (homemade) coconut milk - in the morning decaf tea (plain or with coconut milk - I really miss sugar in my tea!) water sparkling water - I love the slim cans of Perrier with grapefruit or lime flavor (no sweeteners), almost feels like soda kombucha - only a little occasionally when I am missing my pre-dinner glass of wine (yes, I checked the label for added sugar) broth ginger tea - I make it with fresh ginger: slice it and boil for 30 minutes or so in a pot of water. Good hot or cold! Very refreshing and good for a troubled tummy.
  18. bnlauren

    Aveda Tea

    So I LOVE this tea and am doing another Whole30 for myself before making 30 and to help coach my friends. Is it compliant? it's sugar free and caffeine free. The ingredients are: Licorice Root, Peppermint Leaf, Sweet Fennel, and Basil. Thanks!
  19. I went to Teavana today and bought two teas and when I got back to my office, I looked up the steeping instructions and saw that one of them contained sugar as an ingredient. I am not on my Whole30 right now (starting January 1), but I have the following question: Are there any Teavana teas that: are Whole30 compliant based on the ingredient list and don't need sugars to taste good? I am looking for a tea that is going to taste nice without needing to add sugar or honey so it doesn't taste gross. Thanks!
  20. I love the suggestion I read about replacing the after dinner "need for dessert" with a cup of tea so I've been experimenting with different herbals. I finally found a hibiscus tea that doesn't have soy lecithin or stevia in it and I'm excitedly drinking an iced glass now...However, I have to admit with hibiscus tea there is a faint feeling like I am cheating or something. It has a punch like taste, and if you've had the tea you know what I am talking about. I have no plans or desire to add sugar to it but I feel like I am satisfying a sweet craving because the color and flavor remind me of...ulp....Kool-Aid. A natural good for me Kool-Aid though. Do you think this is perpetuating my sugar demons or finding a suitable replacement? Your thoughts are appreciated! I'm on Day 21
  21. Readytochange

    Yerba mate

    Hi, it's day two for me. I have Guayaki Yerba mate tea, mate chocolatte flavor in my pantry. Can I use it? It contains Yerba mate, cocoa and spices? I'm thinking no, but it contains no sugar. Thanks
  22. A couple days ago I had a crazy craving for something sweet after dinner. Crazy craving. I have a sugar dragon BIG TIME and I hadn't truly been addressing it. Normally I eat fruit to stop its whining, but this night I decided to brew a cup of hot tea and wait it out. Hot herbal tea to stop a sugar craving is not a new trick. I've seen it on every diet I've ever been on: Clean Eating, Weight Watchers, Sparkpeople (where I discovered paleo and Whole30 through other members!) and it's been included as a Whole30 strategy for starving that sugar dragon and changing the dessert habit. I never really bought into it, for no real reason. I simply never tried it. Well, I tried it, and by Jove, it works. I've made a habit over the last few days to make a cup after lunch (green or black) and dinner (herbal) and it has made a world of difference. It's a great palate cleanse, and I feel so much more relaxed after my meals. I can't believe it took me this long to embrace such a rejuvenating practice. If you're still having trouble starving out the sugar dragon, give the good ol' tea trick a shot. Seriously. You will be so glad you did.
  23. I love my teas and have quite a selection including peppermint, ginger, chai, earl grey and rooibos. One of my favourites is a Dilmah rose with French vanilla as displayed below. The ingredients are listed as: pure Ceylon black tea with French vanilla and rose flavours. Am I allowed this or are the 'flavours' not allowed? Meg
  24. wardcm562

    Compliant Starbucks?

    Any drinks other than black coffee or tea compliant? Passion Tea? Refreshers?
  25. I've been a steady over-consumer of coffee for 20 years. I do fine without it; I can get up and be active without it. I've even quit without wild cravings twice. Both times I quit however, I got a massive gout attack. Both times I was without coffee for about 3 months. I've only had one other attack without coinciding with the complete abstention from the morning brew. I've learned that excess Uric acid builds up and forms crystals in the joints and I can say from personal experience that it is excruciating pain. My podiatrist informed me that a diuretic like coffee can prevent the build up of Uric acid by continually flushing out the kidneys. Now I eat a paleo diet and abstain from alcohol but I haven't chanced the return of the gout by quitting coffee again.. Despite really liking it, I would like to remove coffee from my diet again but don't want the gout flare. Is it safe now that I'm on a paleo diet? Can I just drink a ton of water everyday which is not ideal because if I don't eat a ton of food I get too skinny. Is there a trusted source to learn more about the food/gout connection? Thanks