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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone! I just recently started the Whole30, and I read through a lot of stuff to avoid the common mistakes, but I still think I might be doing something wrong. I add enough fat and food into my diet, I think, because I can easily not feel hungry for 4-5 hours (cooking fat + avocado or olives). For some reason, I still feel really lightheaded. I'm tired (which I expected), but when I get up I feel a little bit dizzy for a few seconds. I don't have any headaches, so maybe this is my version of it? Other than what I just mentioned, I'm not feeling any of the "hangover" symptoms. It just feels like my stomach doesn't want food, but my body is asking for it. When I workout, I can't bring myself to eat pre- or post-workout meals because I'm just so not hungry. I started Whole30 to help recover from Binge Eating Disorder, and had hoped to change my relationship with food and feel hungry again for the first time in years. I'm really not sure what to do. I've read through some forums that say not being hungry in the beginning is actually not normal. Do I stuff myself anyways with 3 meals + 2 mini meals a day if my stomach doesn't want it? It's what I've been doing since my freshman year of high school with carbs and sugar anyways. Is the lightheadedness normal? I'm really lost at what I should do! I'm 17 years old, by the way, if that is important. Thank you in advance for your response!!
  2. March 22nd

    Hi, I'm Lia:) I'm on my fifth day and it seems to be getting harder instead of easier lol. I am 17 and have an intolerance to gluten, but even after removing gluten still had symptoms so I decided to give this a go! I feel really good! But cravings are hard.. any other teens doing the whole30 right now?
  3. W30 + Young Teen Boy

    I need to read back through the books as I think this might be addressed in there. But I would like thoughts & tips. I have a 13 yr old boy. He has tentatively agreed to join me for about 20 of my 30 days (he's going to be gone next weekend & it will be next to impossible for him to eat W30). I'm hoping that W30 will help with many of the food issues we've managed to create in him - slay his sugar dragon and stop him from eating when he's bored & tired. I'm wondering how to deal with snacking. He IS a teen boy. He's hungry all the time. But then, I don't know if some of it is bored eating. We've been working on getting him to make better choices if he is hungry, but I'm not sure if I should allow any snacking during W30 for him? Teen boys just need to eat more and I'm just unsure if it's reasonable to ask him to go without snacking. But I also don't want to give him the go-ahead and just let him eat & eat when he doesn't need it. Part of the reason for not snacking in W30 is to break that emotional attachment to food. So what do you all think?
  4. Hi, I'm 15, female, just began crossfitting 3-5 days a week, and I just started my first Whole 30 1/1/14. I'd already been eating paleo for 10 months give or take a couple weeks and I like to think my sugar dragon has been long since vanquished. The majority of the reason I decided to try this out is because around nut butters/coconut manna I literally turn into a black hole and consume it by the jar, which was both expensive and highly uncomfortable at times. I don't have any weight to lose at 5"4 and 114lbs, and I'm actually trying to pack on some muscle in preparation for a crossfit open in a couple months time, as well as the Spartan Sprint in June! My pre-wo meal is currently non-existant considering I feel terrible when I work out soon after eating just about anything, but post-wo I've been sticking to a can of tuna/pink salmon - I should add this salmon has little-to-no fat whatsoever - as well as my Omega 3+ vitamin d supplement (as per recommendation of my cf coach), and a medium sized sweet potato microwaved with some cinnamon. Otherwise I eat plenty of protein, moderate or maybe even slightly low on the carb end (I hardly if ever get the cravings for fruit), and a truckload of fat. Avocados, coconut oil, ghee on veggies, fatty grass-fed steaks, homemade mayo, and countless cans of full fat coconut milk. The problem arises later in the day. Think 9-11pm. I eat dinner anywhere between 7-8, and I've been consistently adding to what I'm consuming for breakfast, lunch, and the aforementioned supper - but no matter what I find myself hungry later. Since my goal is to put on muscle I'm afraid of not eating enough calories and will go eat some eggs, sometimes tea with coconut milk, avocado. If I don't do this I find it difficult to fall asleeo because my stomach rumbles non-stop, to the point that steamed fish and broccoli sounds like a fair deal if it means I can get some sleep. TL;DR: should growing teens such as myself be eating maybe a little outside of the 3 meal + pre/post-wo template? An example of outside of the template would be snacking whenever hungry, even if it isn't really sticking to the template? Thanks in advance! So sorry for the long post.
  5. I have a son who is nearly 16. He is tall & thin but muscular. He has been pretty lazy all summer, and has just started running with the X-Country team @ his high school. He also could stand to fuel his BRAIN better during the day, he's often sleepy in school. I'm wondering if I could apply the same pre and post workout guidelines to his day as we do during the Whole 30. When you google the words teen,athlete & nutrition, USDA has their marketing feces all over everything. Obviously we know that information to be bogus. Any words of advice? I work with a woman who' has a teenager daughter, same age, who is super active in extracurriculars, and also very serious about her academics, and the soccer star. She's also tall and thin. Currently my son will eat an apple and a handful of nuts before his morning run (3-5 miles) and then when he gets home he'll eat scrambled eggs and toast or oatmeal and a banana. Harder for me to say how he handles his afternoon/evening meals because he is often on his own for those. Thanks in advance for any/all suggestions. Marie
  6. Teen with Stomach Pain

    We started this diet because my youngest son (14) has had stomach pains for about a year and a half now, and the doctors and allergists have not been able to track down a cause or provide a solution. We have been doing the Whole30 (as a family) for 33 days now, and are seeing no results in reduced stomach pains. I understand that some people have to go 45-60 days before they see results. But, I am wondering, at what point do we say, okay, no results are coming from this — time to go back to a normal diet. I mean, if we never see results, why keep torturing ourselves? Any suggestions?
  7. ACL Rehab

    My 17 yr. old underwent ACL and meniscus rebuild on June 19th. She has been very supportive of my W30 that I completed and have continued... Day 45. My daughter is naturally thin and tall. Losing weight is not the reason for her to join the W30... her goal is to clear up her skin and to supplement her ACL/Meniscus rehab with good nutrition so she can pursue her soccer career as intended. She is very picky healthy eater... meat was never important to her... now she can not get enough! Veggies are limited to asparagus, broccoli, cucumber, carrots, lettuce and she just tried zucchini and was ok with it. Fruit - grapes, strawberries, apples and bananas seem to be it... I need help with side items and some workout foods for her... so she will not keep this attitude of "I am only doing this for 30 days...". We all know that as she progresses in her W30 she will feel the benefits outweigh the cravings she still has but I need to get her hooked on some staple foods that she can look forward to... homemade jerky? Is this true? smoothies that would help boost her post workouts... sorry for just rambling... Truly want to help her without sacrificing my yummy leaner track... Help needed