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Found 10 results

  1. I'm starting Whole30 on Monday and am hoping for great things. I am doing this program after numerous suggestions from my doctors and my trainer, but mostly because I seem to find myself with some new ailment almost weekly now. And all of my ailments seem to have inflammation at the root, so time to figure out the culprit and put a stop to feeling like I'm falling apart. On a personal (and vain) level, I hope to lose a few pounds (ending back up at a size 4), have clear skin (goodbye eczema and acne that has plagued me my whole life), and get off my infusions for moderate Crohn's for good. I've also let my diet slide to the point where a meal doesn't feel complete until I eat dessert...and I don't normally have a sweet tooth. THAT bad habit needs to be nipped in the bud ASAP. Today I spent the evening reading through the website, saving resource documents, signing up for the meal plan and email help. Tomorrow will be meal planning, grocery shopping/purge, and getting mentally prepared. Then I'm off to the races. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy for doing this during the holidays, but I think this timing is easier because I tend to be more focused in the winter without festivals, street fairs, camping, margaritas on patios, long days of sunlight, and all of the other activities that can throw me off. Does anyone else agree with me? In any case, I hate the grocery store, can't cook, and have a long and slightly uncomfortable love affair with fast food. On top of that, I have a boyfriend who doesn't really support my goals (combination of him feeling threatened by change and it forcing him to look at his bad habits) so I will have to battle my demons and side step his landmines and traps. This is going to be a challenge. Any advice on avoiding temptation by your significant other would be much appreciated.
  2. I am on my first round of Whole30, day 19 and feeling great! There's a birthday cake party at my office in a few days, and I am looking for strategies to cope. I could of course just not go, but this is a tiny office and my absence would be noticed, especially since we are celebrating the birthday of one of my employees. I don't usually snack between meals any more (thank you meat for breakfast!). The cake will be at 10 AM. Could I bring my own little whole30 compliant treat and eat that instead? I know the idea is to break up with treats for the most part, and I have done so. I don't want to backslide with one event, and I certainly don't want to trap myself in a tough situation (I have already sat out of work social events this month so I wouldn't be tempted). Should I bring a fruit salad with coconut cream snack or something desert-like for myself? Or is that really breaking with the whole point of this month? Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks!
  3. freshstartrebecca

    Day 2-working in a bakery is hard!

    I started yesterday on my day off but went back to work today. I work in a small bakery that specializes in cake. There are always scraps of cake everywhere to eat! Cookies, brownies, you name it, there are scraps. Products also need to be tasted and it is so hard to resist! Sugar is a big deal for me and always has been. It is a form of comfort since childhood. The smell of doughnuts which usually have no effect on me almost knocked me over today! They smelled so good. It is weird to crave things you don't normally eat. I keep thinking about how great an accomplishment it will be for me to do the Whole30 while working in a bakery, surrounded by treats every day. That is the thought I try to keep in my head while at work. Fortunately I have co-workers who are also trying to stay away from the sweet stuff. I'm the only one doing the Whole30 but we remind each other of our commitments. I can do this!
  4. Hello Whole30 Forum, I successfully completed my first W30 in May 2015 and felt incredible. I lost over 9 inches, had clear skin, healthier nails, better sleep and overall looked healthy and felt great. Fast forward a few months and I haven't been as diligent with my diet and exercise. I have slowly slipped back into old habits (and gained weight) and I am just not feeling all that great. I know that another round of Whole30 is what my body is craving, but I am struggling to get my act together and commit to 30 days. I keep making excuses related to upcoming events and celebrations (i.e. a friends wedding in Oct, camping trip with friends and my birthday Oct 26). I can't seem to find the 'magic' 30-day window where I won't be tempted. I know this sounds ridiculous (I realize that as I am typing it), but I am still struggling to get round #2 going. I know the benefits, I know it's only 30 days, and I know I will reap the benefits in how I look and feel, but I am still stalling. :-( Does anyone out there have any advice for me or has experienced something similar? I need a swift kick in the pants my Forum Friends. Help a fellow Whole30er out. Thanks in advance! Shannon Orange County, CA
  5. figbeet

    Day 11 - HUGE NSV

    I don't normally post on forums, etc. but I have to share today's major victory: in preparation for a dog and pony show at the office for a manufacturer, I was tasked with bringing Diet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper, and good chocolate to put out... The regular sodas in the fridge have never been a problem, but we were out of diet sodas so we needed to replenish. The fact that I went to the store, purchased my favorite beverages (on which I used to rely heavily) and chocolate, took them to work, set them out, and FELT NO TEMPTATION was a huge win. Full disclosure: I did smell the chocolate...and it smelled like chocolate.
  6. I know this is about transforming oneself into a person more desirable. And that desired person is not going to exist for merely one day, say day 31 then go back to day -1. This is about, in my mind, a long-term, action-principle-value based determination to be simply, “better” no matter how I define “better.” At the onset I sat down with myself and asked “what do I value in my life?” and “how can I use the Whole 30 to reinforce those values through my actions and therefore in the process strengthen my principles?” The expected outcome: “to be better.” I know that sounds rather pedestrian but it works for me. I had to determine which principles I was going to focus upon and strengthen so that my actions do nothing but create a stronger bond to my values. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. As I said, I think the Whole30 is transformational and along with any transformation there is pain. Not bad pain, just good old fashioned pain. I’m now in day 23 and am looking forward to the next 14,007. I love to drink alcohol (especially beer), well, I use to think that I loved to drink alcohol (I haven’t had any alcohol thus far BTW.) I thought this would be the most painful part of the project, and it has been. I’ve deliberately put myself in challenging predicaments over the last three weeks. I figured, what the hell, it's going to be there on day 31, might as well have it here throughout. So I’ve eaten out, gone to house parties, gone to the bar, been to sporting events, and I’ve kept alcohol readily at hand in my house. Hell, I was even a “waiter" at a hotel lobby bar for a few rounds! NOW THAT WAS TOUGH! My cues, at first, were wide and deep (but they’re getting narrower and shallower with each passing "pain" and day.) I soon realized that they are merely cues. And with each cue there is pain (again, not bad pain, just good old fashioned pain.) But afterwards when I got past that stimulation (read:pain) without succumbing to it, I became “better.” My principles became stronger, more reinforced. I didn’t realize that I truly value clear thought, abundant energy and focused action until about day 8. (Probably because it took that long for me to detox.) I can’t get any of those things if I’m either boozed up or hungover. The action step was easy to determine: “don’t drink alcohol.” The value was enormously, well, “valuable” but as I said I didn’t realize it’s value for over a week into the Whole 30. But it takes a lot of determination to make it so. My strength came from realizing what my principles are: I can be a better dad by doing this. I can be a better husband by doing this. I can be a better neighbor by doing this. I can be a better friend, brother, uncle, cousin by doing this. I can be a better businessman by doing this. And by doing this I can be all of those things for a lot longer! So, for me, it was alcohol. Whatever it is for you, sugar, bread, soy, carbohydrates... I hope this gives you a different perspective and helps you get past your pain points. The Whole 30 (like pimpin’) ain’t easy, but, I think, it’s principally valuable. What do you find valuable and what principles are you strengthening through your actions? Good luck.
  7. Hi - do you have any records of what the most common thing is that makes people break the Whole 30 rules and have to start again? I'm guessing there must be some reasons - occasions or certain types of food people are most tempted by.
  8. Coffeeandshoes

    My skin looks better than your pie

    I hate barbeque. I don't actually hate it, I just end up eating it a lot for my job. It's typically meat, with some sort of sauce (hopefully on the side), which may or may not be nasty tasting, baked beans, (sugar laden goo), white rolls (gross even if you are not doing Whole30,), potato salad, cole slaw, which may or may not be full of sugar and bad oil. And usually unsweet tea or water. So Yesterday, day four, I'm already in the angry stage and I have a family celebration. I'd love some alchol for dealing with family, but of course that's out. It was a bbq, and my sister made a lovely cake, and my mom made pie, the best pie in the world. I can have two things, the cole slaw sans dressing and the meat (no sauce it was on the side) and unsweet tea. I ate, I went and looked at the deserts, and then I started to pout, "what's the point?" why can't I have??? Well first of all this is a choice, as was the last month--21 days of clean eating before (followed by 10 days of Easter excess so I still don't know what is my "sensitivity", probably sugar and flour) Second of all, you feel bad, tired, something is "off" and you need to fix it. Third, are you really upset? or did the email tell you you should feel upset? The I thought about how my skin looked this morning. (It looks 20 years younger than me). People ask me what I clean my skin with, what I "put on it" and when I say, "it's not what I put on my skin, it's what I put IN MY MOUTH" they don't want to hear it. So vanity won, pretty skin, and the promise of energy which has been missing for a year, won over mom's pie. I went home and celebrated with a lime spritzer. (shot of lime juice and bubbly water) Now come on energy!
  9. 3dayevent

    Day Five

    Hello all, It's my fifth day of the Whole 30 program. Up until yesterday, everything was glorious. I was enjoying preparing the meals, not experiencing cravings, sleeping so well, and seeing results. However, yesterday was a rough day and I would like to share things that I believe could have prevented some of the challenges of yesterday, day four: 1) Adequate amount of sleep. The night before my rough day, I slept about 5 hours. Due to exhaustion from consecutive, heavy CrossFit WODs and little sleep, I think my body was just searching for energy sources of any kind. 2) Pre-planning meals and making preparation nearly effortless at mealtime. I have been beginning meal preparation when I was already hungry and ready to eat the meal. This led to snacking before the meal, or as I was preparing the meal. On day four, I didn't eat anything prohibited, but I did have 2-3 servings of fruit and ate more veggies and meat than what I needed to be nourished. I don't think this necessitates a start-over, but I'm willing to begin again. Lastly, I am looking for advice of conquering this program while living in a house divided. I share my residence with others, and the people residing here are not interested in doing the Whole30 program or Paleo-style eating in general. So, at mealtime and snack times, there is constantly "off-limits" food out and in the kitchen. Cereals, bagels, freshly-baked bread, chips, crackers, and cheesy dips sit out on the counters, daring me to cave. Thankfully, I have not gone off track, but I don't see my environment best enabling me to succeed. Please offer your suggestions, advice, and counsel on how to handle eating and meal preparation in a tempting environment. Thank you!
  10. Jill M Edwards

    Whew, that was close

    I'm on day 24 today, I am so close to finishing strong. Today was such a strange day, I was just feeling rebellious I guess. It's Friday, I don't work tomorrow, it is beautiful out, I am around friends and family, and geesh, I just wanted a cocktail like everyone else. I had it in my head, I was just going to make one cocktail for myself, I looked up the least, uh, poisonous options and decided on a Nor-Cal Margarita, shot of pure agave tequila, juice of one lime, soda water and a cocktail shaker, done and done. I already had all the ingredients, minus the limes, so I went and got them, had everything out and ready to go. Whipping up some dinner so I had some food with my drink and it hit me, "what the Hell am I doing? I have been so strong, not one person who has seen me in the past two weeks has gone without telling me how great I am looking, I am feeling incredible. I have withstood peer pressure and boredom for nearly a month. Stupid stupid, but I still wanted to have a drink. I decided to make my drink, all the stuff in it, without the tequila, I would drink one, then, if I still wanted to, I could have my margarita, the real deal, I would live with the possible guilt and probable hangover in the morning. I never did make that margarita, I made 4 glasses of soda water with my Soda Stream, with a squeeze of lime wedge in each one, it was delightful, refreshing, and helped me outlast that craving for rebellion. 6 more days...I can do pretty much anything for six days. Cheers soda water.