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Found 5 results

  1. amandablakley22

    Endometriosis & Sugar

    Hello ladies, I am on day 32 of a compliant whole 30. I decided to do this program because I suffer from chronic endometriosis pain. I decided to buy some cold cut honey glazed ham as my first reintroduction. Does anyone know how long it takes to get pain from having a reaction to the sugar/honey. After eating this ham I started having mild pelvic pain again... which I have actually been free from during my whole 30. Any help or research would be appreciated... thank you so much!! Amanda
  2. I started a Whole30 on August 18. I am new to the concept but read all of the manifestos, rules, etc. and did great August 18, 19 and 20. On the 21st, a Friday, I had brought some leftover salmon for lunch and when I heated it up, it dried out a lot and I couldn't choke it down. So, I had no protein for lunch. Long story short, by the time I got home from work that evening, I was so ravenous that I literally felt like I was losing my mind. I wolfed down a bowl of Cheerios with milk, and that was pretty much the end of my Whole30. Fast-forward to today. I'd like to try again. Does anyone have any tips on avoiding the scenario above? I could also use some advice on what to eat for Meal 1. I'm not sure I can bring myself to swallow another egg, even though I like them. A girl can only eat so many eggs. Also, I have a 19-month-old and a husband who is always knee-deep in a project, meaning most of our daughter's care falls to me. His projects are worthwhile (usually renovating our house) and I love spending time with my daughter, but I'm seriously strapped for time and I am feeling discouraged that I can ever manage to plan in advance enough to complete an entire Whole30.
  3. wilburwb

    Help me please!

    hello, i need suggestions please. i've been doing paleo since around the end of july but i started my whole 30 on september 16. this paleo thing is great with one major exception: time spent planning, prepping and cooking. i feel like i no longer have time for anything else. the amount of time i spend in the kitchen is becoming rather ridiculous. (and i love to cook!) i usually make stuff on the weekends to get me through the week but i still need to spend quite a bit of time after work each day also. and to be quite honest, i kind of resent forfeiting an entire day of my weekend to spend in the kitchen. everything else about paleo is working so well for me i'm not going to let this issue be my downfall. i'll continue to do what i have to do but someone must have some tips they can pass along. anyone? thanks and sorry to sound so whiny. bill
  4. Started my first Whole 30 today. I have been telling myself I was going to do this for a few months now and the Whole 30 Daily gave me the incentive to actually start. What I have working for me: I have been fallowing a WAP type diet for over the last year. I run a small farming operation with my husband so we generally produce everything we eat, and I know exactly where my meat comes from and what it ate. What I have working against me: Two kids, husband, job, and the Dairy Queen! While in my 20's I was pretty athletic and ran most days of the week, I ate pretty healthy but didn't hesitate to treat myself ever. I was able to maintain a pretty healthy weight and felt good most of the time. Graduate school, two kids, and one career later I can't seem to feel "healthy" ever. I feel pretty stressed and tired most of the time, my skin is dull and splotchy, I have permanent dark circles under my eyes, and I have about 20 lbs of baby weight still hanging on. I don't have time to dedicate myself to an exercise like I used too either. I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of the importance of good food, but don't always follow through. I am hoping this program can help me get on track.
  5. Julie Quates

    How do you manage it all?

    Between a full time job, CrossFit, other workout, trying to keep the house clean, meal prep, grocery shopping, laundry, wedding planning, ive got no relaxation or me time or time for me and the fiancé.! It's just me and my fiancé but when he gets home he's tired from a long day and doesn't really help around the house unless I ask him like he's a kid with chores. I feel likeim spending a lot of time in the kitchen. I am just getting started on this and hope to be more efficient as time passes but I'd love to hear some tips from you ladies who are probably busier then me. Meal prep House cleaning Family time Exercise What can I do to get more tie back? Thanks!!