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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! I started my Whole30 on Monday and today was my first [evening] gym session since. I work until 5, so my plan has been to get home at 5:30 and before or after I change for the gym, I'd eat my protein and fat for pre workout per the template. Today (first time) was a hard boiled egg and half an avocado. Then I'd get home just after 7:30 and we'd eat dinner then. However, tonight I ate AFTER 8pm, which sounds/feels SO late. Can you even eat too late on this? I'm sure you can. The template says to stoayp eating a few hours before bed; I'd take that to mean at least 3. That should work, but only for today, as I don't hope to make going to bed after 11 a habit. Especially when i start my 10 hour days again next week and I work at 6:30a.m. And also, this means I didn't get a post workout meal. Given the timeline of my evening I don't know if I'll be able to fit that in. Not w/o eating a super early dinner...which even in that case would replace the pre workout snack. The pre wo snack is supposed to be small protein which dinner isn't. And the post workout is supposed to be a bonus meal...which it isn't in my current timeline So, really I'm looking for advice on how to handle and properly space out my pre evening workout snack, post workout snack, and dinner when I get home 5:30, leave for the gym before 6:15, and get home around 7:45. HELP! lol. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Okay, I know this is a completely ridiculous question and you will probably hate me for it, but... I'm on day 4, and according to the timeline I'm supposed to be in the "Kill all the things!" stage, but I haven't had any negative symptoms at all and eating this way has been surprisingly really easy. So my question is--how universal is the timeline? Do most people find that it is eerily accurate? or is it just a sweeping generalization of things that may or may not happen. Not that I'm wishing for bad symptoms, and I'm sure that they could show up any day now. I'm just wondering.
  3. Another Whole30 Timeline Day 0 You are full of energy and hope. You have read the rules online and printed your shopping list, you can do this challenge. You decide that you dont need to buy It Starts With Food to do this challenge. Day 1 OMG your food budget has just doubled. You can't believe anyone can eat healthy on a budget. But you can do this, it's only 30 days. Day 2 You have banana and egg pancakes for breakfast and you reach for some tuna for lunch. You glance at the ingredients and see soy. THERE IS SOY IN CANNED TUNA?! You search for can I have tuna with soy on the website and find The Official Can I Have guide to the Whole30 that explains all of this. Not only can you not have soy, you can't have banana and egg pancakes because they are considered - sex with your pants on - foods. You immediately buy the ebook It Starts With Food and read it. After reading the book you realize that you are supposed to eat 2 to 3 cups of vegetables and good fats at every meal. You head back to the store for more food. Days 3 to 7 You feel like a slave to the kitchen because you are constantly chopping, cooking or cleaning. How can anyone live this way? There has to be an easier way. You search online and find The Clothes Make The Girl, Nom Nom Paleo and Stupid Easy Paleo. You see some great recipes and ebooks and you immediately buy them all. Days 8 - 9 You decide you are going to organize your cooking this week. You have your shopping list and you are ready to get all those exotic compliant ingredients. You go to 4 different stores but you still can't find Red Boat Fish Sauce. You do a big cook up for the week and you are ready! Day 10 Your friends invite you out for pizza and beer. You are considering it. After all you made it 10 days, you deserve it. You are feeling really cranky and pizza and beer just might make you feel better. You wonder How bad can a little pizza and beer be? Then you find the post "So . . . you're saying you want to quit?" And you decline the invitation and stick to the challenge. Days 11- 14 If you see another egg you are going to scream! You are bored with meat and vegetables and just want some chocolate and alcohol. You are starting to notice all of the food ads on TV and in magazines. How are you going to make it for another three weeks? You are having strange dreams about non compliant food. You actually wake up in a cold sweat thinking that you cheated. Days 15 to 21 You search the website for some recipes and stumble on the forum "THERE IS A FORUM?!". You find all kinds of interesting tips and support. You read The Crazy Things People Say forum and have a great laugh because you have heard most of these during your challenge. Days 22 to 30 - You don't really feel any different. You look the same as the day you started. You are tempted to step on the scale to see if you lost any weight. You notice small changes like your acid reflux is gone but your fat jeans are still tight. You wonder if you are going to have to extend this to a Whole60. Day 30. You made it! You didn't cheat. You feel good and decide to celebrate. You go out for pizza, beer and ice cream. You deserve it. Day 31 You feel miserable and bloated. You have a massive headache and can barely get out of bed. You decide to do another Whole30.
  4. CharliMcFarli100

    Timeline twister

    So, I'm half way through my first Whole30 and thought I'd share my timeline so far as it's been a little 'different' to that which seems to be experienced by the many others. Day1 - Wooo! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! And a very puzzled but happy husband at the appearance of three meals a day. Yes, we used to love a sarnie at lunchtime... Day 2 - Worst. Headache. Ever. Absolutely crippling. And the raging thirst begins. I used to drink a lot of tea so presume this is down to caffeine and sugar deprevation. Multiple litres of H2O now being consumed. Days 4&5 - Total food boredom and confusion. Boredom this early worried me. Could I make another three weeks? I was gagging when trying to eat yet more chicken and realised that vegetable buying had become routine. Time to dive into some Whole30 recipes and adjust favourites that weren't. Have re-discovered butternut squash (yum!) and concluded I do not like sweet potato. Bleurgh. Got 3 left over if anybody wants them... And then the confusion. Why is there sugar in EVERYTHING?! Can I eat this? Is this food ok? Not being relaxed whilst cooking just felt counter-intuitive. A big period of adjustment and renewing my confidence in what to buy, prepare and eat that has continued. Being able to dip into the Whole30 and Nom Nom Paleo recipes has been awesome. Plus my mates doing the Whole 30 are also fab. Days 3-6 - Cramps. My legs and lower back felt like they were being eaten by an invisible animal. Having recently had flu, I did start to think I was having a relapse and got a little panicked. Then a friend and fellow Whole30-er pointed out it may be bad carb flu. I did used to eat oats and yoghurt for breakfast - double whammy - and bread with lunch, so I upped the water even more and had to take some pain killers to get through it. Day 6 was a Sunday and I had already decided that if the pain didn't ease, I couldn't carry on... Day 7 - A little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Awoke without cramps and had a bit more energy. Those carb flu demons must have heard me! Made Ghee - yay! Messed up mayonnaise - boo! Day 8 - A week in. No real cravings yet and energy continuing to build. But I was spending all day thinking about and cooking food. I guess it's important given it's what we put in our bodies, but I really wanted it to come a bit more naturally. Turns out you need patience for this... Day 9 - Realisation that day 10 includes a meal out = me spending ages pouring over the menu to make sure I can actually eat something from it. Energy levels still good. Even managed to tackle some vicious weeds in the garden. I did, however, lose a fight with a blackberry bush and get a smack in the mouth from a very established Honeysuckle. Nature fights back. Day 10 - First meal out. Tapas. Bloomin' lovely. And no quips from my dinner buddy about not drinking. Plus the bill was cheaper! It didn't occur to me how much a tipple, swift half, pint of this, glass of that, etc., was ingrained in the British psyche when we eat out. When I mention I'm abstaining without why, the first reaction from several friends iss to ask whether I was pregnant! Day 11 - Feel smug at waking up without the grogginess usually generated by drinks the night before. Now, I'd like to point out I don't live in the pub. I like a drink - particularly a nice English Ale - but don't often drink at home, except when entertaining, and can't generally only manage a couple before I've had enough these days. Must be getting old... Day 12&13 - About that entertaining... Saturday and friends due for dinner. and stay over One can eat a whole cow and the other is a strict vegetarian. So, a big beef wellington, plus whole roasted celeriac (can provide recipe for both if anybody wants). PS., I didn't eat the pastry but my word, was I craving a glass of wine! And cake. But the craving for a social drink was stronger. Which I guess reinforces that our cravings are often behavioural and associated with occasion. Day 14 - Whoa! Where did this energy come from? Errands, shopping, cooking, tidying, 2k run - first since having flu - a bit of focus on searching for a new job. Is this early Tiger Blood? Day 15/today - Answer to the previous question? Er, no. False alarm. No inclination to do anything this morning. A grey day and a work call to hang around for smack in the middle of the day. Plus workmen potentially turning up so a bit 'stuck indoors'. Although that sun is starting to poke through... Maybe it's time for round 2 with the weeds... Here's to a more relaxed and pain free second half. Just wondering where those crazy dreams are and whether they will include Robert Downey Jr...
  5. Hello all! Today is day 16 of the Whole60 that I'm doing. By now I was hoping to expect some kind of energy increase and, let's just say some things beginning to firm up. I don't feel any smaller. In fact, I feel like I'm still in MY PANTS ARE TIGHTER on the timeline, but that should have past 9 days ago. Is it possible to be that far behind on the timeline? I seem to be still struggling with lack of energy to do much, and I get terribly bloated after lunch and dinner. I haven't had anything that isn't Whole30 approved so I don't know why I'm not getting better. I'm not sleeping any better, it's still extremely difficult to wake up even after 9+ hours of sleep, and I just feel....sluggish and generally "meh". All day. I want to go back to the gym because it makes my body feel better, more loose and limber, but I just can't muster the energy. A typical day of food looks like; Breakfast - 2 eggs cooked usually over medium (because that's my favorite. I can eat that every day forever) 1-2 servings of either broccoli, green beans, or cauliflower (steamed) Occasionally I will eat a half serving of snow peas 1 handful of olives (sometimes a few cashews too, depending on how hungry I am) 1 mug of caffeine free Bengal Spice tea (it has no soy lecithin or added sweeteners) Lunch - 1 serving of chicken breast or salmon (usually grilled on the George Foreman) 2 servings of whichever veggie I didn't eat for breakfast, or asparagus (steamed) Every other day I eat a medium sweet potato 1 handful of olives again (I need to go get more olives and some other fat sources) Dinner - An almost identical copy of lunch. I sometimes switch which veggie it is, and I don't eat the sweet potato for dinner. (Yes, this is a boring meal plan. This is all I have until payday, when I can get more variety.) What can be changed to get me out of this funk I seem to be in?
  6. After reading the "timeline" for Whole30 emotions/feelings:, I expected to get a few of these. However, I haven't gotten many at all. I'm on day 5. No hangover. No "kill all the things!" No overwhelming exhaustion. No carb flu. At first I thought "awesome!" and then I immediately started to wonder if that means I'm doing it wrong. I had a pretty healthy diet going in. I've felt low on energy, and had an hour long headache midweek, and have horrible breath (ha!) but that's been it. Am I failing at Whole30? Thought it might help to include my food by day: Brunch: hardboiled eggs, kalamata olives, carrots, fruit leather Afternoon snack: apple Dinner: chicken, green salad with carrots and avocado dressing, mash of cauliflower/buternut squash/pumpkin and coconut milk (steam all veggies, blend with coconut milk using immersion blender, spice to taste) Breakfast: black tea, applesauce/pumpkin/coconut milk/frozen berry smoothie, hardboiled eggs Lunch: chicken, green salad with radish, tomato and avocado dressing, carrots, apple Dinner: chicken soup (homemade chicken broth, chicken, butternut squash, sweet potato, carrot, curry spice), kalamata olives, pistachios Breakfast: applesauce/pumpkin/melon/coconut milk smoothie, hardboiled eggs with avocado Lunch: salad with pork/radish/tomato/cauliflower and avocado dressing, slice of melon, pistachios Dinner: chili (base of pureed cauliflower/butternut squash/pumpkin, then peppers, onion, ground beef, tomato, sweet potato and zucchini), fruit leather, sweet potato chips Breakfast: hardboiled eggs seasoned with garlic Lunch: leftover chili from last night's dinner, carrots, guacamole salsa with tomato and garlic ​Snack:​ pistachios, fruit smoothie ​Dinner: chicken and beef with fajita spices, salad with vegetables and homemade mustard dressing, homemade guacamole salsa