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Found 11 results

  1. Meiyonce

    Whole 30 for a Dancer

    Well i've been searching for this info throughout the forum and didn't find something quite helpful. Im on my 2nd day of Whole 30 ( I started on the 1st of July but accidentally had a zip of beer.. just one zip and decided to start over.. or what I call a Whole 32) I need help with meals, pwm, timing etc... Ok so here's my daily routine. I wake up at 9:00 am, drink collagen and have breakfast between 30 0r 40 min from waking up, then I prepare myself to go to my dance school. My schedule looks like this: Jazz 11:30-13:00 Ballet 13:00 - 14:30 Break (I usually use this time to eat, have a cup of coffee and do some work, i'm also a designer) Lyrical Jazz 16:30-18:00 Hip-Hop 19:30 - 21:00 Go back home and have a shower, prepare dinner and clean So I really don't know what to eat when?... I mean when should I have pre workout or post workout meals?? Any Suggestions?? I go to bed at 12:00 most of days... This is what my most busy day looks like... some days... like today I came home early cause had some office related work to do.. and my dancing finished at 14:30. I really will appreciate your suggestions. Thank You guys. Much Love -Meiyonce
  2. I am on day 8 of my 2nd round of Whole 30 (first round was August 2016). The first time I did the Whole 30 I was not exercising daily as I was in the middle of unpacking when we moved into our new home. A 20 minute walk with the dogs was the most I was doing in terms of 'exercise'. The pre/post workout meal was never on my radar. This round I am working out for roughly an hour in the afternoons at 4:30pm. I rotate weekly between HIIT on the treadmill, hot yoga, weight training and rock climbing. My first meal of the day is at 7am, second at noon and I have the pre-wo meal at 3:30ish to prep for my workout. I am getting stuck on the post workout meal and dinner. I know, according to the meal template, that the post workout meal is a bonus meal and not meant to replace dinner, but honestly I end up eating my post workout meal around 6 and I'm done for the night. This meal has the recommended amount of protein and carbs (usually yams or squash, no fruit) and some greens and is eaten within 30 minutes of the end of my workout. I can't bring myself to eat again later in the evening, especially when I go to sleep at 9pm and prefer not to have a full stomach. I am not snacking between meals or at night. I know this is happening because of the time of day I am working out, but it is the best time for my schedule during the work week. Is it ok for me to be replacing dinner with my post workout meal? On weekends, when my schedule is more flexible, is there recommendation of how much time should be between a post workout meal and a regular meal such as lunch or dinner? Thanks in advance. :-)
  3. Hey there! Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out. I am a veteran Whole30-er (this is my third round!) but I'm in a bit of a pickle. The last two times I did a Whole30, I was able to eat a regular three meals a day (8am, 12pm, 6pm-ish every day) which helped me from getting hungry and kept the sugar dragon packed tightly away in a locked chest where it belongs. However, I am a student working part-time with weird hours this time around, and I can't eat during work, so I'm not sure how to get the food I need while complying with my work's policies. My waitressing shifts start at either 3pm or 5pm and go until 11 a few days a week, and I don't get breaks. The rest of the staff waits and eats dinner after work around 11pm, but I work in a very busy restaurant and I've always found that my energy lags during my shifts. I'm trying not to snack this round of whole30, but I'm not sure what to do to get me through those shifts. I'm not quite sure what to do here. I know much of the Paleo community believes strongly in intermittent fasting, so perhaps this is a good opportunity for that. I've got a few ideas-- I could have a small amount of snack things for dinner that I can grab quietly between tasks (chia pudding maybe?), I could fast during those meal periods, or I could eat dinner around 11 with everyone else. I've done all in the past, but I'm not sure which solution is most in the spirit of the Whole30. What do you guys think? Any creative ideas? Solutions you have for when you can't have proper meals? Thanks so much for your help!! One grateful health-nut to the next, Rose
  4. Hi All, Might seem nit picky, but I was wondering if the minute you wake up do you need to eat breakfast or if you can lay in bed for an hour and then get up and eat breakfast. On the weekend I tend to still wake up as if I'm going to work and don't always want to get right out of bed and make breakfast when I wake up. I like to see if I can fall back to sleep if I'm groggy etc. Any thoughts or experience with this? I ask because I just started getting good sleep as of Day 22 (I'm on Day 24 today) and I know eating breakfast within an hour helps with that. I would like to keep the good sleep going. Thanks!
  5. So I need some advice with timing my pre/post workout meals around work and the normal meals. A typical meal timetable (as I work shift patterns it does change slightly week by week) is like this: 08:30 - Meal 1 09:30 - Start work 13:30 - Work lunch break/Meal 2 18:00 - Finish work 18:45 - Pre-workout meal 20:00 - Workout 21:30 - Post-workout meal With this structure it seems that I'm replacing my meal 3 with a combination of pre and post workout meals, which makes me worried that I am not getting the right hormonal balance/calories to sustain the exercise. Any tips/advice? I do have a ten minute break at around 16:10, should I be trying to eat a full meal 3 here and keep the pre/post-workout meals.
  6. ClaireBearUK1


    When should you eat fruit please? Cx
  7. Elizabeth T

    Meal Plan for Runner

    Hi everyone! My husband and I are on Day 2 of our first Whole30. I am a runner and typically run between 40-50 miles. Is it ok to turn my post-workout meal (within 30 minutes) into my breakfast but with less fat, as it would be very difficult to eat another meal within 60-90 minutes do to my work schedule and my commute. For example, yesterday I had a 10-mile workout. Within 30 minutes of finishing I had a microwaved sweet potato, two scrambled eggs and some sauteed greens and brussel sprouts. About three hours later, I had a normal Whole30 meal. I then ate two more Whole30 compliant meals. So it seems I'm really eating almost four meals, except not as much fat right after the workout. Is this ok? Or is this eating too much? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Please let me know if you have any questions. Best, Elizabeth
  8. Not sure how to handle my bonus pre and post workout meals. I workout at night around 7pm. I leave work at 5 and get home around 645, so I don't have time for dinner. So a prework meal makes sense but post workout (815ish) not really much time before bed to fit 2 meals. Combine post workout with dinner? Or eat something at the gym right when I finish, go home, wait a half hour or so and have a small dinner? Searched the forum and saw this question come up a few times but with no real good replies .
  9. HELLOOOO all! Been checking out this site for pretty much the entire day and I keep finding more and more great stuff!!! Tomorrow will be day one. scared. I am a pretty healthy person. but I can already feel myself getting overwhelmed with the whole paleo thing. The idea of NONE of something freaks me out. I have been looking up tons of recipes which is why I think im overwhelmed. Im horrible at keeping things simple. im thinking for the first week I will just eat very basic meals. A few questions! I am training for a marathon. I read about the PWO meals. So does that mean on days I run 5 to 15 miles and or lift-Have an extra snack before AND after??? are we only supposed to have 3 meals no snacks?? Also- I work in a hospital and my days are LONG 7 am to 7 pm Im very worried about when to eat my meals, the times. and should I have snacks?? I leave my house at 630 am and get home around 8 pm Im sorry if these questions have been asked before. Theres so much info on this site I may not have stumbled upon it yet. But if you have any ANYTHING to tell me, offer me, guide me, its all welcomed!
  10. abur0418

    Timing Dilemma

    I have a timing dilemma as far as pre/post workout meals. I eat breakfast at about 6 am, lunch at 12, then a pre workout meal at 3:45. I get home from the gym at about 5:30 and immediately start making dinner to eat about 6:30. It doesn't make sense to me to have the 'post workout' meal, then have dinner like 30 minutes later because I won't be hungry. I am not really working out intensly because of a back injury. I am walking, doing the elliptical and doing core strengthening. Should I just skip the post workout meal and eat dinner? Or what would be a more appropriate post workout 'snack' that wouldn't fill me up before dinner? Thanks.
  11. couture_my_body

    The Timing of It All...

    Hi! I'm new to all this and planning to start Whole30 for the first time next week. I just want to be clear. If I workout in the morning, say 5:30 AM. According to the program I am to have a pre-workout snack, then go workout, then have a post-workout snack, then have breakfast, then lunch, then dinner. For those who workout in the morning, it just seems like a lot of food in the morning? Like 5:15 AM pre-workout, say 6:45 post-workout, 7 AM breakfast... But then figure lunch isn't until noon and then dinner isn't until 7. Am I on the right track or missing something?