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Found 3 results

  1. I'm on day 22. There is no tiger blood, sleep is not reliably great although I'm working on the best sleep hygene possible. I don't feel much different to before W30 apart from my very bleak mood. I'm about the same size but possibly lost an inch around the waist. Depression started in week 1 when I was really missing a social life - I can't go out with my heavy drinking friends and not drink - it's really boring to be around drunk people when you are sober. I don't get a great deal of time when I can leave the house because I'm a single parent and childcare is limited so I haven't been out for a night with adults for over 3 weeks. I attributed my very low mood to a resentment that I couldn't have what I wanted and a bitterness at feeling isolated so I rode it out. Isolation isn't making me happy but is that the only thing that is making everything seem so much like hard work? Is it possible that I'm missing out on something I was eating before that was making me happier? Before W30 I was primal, with alcohol. I had sugar of any sort very rarely, wheat once or twice a month, pulses once or twice a month. I had butter daily but cheese once or twice a week. I ate pretty clean, cooked most everything. I'm menopausal and I use half a cup of soya milk a day to add oestragen. I've experimented without it and it's not worth the hot flushes or mood swings. I take 5htp for sleep now, not sure if it makes any difference, hard to tell. Any ideas much appreciated. If I google Whole 30 and depression I get success stories. I don't feel like this is a success.
  2. I am on day 31 of my whole30 and I don't really feel much different. My digestion is better but that is it. I know that for some people they need to keep at the diet for longer than 30 days but I feel really down about the lack of results I have had. Some of the things I had hoped for signs of improvement included tiredness and depression. I was hoping to be able to get off my antidepressants (Pristiq) for which I have some side-effects I would like to eliminate. I have not been able to sleep through the night without waking at least once (that is when I only sleep for 6 hours, If I am in bed for 8 hours I wake twice). My sleep has not changed and neither has the depression. I do believe that the sugar cravings have improved but I seem to try to replace the craving for sweets and desserts with eating nuts and I love roast vegetables so I eat more of those. I think part of the way I deal with depression is by eating things that taste nice. I haven't weighed myself but I don't think I have really lost any weight either which was one thing I thought was pretty likely. I'm one of those woment who after having each of my children, lost all the weight and more without trying. In fact I ate junk in large quantities and still lost weight. With both children, once my period returned, I gained about 5 kg (10 pounds I think) and haven't been able to shift it. For about 3 months before I started my whole30, I have been eating mostly Paleo. If I'm not losing any weight does that mean I'm eating too much? I have stuck 100% to the diet but we cannot afford to buy grass fed meats. Chicken is processed chemically free but other kinds of meats are straight from a regular butcher. I have always been a stressed person and as I have a brain injury (car accident 12 years ago), I find thinking clearly a challenge. I find meal preparation challenging and off-times very difficult. I find it hard to wind down and stop doing things all the time in an attempt to feel organised. I have found the Master recipes and variations very simple to plan meals by but I desperately need a lot more variation for these basic recipes. More options to use with the master recipes. Does anyone know if this can be found somewhere? I particulary find breakfasts and lunches hard as lunches need to transportable (as I am looking at going back to work) Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas, thoughts or links to anything that may help me?
  3. Hey there folks. I really meant to do an introductory post when I started (1/11/13) but I have been busier than expected with work and it just kept getting put off. I will start with a quick-ish history and my reasons for doing the Whole30. I hope this is appropriate for this subforum. If you want to skip everything and go straight to the numbered questions at the end be my guest! I didn't really realize until recently but I have always been very sugar addicted. Even as a kid I hated eating most meat and made up the difference with lots of fruits and grains. I especially love what other people might consider "boring" food- I used to love eating a bowl of plain white rice with a little furikake or butter, or a whole bunch of whole wheat crackers, or just a few slices of bread unadorned. Now I realize it's probably because my body was relying on the sugar. I also have an unnatural love for candy but have been trying not to think about that at all. Edited out this paragraph because TMI and I'm a little paranoid. Fast forward a couple of years and my minor problems keep adding up. My acne has been getting worse and worse in spite of all external treatments I've tried (very frustrating when I am almost 27 years old and starting to get grey hairs!). A weird rash developed on the palm of my hand that looks like eczema and kept getting bigger and worse. All the old complaints remain (stomach pain after eating, constipation alternating with diarrhea, terrible menstrual cramps and long, heavy periods) and I decided I really had to do something to start feeling better. My older sister, who had joint pain and autoimmune symptoms, recently started the autoimmune protocol in Practical Paleo and has seen a lot of improvement. Another friend of mine did the Whole30 with a weight-loss inspiration and I connected the dots and decided this was what I would try. So I am following the autoimmune and IBS/IBD protocols from ISWF because I really want to eliminate digestive pain and my relationship with food is so unhealthy I have no idea what is causing it. For those who are unfamiliar it cuts out eggs, nightshades (tomatoes peppers eggplant tomatillos and spices made from them), ghee, nuts and seeds, NSAIDs, uncooked veggies, fruit peels, seeded fruits like berries, citrus, and regular and decaf coffee. I am pretty stubborn & optimistic and I've done a really good job sticking to the plan. I eat a lot of fat because I tend to be underweight and I don't want to lose weight doing this. I will type a sample day's meals in a subsequent post. Here are the things I need help troubleshooting: 1. I am so so so tired. I have been since day 6. Most of the timelines I have read were very accurate to what I experienced for the first five days but since day 6 I have been dog tired. I'm on day 10 and no sign of renewed energy. I did start my period on day 7 and that could be bringing me down also. Should I just be patient? 2. I completely underestimated how working in a restaurant would make me super grumpy. Being around all the forbidden foods and smelling them cooking and watching people drink wine and beer can be totally maddening. I worked a special dinner last night and spent the entire reception glaring at crackers and cheese and waiting to go on break so I could eat my dinner of fish, sweet potatoes, carrots and avocado. Usually I have been able to enjoy my food but that was the first meal I just hated, and it was all contextual. Does anyone have advice to help with this bitterness? 3. The restaurant I work in uses no approved cooking fats. I did some investigating prior to starting and found out what we call olive oil is in fact a blend of only 25% olive oil, and the remaining is a mystery blend of vegetable and seed oils. All of the plain grilled meats are sprayed with Pam that has canola oil and soy lecithin. So I have been bringing my own food to work. Eating food from the restaurant used to be a huge time and money saver for me. Should I just forget about it for the rest of my Whole30? Or is a little unapproved oil OK if I try to keep it to a minimum? Thanks for reading my long-winded complainy post. The good news is my face is starting to clear up noticeably and the mysterious rash on my hand is almost gone after stubbornly spreading for months. So I am trying to stay positive and keep a good attitude. I am just getting oh so tired of cooking and doing dishes with such a low energy level.