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Found 2 results

  1. Please advise. I'm discouraged. I want to feel better and see some results. I feel too full even stuffed after meals when I eat the full portion sizes of the template, i.e. Palm size protein, 2x more veggies including green something, fat and sometimes fruit. If I eat less to be comfortable then I'm hungry before time for next meal. My stomach has been bloated most of the time on this plan I'm on day 24 now. I had more energy the first half but now I just tired a lot. I haven't seen any results except more energy in the first half. I'm not sleeping enough. If I go to bed earlier I wake up earlier so I'm getting maybe 7 hours. My dermatitis hasn't improved at all. It flares every two days and only calms down because I use steroid cream. I read some other posts about keeping a food journal so I will do that from now on. I've cut out eggs and will stop nuts and then nightshades. How long should I stop each one before reintroducing each one? I'm 76 years old and usually eat small meals more often, like 5-6 a day. My snacks are real food like a few nuts, meat stick, fruit, cut up veggies and eggplant dip. Older people I know agree they can't eat large meals anymore so how can I manage this without feeling so full and uncomfortable?
  2. Today, my twelfth day, brought a challenge that I haven't really encountered while on this journey. I was HUNGRY several different times between meals and before meals. I have been training vigorously at CrossFit (5-6 days/week) and running lightly (2 days/week), but I don't think that it's burning enough to ignite this appetite: Day 12: Pre-WO: One egg and one cup of coffee. Post-WO/Breakfast: Turkey and sweet potato. Lunch: Southwestern salad. Side of blueberries. Snack: Celery, turkey rolls, and a slice of avocado. Dinner: Steak (palm sized portion), cauliflower mash, broccoli, and mushroom stir fry. Frozen blueberries and almond milk after dinner. I ate a lot today, and I really don't want to affect my results. However, I recognize the need to fuel my workouts and runs. Is this too much to consume in one day?