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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, getting ready to start my first whole30 tomorrow! Today at Trader Joe's I noticed two types of coconut oil: virgin and triple filter. Does anyone know what the difference is between them? I've never used coconut oil before, and I'm having trouble finding a clear answer online.
  2. I got SO excited when I saw an Instagram post from Trader Joes releasing a vegan, organic Cold Brew made with nut milk & sweetened with dates. I was even more excited when I found them fully stocked on my trip to my local Trader Joe's, however after reading the ingredients list, I saw "Cultured Dextrose (for Freshness)". After a little research, it seems as if the cultured dextrose is a fermented food product used to preserve the ingredients in the nut milk from growing bacteria. However, it has the word 'dextrose' (aka SUGAR) in it... Is this like a kombucha situation or just a no-no as a whole?
  3. OK I saw that this question was posted in the past but not sure a clear answer was given.. Trader Joes Ghee has Milk as an ingredient. Does this make it non-compliant??
  4. I'm starting Whole30 in January and picked up some of "Trader Joe's Non-Dairy Coconut Beverage, Original, Unsweetened", can we have this on Whole30? The ingredients are listed below. I know that some of the gums are compliant but am unsure about some of the other ingredients. Thanks! I also purchased some of their organic canned coconut milk because I know that is compliant. Trying to prepare for January! Ingredients: Organic Coconut Base (water, organic coconut cream), Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Phosphate, Guar Gum, Xantham Gum, Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin D2, L-Seleniumethionine (Selenium), Zinc Oxide, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12
  5. Trader Joe's Salsa

    I'm getting ready to start my first Whole30 and normally have a couple eggs with Trader Joe's Salsa Authentica each morning. I read through the ingredient list and it says "vinegar (distilled from corn)" as an ingredient. I believe I've seen this salsa on other blogs as being Whole30 compliant (maybe this was before they listed what the vinegar was distilled from on the ingredient label?) and just wanted to verify if I'll be able to continue using this salsa. If not, any other Trader Joe's salsas that people would recommend?
  6. Mustard

    Hi, I'm new to this program -- it was recommended by a waitress at a restaurant in New York that I tried during NY Restaurant Week. First, I am so happy I get to eat ghee and white potatoes on this plan. I will miss my Dijon mustard so I went to Trader Joe's and got some plain organic yellow mustard, but neglected to read the label figuring it wouldn't have anything in it that French's didn't have. Trader Joe's plain yellow organic mustard contains sugar, so If you have bought this thinking you were safe, oops.
  7. Well, I have scoured the Internet and have yet to find a definitive answer on this. Many sites (including responses on this forum) are saying that the trader joes chili lime chicken burgers are Whole30 compliant. The problem I'm having is, natural flavor is listed as an ingredient and I have no idea what exactly "natural flavor" is comprised of! Apparently many other people either know or think this ingredient is Whole30 compliant, but I want to make sure since I have not seen anyone specifically address the "natural flavor" ingredient in these burgers. Does anyone know the answer to this? Thanks!!
  8. Hi all! So, I will be travelling to Arizona to visit my parents in February (a couple of weeks after I finish my first Whole30), and I am SUPER excited to bring back a few of the products I have been hearing so much about, to make my life a little easier as I continue my Whole30-inspired lifestyle. We don't have Trader Joe's or Whole Foods where I live and it seems like there are lots of compliant options there. What are some of your favourite things to get at Trader Joe's? Or Whole Foods? I am looking for (a) options to cook for/with my parents while I'm there, and ( a few of the best salad dressings, condiments, etc to come back in my suitcase with me. Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. I just started my second Whole 30 today. So far, so good. While I was shopping yesterday I came across a new item at Trader Joe's that I thought was pretty exciting- frozen cauliflower rice! And the ingredients? Just cauliflower! 3 servings at 30 calories per serving. I've always wanted to try cauliflower rice but was afraid to mess it up. Anyway, just wanted to share.
  10. I've read a lot about the coconut milks and know to avoid sulfites, and carrageenan. Everyone says to buy canned coconut milk, but I found a refrigerated one that doesn't contain sulfites or carrageenan--as far as I know. Are phosphates on the no list? Ingredients: Organic coconut base (water, organic coconut cream), calcium phosphate, magnesium phosphate, guar guar gum, xantham gum, vitamin a acetate, vitamin d2, l-selenomethionine (selenium), zinc oxide, folic acid, vitamin b12. Can I have this?
  11. i just started the whole30 three days ago, and have started stocking up my pantry. i was delighted to see that trader joe's sells jars of ghee! however, it does not say anything about being organic (but the cows are not treated with rBST). i know it's recommended that we have ghee/clarified butter from 100% organic and pasture-raised cows, but is this ghee still an ok option? i'm working on a fairly tight budget. here's what it says on the label: "ingredients: unsalted butter. contains milk." any help would be appreciated! thanks!
  12. any trader joe's bacon?

    I was looking at the uncured bacon at Trader Joe's yesterday, and some of them had added sugar, but a few did not. I'm a little confused about whether or not bacon is allowed on whole30 or not. I read something on NomNom Paleo about how much she misses bacon on her whole30, but I'm not sure why it wouldn't be allowed as long as it does not contain any bad ingredients. I was not, however, able to find any organic bacon. So would the Trader Joe's uncured, non-organic, but "natural" bacon with no sugar, carrageegan, etc. Be whole 30 approved?
  13. Trader Joe's Butternut Squash=yum

    Hey guys- just wanted to share a recent find at Trader Joe's that is great for a quick snack or add on to a nutritious meal. Trader Joe's ready to go butternut squash. You can pop the bag of squash cubes in the microwave for five minutes or stick in the oven. add cinnamon for taste.
  14. Trader Joe's Salsa Verde

    Is Trader Joe's Salsa Verde W30 approved? These are the ingredients...I think it is! Trader Joe's Brand Salsa Verde has no preservatives, no thickening agents, and is made with fresh tomatillos and fresh jalapenos! Ingredients: Fresh tomatillos, green chile, water, onions, fresh jalapenos, salt, spic