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Found 5 results

  1. Im about halfway through my first whole 30 right now. I’m eating plenty of all the right foods suggested to be fueling my workouts as I’m training for a half marathon that is just a few days after I complete my Whole30. I strength train a few days a week and run a few. I ate fairly healthy and exercised regularly prior to beginning the whole 30. My issue is that I rarely have enough energy and motivation for a good workout. The instant I begin a run I feel drained and struggle to complete the run. I’m wondering if this could be a result of the whole 30 or something I’m doing wrong? I’m on day 16 and had hoped this would pass by now. I’m getting worried because now I haven’t gotten the proper training runs in that I should have by now. Any advice or suggestions as to why my energy levels have dipped so dramatically as I thought they would have picked up by now? Or any similar experiences? Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm very excited to join the Whole 30 community and to begin my 30-day "transformation." My partner and I are getting married at Mount Everest Base Camp this March, and we are doing everything we can to prepare our hearts and bodies for the event. We are stoked! We are following the Whole 30 Day-by-Day guide by Melissa Hartwig. Today is Day 0 - planning and preparation. We are connecting with the community and plan to officially announce our start date tomorrow on our wedding-story Instagram channel: @HappilyEverestAfter. If any one wants to root us on, we'd love all the support we can get. Jesse
  3. Does anyone know the best ways to stay whole30 compliant while going through military training? I am going to be going through a combat school for about a month and was wondering if anyone knew anything about what foods I should try to take with me. I'm going to be buying some beef jerky and whole30 compliant bars but I'm hoping that I could do better than just that. I hope that's not all that can be done.
  4. Hey y'all This is my second whole 30. The first time I did the program it was great. I was doing it to change my eating habits more than trying to lose weight. I would like to know what some of the guys are eating pre and post workout during their whole 30 program. Also, I seem to be losing too much weight. How do I maintain/ gain muscle mass while following the whole 30 and lifting in the gym? It seems like if I do not eat a lot of carbs then I shed so much weight, more than I would like to. My whole reason for this program is to live a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. Thanks, Michael.
  5. Hey All, I am trying to put on some weight so I can perform better in my sport. I am a strict weightlifter so I don't do crossfit at all, however I do swim occasionally to maintain my fitness as a lifeguard. I've been involved in powerlifting before this summer and I weighed around 155lbs (70kg). After starting oly weightlifting I am about 149lbs ish (68kg) and I am a little worried that my weight is going to keep dropping. I am new and skeptical towards the whole 30 program because it greatly limits my food choices and kinda scares me haha. I currently eat all my foods gluten free with mostly fresh produce. My main sources of carbohydrate are rice and gluten-free pasta. My chiropractor encouraged me to check this program out, but unlike most people on the site I am not here to lose weight. I understand how energy input needs to be higher than energy output to put on weight. I have problems with doing that especially now I don't eat much processed foods. I am right now 5'11 with a skinny build. How can I gain weight if I was to follow whole 30 while not draining all the $ I have? Thanks