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Found 116 results

  1. Hi everyone! My name is Chelsea. My husband, Daron, and I are doing Whole30 for the first time! We are currently on day 9, and hanging in there so far (though I will admit that grocery shopping and walking past all of the gluten and sugars was really difficult a couple days ago!). Before we started the Whole30, I planned an anniversary get away to Niagara Falls over a long weekend. Now we will be traveling on days 19-22. I have read through the travel advice in the Whole30 books, and found some good blogs. I also read through the travel forum here, and found some good suggestions. However, we are staying at a hotel that does not have a kitchenette (no microwave, cook-top, etc.). I am thinking about calling and requesting a small fridge if that's possible (to store at least some dressings, fruits, and veg), but I don't know if it will be. In other words, I think we are going to have to eat out for almost every meal while we are traveling. In what I read, the suggestions were to Google and call restaurants ahead of time to do as much research as possible, but everyone here seems so helpful I wanted to reach out to see what tried-and-true suggestions you all have. Even better, if any of you have been to Niagara Falls and have suggestions, we would be honored to try them! If I'm being honest, I am nervous about this trip. We are very committed to seeing this 30 days through, and I really want to try our best to stay as compliant as possible while we are traveling. Thank you for reading and any thoughts or suggestions you might have. Chelsea
  2. HI!! so i am on day 12, and there has been a death in my boyfriends family so we are flying back to his home (4 hour flight) on Sunday and returning back on Wednesday.. considering the situation, i will not be able to ask them to modify and meals, or be able to travel to a grocery store. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. please, any tips/tricks for a situation like this? i do not want to start the whole30 over, nor do i want to accidentally eat something i shouldn't, and have stomach issues (if you know what i mean) while on this short trip. I am thinking about packing some things in my suitcase, but i can only pack so much that wont parish.
  3. Hi everyone! This is my second time around doing a Whole30, almost a year apart! I'm on Day 9 and feeling great! However, an annoying situation is arising...I'm freaking out because I'm going on a 3.5 day trip to NYC in a little over a week for a work conference. The conference will have breakfasts and lunches catered. I'll be in a hotel with no access to a stove. I'm also a young professional and the draw of having free breakfast and lunches for a few days is quite tempting even though I know they won't be compliant. Any advice on what to do? Has anyone ever asked their work to provide a per diem so they can eat outside a conference rather than partaking in the catering? Thanks!!
  4. Over the weekend, I travelled from Seattle WA to Spokane WA to see my cousin in concert. Unfortunately I was on Days 5-7 of my 2nd Whole30 round, which as you all know, makes travel + dining out a little bit complicated. However I was able to plan ahead of time by researching restaurant menus, and e-mailing chefs to ask questions. I think this is DEFINITELY the way to go. If you have enough time to plan ahead for dining out, e-mail the restaurant with an outline of the Whole30 rules and ask specific questions about which entrees you'll be able to enjoy. Just make sure to apologize for seeming high-maintenance and say lots of THANK YOUS! Anyway - we wound up at Bruncheonette for brunch and at Clover for dinner. I received such sweet, accommodating e-mail responses from both chefs. At Bruncheonette I was able to have the Verde Hash, sans cheese, with added guacamole. Bruncheonette makes all of their meats, and sauces, in-house from scratch. They use canola oil for the potatoes and eggs, and there are no sugars / sweeteners in the carnitas or in the potato seasoning! My hash included the potato medley, carnitas, peppers & onions, basted eggs, and verde sauce. Totally filling and delish - plus I got veggies, protein, and plated fat with my guacamole. Chef Cody at Clover sent me the following e-mail response: "Hi Anna, Thank you for contacting me directly. We regularly make accommodations for our guests’ dietary needs, so this will be no problem. Having a heads up makes it even easier. Most of our dishes are cooked in an olive/canola blend or clarified butter. We would be happy to use straight olive oil, Lard, Duck Fat or none of the above. Our cured dry chorizo is an item we source, and does have sugar. Our house made chorizo is a great substitute for both the octopus and the Piri Chicken, as my linguica also has sugar. All of our veggies are roasted with salt, pepper and our oil blend. We can always roast fresh veggies for an order as well. Honestly, we can make most of our menu work for you, or I can create something just for you, if you like. We enjoy the challenge and love to test our creative side, with such limitations. It usually ends up the prettiest plate at the table, so I hope we don’t let you down. This weekend, we will be featuring Oregon Rockfish. Our scallops are always top notch. Let me know what direction you would like to go. Have a safe trip to Spokane and we’ll see you on Saturday night!" Again - SUCH customer service! I wound up having a simple dish of the Oregon Rockfish, with a medley of broccolini, mushrooms, and fingerling potatoes garnished with pine nuts. As for travel snacks - I brought with me a baggie of baby carrots w/ a guacamole cup, sliced Fuji apple with almond butter, and RX Bar & Epic Bar, almonds, and olives (no - I did NOT eat all of the above but it was nice to have options).
  5. Hi all helpful Whole30 gurus! I am going on a three-day work trip to Las Vegas. I know Vegas has lots of food options but I want to pack some Whole30 back up supplies just in case. I will be working a conference and will have limited time for breakfast and lunch. Please share suggestions for a quick breakfast and/or lunch that I can buy now and take with me in my checked suitcase to have while at the conference. Right now, I am wondering about Whole30 compliant Rx Bars or Lara Bars for a quick breakfast if no other options are available. Also, is there a beef jerky option that could work for lunch along with fresh veggies or fruit? Can I pack fresh veggies in my checked suitcase on Southwest airlines? Thanks in advance for your advice! - JohnW
  6. Hi all! I am on Day 17 of my first Whole30. I just landed a great job, and they are flying me to Germany in a few weeks for 10-12 days. However, the day I depart is 4 days after I'm done with Whole 30, meaning 4 days into my reintroduction schedule... I was excited about seeing how different foods make me feel as I reintroduce them, but I also don't want to not pass up an opportunity to eat (and drink) while I'm there (in moderation, of course!)! I'm also nervous about trying to make sure I'm only eating certain foods on certain days while I'm there...especially since I don't know the language at all (I know most people speak English), but there's also the cultural differences to overcome and I don't want to make anything awkward with my new team when food is involved! The company is planning everything in terms of flight, hotel, etc. I won't have a car, and I'm not even sure if I'll be near a grocery store. I've also never flown internationally and don't know if it will be too difficult to be following the reintroduction that day, I'll be at "Day 4: Evaluate non-gluten grains" I know the answer is probably no, but is there any way to speed up the reintroduction plan? Alternatively, what if I cut the 30 days by 2-3 days? I know, this is blashpemy and I'm sorry to be bringing it up—and it's called Whole 30 for a reason! I'm just trying to find a solution. I know I can do Whole 30 again, but I've been making good progress and the next time I can realistically do Whole 30 is in June, so I want to make the best of this! Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!!!! Thank you!
  7. Julie McD

    Travel-Nut Pods

    Hi, I'm traveling next week for work and trying to plan ahead. Do people travel with Nut Pods for coffee, etc? Any other compliant creamers that are good for travel? Thanks! Julie
  8. I'm traveling to Memphis Tennessee this weekend. My flight out is at 6:45 am and my flight arrives home at 11:44 pm... so I'll basically be gone for a FULL 48 hours. My travel companions know I am on Whole30, so that's fine, but I am deeply concerned about how I'm going to manage this trip without starving or subsisting on black coffee, RX bars and epic bacon jerky. Can anyone recommend a restaurant in the Memphis area where I can safely eat?
  9. My family is going out to dinner at an Afghani restaurant tonight for my sister's birthday, and, being a good little Whole30er, I called the restaurant before they opened (when they wouldn't be busy) so I could ask all of my questions about compliant oils, marinades and seasonings, etc. Just based on ingredients, Afghani food seems like a good choice, because it's primarily grilled meat and vegetables -- and this restaurant even uses grass-fed beef and lamb! Anyway, the store manager told me that ALL of the meat is pre-marinated in corn oil, even the ground meats, but that customers with allergies in the past have ordered grilled chicken or beef with the marinade rinsed off before grilling, and that they haven't had any problems. I think I already know the answer, but... would this be acceptable? Otherwise I'll be going to this amazing restaurant and just eating a bowl of plain lettuce. Not the end of the world, but not exactly enjoying my life either. Can some moderators chime in on this? Thanks!
  10. I am going to Sundance Film Festival for 4 nights, I have to go for work, but I want to stay committed to my January Whole30 the whole time. I’ve never been to Sundance but have heard stories about it being a huge weeklong party: drinking and staying up late, shmoozing, eating out, drinking, drinking and more drinking. Ack! Anyone been to Sundance on Whole30? Anyone going to be there this weekend and want to check in with me? Would appreciate all the help I can get.
  11. Hi all, any other Whole 30-ers in Washington DC? I'm on Day 6 and I cook a lot, but wanted to share how I've managed to go to restaurants so far. Hope others will contribute a few ideas, too! Casual dining: Sweetgreen, Cava, Beefsteak, Taylor Gourmet, Pleasant Pops (if you can resist the popsicles!)... DC is at no loss of good, fresh, fast-casual restaurants for the 9-to-5 lunch crowd. You just need to (nicely) request substitutions, oil and vinegar dressings, etc. etc. Restaurants: Agora, Zaytinya... Middle Eastern has been the way to go for me. Plenty of compliant dips, veggie tapas, and grilled meats to go around. Food shopping: It's August, so farmer's markets are your best bet! Honestly, going to Safeway is uncomfortable, Whole Foods has too many "healthy" temptations, but the Dupont Farmer's Market made me so happy. Just walk really quickly past Keswick cheeses.
  12. I will be wrapping this round (R4!) on the 30th of March and originally planned on following the full reintroduction schedule. However since beginning this round, I committed to travel for a conference & leave on April 3. Obviously this makes a regular reintroduction difficult. I plan on making eating as compliant as I can and want to continue this lifestyle post-trip to really dial in my food freedom. My thought is to go back on a W10 when I'm back and then doing a formal reintroduction then. I already know that I do not plan on reintroducing legumes as I already know they don't work well for me, and pre-W30 I really didn't eat very much bread or processed stuff. I do miss cheese & the occasional wine, as know that sometimes they both can make me congested. I want (and need) to feel well on the trip because I'll be presenting at the conference, but I also want to feel like I can go off plan without feeling crappy since I won't have *total* control of meals at awards banquets and social functions. Do any of you have thoughts on what I should do with those 4 days prior to leaving or am I just overthinking it since my intention is to stay as compliant as I can while away (maybe a glass of wine or something, maybe a "worth it" dessert, and not stressing too much about meals)?
  13. Hi, I've seen a few posts about other consultants who travel Mon-Thurs/Fri every week like myself. Although, a lot of the travel recommendations assume a completely unrealistic level of flexibility for weekly, international business travelers. I fly from the US to Canada (usually Toronto) every week. People suggest taking food/snacks with them, but of course I'm only allowed to transport pre-packaged food through customs. Raw fruits, vegetables and meats are definitely not allowed. On Thurs/Fri, I leave the office at 3pm for a 6pm flight and I usually land at 11pm (assuming no delays), so I really have to eat at the airport or wait until I get home. The terminal has a burger place (Nobel Burger Bar), a fro-yo place, pre-packaged food stand and a Starbucks (worst airport terminal ever!!) Unfortunately, Nobel is always very busy and they are not at all accommodating to answering questions about ingredients or customized orders (I've tried). Other than a banana and black coffee/tea, is anything that I could eat at Starbucks? (Not that a banana with coffee is the worst dinner - I could make that work) Any creative suggestions that I'm missing would be greatly appreciated!! Whole Foods and Trader Joe's don't exist, but there is a place called Longo's which is a small market. I can buy food for the week here on Monday night. I'm in the financial district and I'm sure there are places that I could find a whole30 meal, but most are not at a price that I can afford (i.e. within my per diem limit). Steaks are $35+. I can spend about $15 per meal. I don't have control over which hotel I stay at, so places with a kitchen are not an option. They do not have a microwave that I can use (I asked). I might be able to get a refrigerator on occasion, but we get major corporate discounts on the hotel rates, so preference is given to full paying guests, unless I pay $50 per night. (My company won't cover it and I definitely can't afford that)... ...BUT (silver lining) there are fruits/vegetables which don't have to be cold or cooked. I'm thinking that I can just eat avocado, zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes and apples plain. I'm not a huge fan, but I can also eat plain shashimi on occasion so that I get some protein. Again, any creative suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! (especially regarding protein - typically I'm a big protein person, but all my regular go-to's break the rules on one way or another) Is this realistic or am I just kidding myself? My family, friends and work colleagues keep telling me that this program isn't for me and that I just don't have the flexibility to be successful. They're worried that my determination to adhere to the program will lead me to skipping meals and putting my health in jeopardy.
  14. Hi all, I'm travelling to Phoenix next week for work and will be right in the middle of my first Whole30. I'll be staying close to Biltmore Fashion Center at a hotel next to a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe's but was hoping someone would know some good restaurants in the area. Thanks in advance!
  15. Ciao! I've been to Italy before, in fact I've lived there, and I definitely subsided mostly on pizza, pasta, panini and gelato... I will be there for three weeks in July by which time I will have been w30/w9/paleo for 1 year, with no desire to go back to old ways of eating. I guess I'm mostly concerned about what to do without my daily sweet potato in the morning. We are staying in different places, the easiest will be when we stay in apartments (then I can cook breakfast and dinner), but will also be at family/friend homes and b&bs. I'm going to search for the sweet potatoes in the different outdoor markets in rome and if i find then, stock up for the 3 weeks. Does anyone have any other suggestions or experiences? I will choose certain indulgences, but I definitely don't want to feel gross and bloated the whole time I'm there! When eating at family homes, I'm worried about being rude if I don't eat bread and pasta... Aiutatemi! (Help me!)
  16. MrsWinstonSchmidt

    HELP! -- Chaperoning a Camping Trip

    Overnight Thurs to Fri. FML -- what am I gonna eat? i can pack cans of tuna. But where will i strain and drain? Gotta be a sink in the cafeteria. i guess?? Last time I was at this camp I was in 5th grade so I can't remember. Tips? Advice?
  17. fitnnhealthy

    Traveling for Work

    I am traveling for work next week and have eliminated nuts & eggs from the second half of my Whole30. This doesn't leave me with a lot of quick, on-the-go options, particularly for breakfast. We are flying and staying in a hotel, plus will be doing client meetings and lunches/dinners out. Any suggestions on how to stay compliant????
  18. So, here's the deal. My wife and I are taking our two girls to Disney World in a week. We have had this trip planned for a long time and are very excited. I had thought about saving Whole30 until after this trip but really wanted to start the process of feeling better so I could really enjoy the Disney experience. Now I feel better but realize this is not going to be an easy trip as a Whole30 convert. We are staying on Disney property and do not have the ability to eat out for every single meal. We need some easy to store and take food ideas that we can pack in our bags for the flight. We will eat out for one meal but will need something to eat for breakfast and lunch. Then, some snacks. Ideas?
  19. I'm going up the coast (well, as much as I can of Route 1 since a solid 40 miles of it are closed from the floods!). I'm already a very picky eater, which made going out challenging BEFORE Whole30, so I'd like to bug waiters and staff as little as I possible can while going up the coast. Has anyone else taken the 1 or 101 through California while on the Whole30? Did you find any good restaurants that have decent compliant meals or are accommodating? I'm specifically looking at San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, San Francisco/Berkeley/Oakland, Santa Cruz, and Monterrey. Thinking anything in the Redwoods area may be a long shot. Thanks!
  20. I need help figuring out how I can stick to Whole 30 while on a trip in Asia! I suddenly need to book a trip to Asia for the funeral of a close relative, in the middle of my first Whole 30. I'm nervous because I know there aren't Whole 30 appropriate restaurants there, and it is difficult to get Whole 30 type food even at the outdoor markets or grocery stores there. I won't be able to read ingredients lists and labels. I'll be with relatives the entire time and we'll be eating out for every meal, and most, if not all, places won't have Whole 30 options for me. I know my relatives won't understand Whole 30 or my reasons, and it will be a struggle to explain why I am being difficult. They are also all in mourning so I don't want to be too much of a hassle, as they have to drive me around everywhere and feed me. I know everyone's priority is the funeral and everything related to the passing of my relative, and I feel guilty for still wanting to prioritize Whole 30; I know it will cause trouble and headache for everyone but it's important to me to stick to it even in the midst of what's happening. Any suggestions for what I should do? Should I just buy a ton of Whole 30 approved beef jerky, Lara Bars, nuts, and bring those with me and eat them for the entire week(s) I'm there?
  21. Hey guys!! I've done 2 rounds of Whole30 before and I LOVE how I feel after. This time I'm getting in shape for an upcoming trip, and this week I'm preparing for my March 1st start date by researching (reading the 30 day guide as fast as possible), printing my favourite recipes for easy access, and talking to my friends about my journey! If you would like to chat about Whole30 and nutrition, (and maybe you even have some travel suggestions for Australia) please join me!! We can keep each other excited, motivated and accountable ☺
  22. Hi guys! I'm new to the program (going on day 4!) Does anyone else live in Charlotte and have any suggestions for restaurants/items on the menu you've found success with? I was successful with one in Plaza Midwood: Bang Bang Burger by ordering their burger bowl (basically a salad) but was hoping for some other suggestions. I also travel a lot to other parts of the country so if anyone has any regular items they'd like to share from other chain restaurants that'd be great too! Thanks in advance!
  23. EricaEV

    On the go Snacks

    Hi there! The Whole30 Daily keeps referring to Primal Pacs, but the Primal PAC online store is 'temporarily closed'. What are other brands and options for snacks on the go? I am on Day 11 and would LOVE something easy to grab and simple for an after workout snack. I also have a business trip next week I would like to be WHOLE 30 prepared for. Thanks!
  24. Hey I'm Laura! I am traveling the world and working remotely for a year. I move to a new country every month. I am now on my 5th month living in The Czech Republic and in a few days I'll be moving to Valencia, Spain (where I'll be all January). This will be my first time in Spain and it is also where I will be starting my 1st WHOLE 30. I know , I me crazy for starting in a country with ever-flowing sangria and delicious paella and tapas but I've accepted temptations will always be there and I've been wanting to do this for myself for a while. Also, since traveling and working remotely is my new lifestyle, I want to prove to myself I can be and stay healthy even when traveling and moving around. I would love find 2 accountability buddies for regular check ins, learn about others lifestyles (how do you manage to stay compliant and energized to keep going?!) Let's do this!
  25. PhysicsHippie

    Round 4 starting 1-2-17

    Hey ya'll! I just wanted to post about my fourth Whole30 starting January 2, 2017!!!! I did the first three rounds of Whole30 earlier in the year, around summer-time, pretty much concurrently. I had a couple days in between (had a glass of wine, not going to lie) and went back to eating healthy. I lost about 30 pounds, saw a large improvement in my athletic performance, and saw many changes in my overall attitude towards life and food. Looking back, I don't think I was quite ready to go off of the Whole30 rules since I still didn't quite understand my relationship with food. This time, I'd like to take more time to focus on that aspect. When life started getting a little more chaotic and I thought I had my eating habits under control (I'm a binge eater, especially under stress), I started deviating more and more from healthier eating habits. I would eat really well for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner... and then I'd start snacking later at night. I didn't do as horribly during Christmas as I usually do, but I want to get myself back on track in 2017! I'm trying to make my goals not about losing weight... it's really difficult. I want to feel healthier, have more energy (my hypothyroid has really been flaring up with all of the unhealthy eating), eat healthier when I'm on the road for work, and I'm hoping to inspire my boyfriend to eat healthier as well. He's been having a lot of trouble with his weight lately (now that his metabolism is slowing down), and he has expressed wanting to lose the weight and be healthier again. I want to inspire him and help him change his habits. I think it will be better for the both of us to do this as a team, but I know he's not ready to commit to something as drastic as a Whole30 quite yet. At least I know from last time that he LOVES the food! I'm nervous that I will be out of town for work, working 12+ hour days, for two weeks in January. I'm starting to set up a plan and figure out how to get the healthy snacks I need for that time. Luckily, the work is in Florida (I'm from Wisconsin), so I'm hoping there will be plenty of fresh fruit, veggies, and fish! I ordered the new Whole30 cookbook and Melissa's new book on Amazon yesterday and I'm super excited to try some tasty new meals!