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Found 1 result

  1. Hi friends! Currently on Round 2 and am feeling so great, but am wondering how to incorporate what I've learned into loooooong-distance training and racing. I'm registered for my 5th Ironman in September, and will ramp up training after a March full marathon. In my past training, I have relied on an all-in-one product for my bike nutrition, since biking is the bulk of my time in training and in the race. It's a powder mixed with water, so easy to carry in bike bottles and concentrate so you're not carrying 5-6 bottles on the course. It's worked fabulously for me in the past in terms of energy levels, digestion, hunger, no adverse effects, etc., I am perfectly fine doing distances like a half marathon or even full marathon with items like dates, bananas and boiled potatoes. But when it comes to an Ironman, the sheer length of time I will be on the course presents a logistical issue that is not there in other shorter races (I have been a 15-hour Ironman in the past, but could be up to 17 hours if I have a bad day). It's simply not feasible to carry a lunch box with all of the nutrition and calories I would need for a 15+ hour endurance race. What have others done in this situation? Do you consider a product with sugar "worth it" for something like this, or have you found another solution? For reference, here are the ingredients of the all-in-one product I have used in the past: MaltodextrinDextroseNatural cane sugarCitric AcidNatural Grape FlavorsSea saltPotassium chlorideMagnesium gluconateCalcium lactate gluconateWhey protein isolateL-IsoleucineL-ValineL-LeucineCaffeine