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Found 3 results

  1. I am on Day 27 and am seeing less-dramatic results then what is described in ISWF and TW30. My goals in completing the program were to clear up facial breakouts and redness, reduce or eliminate some joint pain, fix some gut issues (bloating and stomach pain), reduce severe PMS symptoms, and, yes, lose some weight. So far skin has cleared up somewhat, joint pain has improved, gut issues have not bothered me since starting, crazy PMS lady has not reared her ugly head (yet...knock on wood), and weight loss has been minimal (disappointing but not the sole reason I'm doing W30). The thing I'm most happy with up to this point is the zero food shame/guilt I feel. That alone is worth it!!! Needless to say, no Tiger Blood...yet. Here is my question...since I'm not exactly feeling the "Tiger Blood" and my goals are only somewhat achieved, should I start reintroduction eventhough my results are more subtle? I'm very curious and a bit excited to see what foods effect me and how...I'm just worried that I will reintroduce a food group and not be able to notice it's effect. I do not mind extending my W30 at all and am very happy with what and how I'm eating. I just don't want to sabotage the progress I have made (eventhough I still have a ways to go). OR do you think the results I'm seeing are indeed enough to start reintroduction and be able to notice a difference?
  2. I'd like to get some feedback on this. Here's my story. About a year ago (around this time) I started getting some little bumps on one finger of each hand. They were itchy, they would come and go, occasionally they were significantly worse, and then they'd clear up, but they never fully disappeared. By the end of 2014 they'd spread a bit more to other fingers and across a few knuckles. I have not been to a doctor, but after doing the research (and talking to my mom who had hand eczema for most of her life after a run in with cleaning chemicals) I'm guessing I likely have hand eczema. (I'm an artist, and I've worked with many toxic chemicals in the past...perhaps that was one of my triggers). Anyway, jump forward to January 2015, I did my second whole30 and extended it to a whole45. While I saw wonderful results in most other areas of my health, life, and well being, my hands got progressively worse. I thought maybe it would get worse before it got better, but after 45 days of no cheats it was significantly worse than it's ever been. I had a family celebration on day 45, so I had a few cheats, hated the food hangover I felt the next day, and jumped right back on the whole30 train. I'm currently happy to continue this way of eating and really start to trouble shoot this increasing hand eczema. I've looked into some of the food culprits, especially eggs and night shades. I recently took eggs completely off my plate for a week but saw no difference in my hands, so I've added them back in. Do you think a week was long enough to determine any sensitivity to them? My next question is night shades...I absolutely love spicy food (and growing up in New Mexico, I've eaten it regularly throughout my life). However, when it comes to the rest of the night shades, I've really never been a big fan of most of them. So before and throughout my whole30 I really consume very little of them. Here and there I add some chilies or peppers to the dishes I cook, but otherwise I'm not eating a significantly large or regular amount of them. Do you think it's still worth while to cut them out completely? I do eat a fair amount of coconut (oil, flakes, butter, milk) and I've heard some people have intolerances to coconut. Is it specifically related to the guar gum, etc added to most canned coconut milk? Or would I benefit from taking it off my plate all together in every form? (I did consume coconut in all its forms before my whole30, but not as regularly as I do now). Are there any other suggestions or recommendations? I believe fully in the whole30 and have loved everything about it and how I feel, but I can't help but feel disheartened that my hands have gotten significantly worse as the rest of my health has improved so much. Perhaps I am being impatient and simply need to give this way of eating more time? Your help and suggestions are much appreciated! Ashley
  3. I'm two weeks into my Whole 30. I'm using to make sure my macros in line. (I know you aren't supposed to count calories but I would prefer to have my bases covered with my macros) I have chronic gastritis. The first week I was having great bowel movements but now I am in pain after any time I eat. Apple cider vinegar will help for a little while but I am severely constipated and it feels like there is a bowling ball in my stomach. The gastritis is doing much better though. Heh. What I am eating Breakfast - Turkey sausage and caramelized onion fritatta with one of our farm share apples Lunch - Chicken Stew with loads of veggies (added gelatin to help coat my stomach), roasted butternut squash with pepita pesto Dinner - Seared steak salad with spinach and balsamic caramelized onions, veggie detox green smoothie with pear, apple, carrot juice, parsley, ginger, celery I'm getting about 30 grams of fiber a day, I eat plenty of healthy fat. I take probiotics. This is getting frustrating and would love any advice.