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Found 7 results

  1. I had really bad pain with my whole body being incredibly sore on day 5-15 of this round and I introduced Magnesium supplement which helped. I am back to the Magnesium which is helping a little but not as much as before. I was feeling incredible until mid-day today and plan to complete the Whole60 because I do not feel like my first Whole30 was long enough to get the full effect. Has anyone else had joint/muscle pain when introducing coffee or espresso? Or suggestions? I have been having 2 shots + 3-4 onces of Light Coconut Milk. I have been keeping hydrated to make up for the espresso dehydration. Will be removing espresso for this weekend to test. I do have lower back, hip, & knees issues and been in and out of Physical Therapy since I was 15 yrs old (I am 32). All are flaring up right now. I have hip problems a mass of scar tissue (has shrinked a good amount during this W30) and have had Sciatica. My hip has been drastically better for the last 2.5 weeks but flaring really bad today. I have lost 18 lbs (175 lbs, 5' 8") which should help my joints. Been spending time on the treadmill and stretching in a sauna about 4 times a week. The espresso overall has me feeling drastically better overall and did not hurt until mid-day today after 3 days of espresso. I am used to being sore in my joints but this is different. Thank you!
  2. Hiiii! This is my first round of whole30 and tbh it is treating me great! I am so happy with the choice to clean up my diet however my emotions are crazy!!!! I feel on top of the world at some points and then just like a blubbering mess at others. I have been sober for 2 years and this legitmily is as unpredictable as that. I am on day 14!!!! and I’m not even so concerned about “getting my tiger blood” as I am with my emotions. For the past two days I have felt insecure and overwhelmed about everything! But before that I felt I had a handle on it and I was feeling more confident! I wasn’t feeling satisfied throughout the day so added in some additional fats and I am feeling better, I think? It’s hard to say I’m feeling better when I cry randomly I had one period when I first started ironically but I am on BC as it was that time, so idk. I am just looking for support and understanding I guess? My husband is doing this i with me as well, but not as strictly compliant as me. Ie. he is drinking soda and having cheese every once in awhile. He is also not an emotional person and has PTSD from a previous deployment (I AM) so talking to him about these things is hard. So anyways, thanks for listening to my whining and is anyone else going through this?!
  3. Hello, I'm looking for some help with my Whole30. I am a 27 year old female trying the program out for the first time after hearing excellent reviews from co-workers. I bought the book and was really excited and motivated to get my Whole30 started. I was aiming at losing some weight (I probably had ~5 pounds to lose), to improve sleep, to improve mood (specifically, to be less fatigues and unmotivated by 2pm in the work day), and to help with swelling in my lower legs (called panniculitis). I had pretty high hopes after hearing about the program and reading the first few chapters of the book. I'm currently on day 22 and I'd go as far to say that it's pretty much a disaster. I'll back up and provide some more detail. The first week was great! I felt excited, motivated, energized, and my pants were less tight! Around week 2 I started noticing some undesirable side effects. My acne (which isn't really acne... I usually get 2-3 pimples per month) was TERRIBLE. My skin was extremely oily and broken out all over. They ranged from small, hard pimples on my cheeks and forehead, to under the skin painful welts on my chin. I read on this forum that nuts could be doing this. So I decreased my nuts. I will mention that I am a pescitarian, so I don't eat poultry/beef/pork. I do eat fish, seafood, eggs, and dairy [when not on the Whole30]. So I cut out nuts and stuck with my other protein sources. I also started noticing my mood getting worse (sad, angry for no reason, unmotivated). So for this, I read on here to increase my fruit and starchy food...I ate more starches and fruit daily. My side effects from week 3 up to now is what motivated to seek help here. I am depressed, unmotivated, and a completely different person for the worse. I am SO agitated all the time (when people talk to me, I was to cry and/or scream), I'm tired beyond belief, the acne has not changed at all, I have a hard time staying asleep all night, and I haven't seen any improvements in my lower leg swelling. Oh and to top it off, I'm now experience bloating, constipation, and terrible gas (sorry, TMI) that I never experienced before my Whole30. Again, I've looked up most of these symptoms on here and I got info on the depression side; eat more starchy foods and fat...but I already am. As for the gastrointestinal issues, I'm at a loss; seems like the Whole30 foods are causing me issues that other people eliminate during their Whole30. With only 8 days left to go, I'm seriously considering blowing it off. For whatever reason, the Whole30 isn't working with my body.Here is a sample meal plan to help guide any advise that you may have. I really appreciate it. Breakfast - 2 eggs fried in EVOO, homemade hash browns with onions, and half an avocado with S&P (I'll throw in some fresh berries if I still feel hungry) Lunch - baked sweet potato, sautéed kale, and a fruit (usually an apple or banana) Dinner - grilled salmon, lemon garlic grilled shrimp, and roasted veggies with EVOO & balsamic Thank you in advance, I really appreciate any help
  4. I'm on day 16 of my Whole30. During days 2 & 3, I suffered from some minor headaches, probably associated with sugar detox, but they went away shortly. This week, I've been having headaches all afternoon every day. Today it even started in the morning. Not sure what's going on, but this is unusual for me - I rarely get headaches other than sinus pain headaches. These almost feel like eye-strain headaches (I do sit in front of a computer all day at work), but nothing has changed about my work routine or how often I'm in front of a screen. The only thing that seems different is the diet. Thoughts?
  5. Any help is greatly appreciated! I did my first Whole 30 back in February of this year- it was downright amazing. I had heard of the 'program' from my gym and was immediately up for the challenge- at the time I was eating whatever I wanted and figured it was time to workout my self control muscles. It became so much more than testing my self control, my new energy levels and my inexplicable constant good mood and increased self confidence was invaluable. Who knew food could do so much! So fast forward to my second Whole30 in April, I hit day 10 and was floored with debilitating stomach pains. I strayed away from the Whole 30 to treat my pain because no natural remedies were cutting it. The pains went away relatively quickly so I gave it another shot just last month in May and BAM, on Day 10 the same horrible pains- this time I wanted to stick it out and try to push through but EVERY SINGLE MEAL triggered the same horrible stomach pains. I was sweaty, a bit nauseous and doubled over in pain every day. When I talked to the doctor all they offered up was "you're probably just one of those people with a sensitive stomach" WHAT?!? This wasn't just a little tummy ache- I was crying in pain. Nothing helped and the only thing I could eat without pain was crakers and water. Now I stay away from just about everything, bread and pasta are some of my only allys at this point and I hate it. I've had a stool sample to test for H.Pylori which came back negative... I've had a history of stomach ulcers but the doctors don't think that's the cause. I want so badly to have food freedom again! Has anyone experienced something like this and found a way to work through it? Thank you in advance!
  6. Hi, I'm on day 7 and had lunch at a friend's today. I thought all was compliant but then realised that the balsamic vinegar she used on the veg contains sulphites. Do I need to start over? I'm so annoyed as it was going so well, and I was finding it pretty easy. Thanks in advance for any help you can give. Claire
  7. Hi, I need some urgent help. I am on my day 13 of whole30 and I am still getting headaches and finding it very hard to concentrate on work. Since, I am doing a phd I can't afford to not be able to think and it's seriously hurting my effectiveness at work. I also feel tiredness around my eyes and sometimes, feel like I am sleepy. My rest of the body feels better most of the times but my brain NOT ! Sometimes, even when I have eaten a lot and I can feel that I am fully satisfied with my body completely energetic, I feel like my brain is not getting the food it needs !! Any help is highly appreciated ! - Amit