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Found 7 results

  1. I am on day 14. I’ve been sticking to the program 100% and enjoying the foods I’ve been eating. But today, I looked closer at the tuna label and I’m freaking out. The ingredients list “vegetable broth” and all compliant ingredients. But then under the allergen statement is lists soy. I’ve been eating these cans a couple times a week. Do I need to start over? If that’s the case, I am just going to stop this program. The fact that it has been so hard to find compliant foods to cook at home, eat out (I have to for my job), and find compliant foods for traveling (which I do often for my job too)... which I have been doing 100% despite the challenges. But now I accidentally ingested a food that didn’t have a non compliant ingredient...but isn’t allowed? Help! What should I do?
  2. Aldi's sustainably caught Skipjack chunk light tuna in water, Ingredients: skipjack tuna, water, vegetable broth (yellow pea and carrot), salt. Contains: Fish (tuna) Yes or no?
  3. Question regarding "Best Choice Brand Chunk Light Tuna" in a pouch. Looking for a MOD response. _________________________ Ingredients: Tuna Fish, Water, Vegetable Broth, Salt. Contains: Tuna (Fish) _________________________ I am questioning the Vegetable Broth as some are saying it "may" contain peas, however, that is not listed at all on the package, and no one has written the company to confirm to my knowledge. Now, my understanding is that if it is not listed in the ingredients list, it is fine. I believe this to be compliant, others disagree. What is the official consensus?
  4. Hi there! I notice when I shop for tuna, the INGREDIENTS list: tuna, water, salt... and then the CONTAINS says, "tuna, soy." The only tuna I found that does not have soy on the "contains" is $3.50+ per can, which is too expensive for me to use tuna as a sustainable protein source. Do you have any insight to the ingredients vs. "contains" on cans? And, do you know of a secret soy-free tuna that I don't know about? Candace
  5. Missy Olsen

    Too Much Tuna?

    Hi, I eat whole30 tuna salad (with romaine lettuce) almost everyday for lunch - is this too much tuna? Should I be worried about mercury poisoning? Maybe I can start using a different canned fish? Please note: I am a worrywart :0) Thank you, Missy
  6. Michaela Elmore Cogswell

    Tuna and Costco

    I had just responded to a thread last night about how our Costco doesn't carry the Wild Planet Tuna and when I was walking through the store today I looked over at an endcap and there it was. Apparently they started carrying it yesterday. So, if your Costco hasn't had it, keep an eye out, they just might get it soon.
  7. Keisha Engley


    So, I've been Paleo since August or so, but not super strict or anything because I'm a broke college student on a budget and can't exactly afford grass-fed all the time. Anyways, I just started Whole30 three days ago and I've been eating tuna and I just realized that my tuna contains SOY. I had no idea. I threw out the rest of the cans I had, but does that mean I have to start over on Whole30 because I ate some? Or should I just take it as a lesson and keep going on my current 30?