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Found 12 results

  1. ild228

    Hibachi Restaurant

    Hey y'all! How's it going for all of you? I'm on my second day of my first Whole30 and I am loving it so far! I think I must still be in the honeymoon phase because I'm finding it very easy to say no to sugary, bready, cheesy things and I don't have any cravings. Has anyone else had this same experience? I'm guessing it'll get harder soon. Anyway: during the thirty days, my friend's birthday is happening in a week and we're all going out to eat at a hibachi restaurant called Sumo in Ithaca, NY. Check out the menu here: Also Easter is tomorrow and my grandma sent cookies for the whole family, which I don't have any problem resisting (at least for now, we'll see how hard it is tomorrow) and I'm the only one in my family doing the Whole30 and I don't want my parents to judge me or get worried that I'm "dieting" or trying to lose weight. I'm not. I simply want to feel better and have more energy. Also my mom's birthday is in a few weeks. And I'm taking a road trip next weekend. So any advice for eating out at a hibachi restaurant (does anything on the menu look Whole30-compliant, or should I bring my own food but then have to explain it to them?), road tripping while on the Whole30, and dealing with holidays/birthdays? I really don't think that resisting the food will be a problem because I'm very committed, but how do you deal with defying social norms and not eating cake around family and friends on special occasions?
  2. Kelly Saucier

    Places to eat in Disney World

    I was wondering if anyone knew of some fairly compliant food choices in Disney World? I am not currently doing a Whole30 but trying to stay somewhat healthy while on vacation so as to not feel like yuck from a lot of poor choices.
  3. I am starting my reintro on Friday after a successful Whole45. I was planning on a Whole60 but I am going on a trip to Mexico and would not have any time for a reintro phase. I am trying to tailor my reintro to the things I know I will be having on my trip, non gluten grains, legumes, alcohol, and dairy mainly. I am very worried about losing all the progress I've made while on vacation. You know what they say about good intentions. I would welcome any tips from those of you who have gone on vacation and managed to come home feeling like you successfully practiced food freedom. Thanks in advance.
  4. My husband and I are in the middle of our first Whole30 and are very committed, even if we're not always enthusiastic about it (eggs, ugh!). We planned to do the Whole30 now because it was the only time we could do it between trips and holidays and crazy schedules. Right now, we are supposed to finish (Day30) a day before we leave for a trip where we'll be with a group and food options may be limited. Should we consider starting reintroduction after Day 28 so we're not feeling crummy on our trip? We don't want to be worthless and sick to inconvenience the group or mess up the trip for ourselves. I'm thankful for what we've learned so far about food and cravings, but also kind of annoyed that we won't be able to get the full benefit of the program by cutting our reintroduction short. Thoughts or advice?
  5. Hey everyone! I have a 4-day weekend trip coming up in a few weeks in Big Bear, CA. It was a reward for doing well at my work, and I'll be sharing a house with other coworkers and our significant others. This will fall smack-dab in the middle of my whole30, and I'm trying to figure out how I can enjoy this trip while sticking to my guns. I think I can prepare some meals at the house, since it's a house that we're renting. But I'm not entirely sure how well stocked the kitchen is with cooking gear (or if it's stocked at all!). Also, I'm not sure if my coworkers would want to be included in the cooking or not, which if they were they'd have to buy their own ingredients. Plus I don't want to spend all of my free time prepping meals, so I'd need fast and easy recipes (besides chicken breasts!) I know that my fiance and coworkers will want to go out to eat, and that's going to be a bit scary for me, because I'm not sure how well I can trust the restaurants to have what I want, or cook my food in a particular way. I'm debating if I should call up a few places and inquire before I even go up there, so I'm not stuck with nothing to eat. Any other advice or ideas? I see a lot of posts for single outings, but didn't see much for extended trips.
  6. I just completed my 3rd W30 (within the past year) and I feel great. I am not doing reintroduction as I have done them on the other W30 (and am fine w all foods) plus I am going on vacation in 3 days. This is a 5 day sun vacation in Jamaica. I've been there before so I know the food will contain some sugar in the jerk, sauces won't be clean, etc and I can handle those for a vacation. This is life and I'm fine with those selections while on vacation. I typically stay away from pasta and breads but I may consume a little and will feel ok about it. I will eat slow and make sure its worth it. Beer, for me, is addictive on a hot summer day so I won't drink that, but they make me Mojitos without the sugar. I've done that before and they are refreshing and cool. I'll be drinking those too (and hopefully not make any poor food choices following that). So, I want to know if anyone has any type of encouragement or advice on how to maintain a positive outlook when there so I don't get pulled off course. I know this is a lifestyle and I do well at it, but this time, I want to go into my vacation knowing I have a couple of good tips in my back pocket to keep me on the right track. Done it before but this time I need help. Any comments helpful. Thanks....
  7. HELP!! I completed a Whole30 on July 31st and felt really good - I'm not a scale person but my clothes were definitely fitting better and people were starting to notice my efforts. I was back in the gym about 4 times a week and really focused. I stuck to the plan rigorously, even persuading others to get on board and always cooking. Then came a vacation/college reunion with my sorority sisters and all went downhill. I spent a week eating and drinking like I was 20 years old again. I figured it was just a week and I'd be back on the wagon when I got home but that is not the case. I've fallen back into my old eating habits (sugar, dairy, bread) and I'm having so much trouble refocusing!! I haven't even been to the gym in weeks. Not only do I feel guilty derailing all my progress but I physically don't feel up to par either - sluggish, not sleeping well, bloated, etc. Any advice on how to refocus???? Please any suggestions are welcome...
  8. Hey all- I'm on day 8 of my first Whole 30 and overall I enjoy it and really do want to complete the entire 30 days but I have a slight problem. I originally started doing this because my spouse and I (who's also doing Whole30) are going to the Bahamas for 4 days, but by the time we started the 30 days, days 27-30th are the ones that are going to be in the Bahamas. We're staying in an airbnb so it's not impossible to cook, but it's not the easiest solution. I want to finish strong but I have a feeling once we get there it's not going to be easy and we'll say "27 days is long enough!" Anyone have any advice or similar situations? Has anyone vacationed on a whole30? I know my situation isn't recommended, but here we are. Thanks!!
  9. Hey everyone. I know this is looking way into the future, but my husband and I are going to be vacationing in Montreal at the very tail end of my Whole 30. (As in, days 28, 29 and 30). I realize this is not the smartest, but we made the vacation plans before I committed to this. I was just wondering if there was anyone out there from those areas, and if so, if you had any suggestions on where we might go to get some good, whole30 approved grub. Thanks!!! .
  10. And NOT from U.S. Wellness Meats! LOL. I need to buy local and in stores (and less expensive). Their beef sticks look good, though. We are taking the family to Disneyland in 2 weeks, and I need to pack some stuff for myself to tide myself over. We'll be driving (about 5-6 hours), and will probably have one stop to eat (I plan In n Out for a plain, lettuce wrapped burger and unsweetened ice tea). Depending on our hotel room, I plan on either bringing or buying there some compliant foods to store. It's only for a weekend, with only one day at the park (one day driving, one day park, next day driving home.) I plan on plain salads, dry eggs and fruit, or fish (or meat, if possible) for eating out. I already am planning my speech to give at What is good and nonperishable, and can bring into the park? It'll be my 24th-26th Whole30 days, and I will NOT mess up! I am very lucky that I do not give in easily to cotton candy and funnel cake . I have my raw nut mix, dried fruit, and..... ?? I've never bought a Larabar before, either. TIA
  11. hi out there - so, i've read a ton of posts in the forums amd have read through ISWF. i am super excited to start my first whole30 on wednesday, august 1st. however, i am starting off nervous because i leave for a beach vacation on 8/3 and then have another beach trip planned the following weekend. i already feel like i'm going to have a hard time fighting my food demons; is taking this one while watching everyone around me eat, drink and be merry a horrible idea? i don't want to put it off until september, either. im going on a week-long vacation to mexico that month, and i really want to be healthier (okay, and a little slimmer) before then. any advice? jen ps - it sounds like i have a lavish lifestyle with all of these vacations it's with family and my kids....the only real, "for me" vacay is mexico!
  12. So, I completed my first W30 earlier this month. I'm riding my own bike now and it's OK; I really am discovering, one by one, the inflammatory agents in my former diet. I feel fantastic, have got a good start on fat loss, strength gains, and am just all in, period. I have never felt so free of pain, anxiety, depression, fear, etc. So worth it. That said, I have a 3- to 4-month summer break ahead. I am in UAE, where it is simply (IMO) too hot to live in summer, and I will pack up the kids and head to the Upper Midwest. We will most have access to a kitchen, so I can prep and cook, and shop for groceries like a normal person, but there will be camping, and visiting, and parties and all that. I'm not so worried about the "occasion" eating. I think I can handle it. What worries me is our religious restriction. We eat only halal, and as the kosher among us can vouch, this is no small thing outside an urban center or some metro areas. The closest store selling halal meats is a 2-hour drive, one way. We previously kept halal by literally raising (on grass and hay) and slaughtering all our own meats (plus eggs and even goat dairy). Sigh. Best life ever. Anyway, while I know it will take planning and occasional trips to the big city to buy (what is probably questionably-raised) beef, lamb, goat and chicken, I need help making sure I access every possible alternative source of protein. Of course, eggs and fish and all manner of seafood. I'm not a fan of nut butters, but will eat plain nuts, knowing they are not as good a source as the animal sources. What am I missing? Are there others I could tap into? I'm not terribly worried about budget, but I am concerned about quality and geography (i.e., distance between me and the food). Also worried about getting to the point where my kids refuse to eat another bite of eggs, tuna, sardines, salmon, or seafood. Help?