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Found 19 results

  1. Vegan newbie

    Hello group. I am 61 years old, a lifetime vegetarian, and vegan the past 8 years. I have been exhausted for quite a while, and stress eat. My work dining has chips which have been my "go to". I am starting day 2. I thought I was good yesterday, but found I felt very hungry. I had roasted yams and potatoes with avocado and salsa for breakfast, a peach, then had experimented and made a batch of grain free non sweetened "granola". I ate that late morning. I made a salad with avocado, seeds, and pecans, with a think vinegrett for lunch, and a spoonful of sunbutter. Dinner I cooked zucchini noodles, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes with diced tomato and peppers. I am committed to staying vegan. Any ideas on protein?
  2. I am so hangry right now.. I'm curious to see what everyone's daily meal plans looks like. Right now mine is something like this (but again, this is day 1): 1: 6 prunes and a hand full of almonds 2: 2 clementines 3: Salad with 2 hand fulls of spinach/arugula, 1 hand full of cabbage, 1/2 avocado, splash of balsamic vinegar & EVOO 4: 2 hand fulls of carrots and a hand full of almonds 5: 1 sweet potato with whole mustard I also consume a gallon+ of water a day and have the occasional cup of black coffee. I don't think I am consuming enough of anything but I didn't get hungry until now (5:00pm). So maybe this is normal? I didn't do enough planning so I am worried about staying on track and using a sustainable meal plan. Any help is greatly appreciated. Friendly reminder: I need VEGAN suggestions and examples, not vegetarian. Thank you so much in advance! All the best, Stephanie
  3. So has anyone seen the Netflix documentary What the Health, Its mostly about how bad meat and eggs is for you. I'm freaking out and trying not to fall into the hype but I look up everything they mention and they're not wrong. Has anyone else seen it? Any thoughts?
  4. Is melt brand "butter" OK?

    Hello to whomever can answer my question, I haven't started this whole30 journey yet and I am so excited to. I am still going through the book (The 30-Day Guide) and I noticed that clarified or ghee butter is allowed. I do not like butter and I've always had soy based butter like Earth Balance. I was wondering if the melt brand butter would be okay? Here is the website of their nutrition: Thank you.
  5. Hiya, start my first Whole 30 tomorrow. Got my cabinet cleaned out, meal plan set up, groceries bought, A+ HIGH FIVE! I'm vegan and have been for a very long time. Also, I'm a serious good cook. I'm mad familiar with protein rich veggies so I think in combination with nuts and being a general kitchen wizard, I could do fine without including tempeh, edamame etc in my meal plan. I know there's no straight answer to whether one protein source is "better" than another but if avoiding "special" vegetarian legumes from the shopping list means including extra nuts from the occasional/limit lists, am I any better off? Or should I feel ok about eating, for example, walnut taco meat a couple of times a week? Thoughts, feelings, comments, encouragement all appreciated!
  6. Hey all, So I did three full rounds of Whole30 by the book last year in March, July and November. I feel like the structure really helped address a lot of emotional eating/drinking problems I tend to struggle with, and in addition to feeling better and helping me to start a regular workout regimen for the first time, I lost about 10 pounds each time (5' 4", highest weight ever was about 175, I was 128 BRIEFLY at the end of my third Whole30 but now hover around 140/145). What I came away with education-wise is that I'm probably deeply sensitive to gluten-containing grains, certain dairy, and most definitely beer. Since then I've become vegetarian, and even toyed with veganism. I cook almost entirely vegan at home and experimented with strict veganism for about a month, which I found relatively easy to do but my weight/general internal cues of health didn't really improve too much (I haven't noticed ANY negative side effects from not eating meat by the way). But that might also be because I've also let a few bad habits creep back in—hitting the wine bottle a bit hard, inhaling whole bags of sweet potato chips in one sitting, etc. When I made the decision to become vegetarian I thought I'd never be able to do a Whole 30 again, but then I realized there are people like y'all that are making it work! So the question I'm looking to have answered is: for my 4th Whole 30 but 1st veggie one, what if any additional sources of protein should I include? I don't really eat eggs much anymore except as an ingredient in other things like gluten-free bread, but I've got a friend with some chickens I could probably buy a few a week off of. Beyond that, beans/legumes/lentils don't have any negative effects on me, so I'd want to include them (although: do y'all consider lentils a bean or a grain? I know there is discussion about that. If the general consensus is "grain" I'll leave them out). And tempeh is my jam. If I do all the fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds & fats allowed on a regular Whole 30, + chickpeas, beans, tempeh, and a handful of backyard chicken eggs, will that be enough? There's also some easily accessible organic grassfed yogurt available at my local chain grocery stores, so if I needed to add that it wouldn't be a problem, though I kind of want to eliminate dairy again and pay extra attention during reintroduction. My activity level is on the high side of moderate. I lift 2-3 times a week, run a couple of times a week, and do longer yoga practices about once a week, with shorter ones in the morning fairly often. I also walk whenever I can avoid driving somewhere. Thanks y'all!
  7. Cooking for vegans!

    Oh, lordy. I think I have gotten myself into a pickle. I'm almost done with my 3rd Whole30 but will be continuing for at least a few more weeks before I reintroduce anything off-plan. I just made dinner plans to have my friend and her husband come over for dinner... and they are both vegan. No fish, no meats, no eggs. WHAT in the world can I dish up that we can all eat? Or am I stuck making two main courses? I don't mind that if it's a last resort, but I am wracking my brains trying to think of something! Thanks for your help!
  8. Vegetarian?

    Hello, Simply trying to find out if this book is suitable for a vegetarian. Can't seem to locate any info on this. Thank you kindly.
  9. I could stay with the Omnivore but I'd really like to use some of the Vegan Protein choices. I started with the Omnivore because that's what I am, but I've quickly realized how few meals I was eating with meat. I had been eating lots of fruit and vegetables with Orgain or Garden of Life's Raw Meal (I know those are off-limits - as are some of the other super stimulating bad foods I was eating). Could I add hemp protein and/or organic whey powder to the omnivore choices? Or if I 'switched' to vegetarian, what about adding fish to the vegetarian protein choices?
  10. Hi, this is my first post and it kind of crosses over a few topics, but it's basically a cooking question, so here I am. I'm about to start my first Whole30 and I want to be prepared with recipes and a plan. My boyfriend is very supportive, but vegan. I'm not vegan, but when I cook dinner for both of us, it's usually vegan. What I'm looking for is a good stockpile of recipes (or suggestions) for curry or stir-fry type things that each of us can customize: like a cabbage-coconut curry (he can toss in some tofu and I can add a salmon portion). The problem is most vegan recipes work hard to include legumes or soyfoods, and I can't find many paleo vegetable recipes that aren't totally boring. Anyone have any awesome suggestions? I know we can do this!
  11. Why are lentils ok? Help!

    Maybe this is posted somewhere, but I've been searching and can't find it. Why are lentils and "various other beans (properly prepared)" approved for vegetarians on the Whole30? I just finished week one and thought I'd add a lentil dish into the rotation, but I can't understand why they would be different from any other type of bean. I understand the tempeh, tofu exceptions- we need to get a solid blast of protein somewhere when we need a break from eggs. I just don't want to put all this hard work in and sabotage it with lentils.
  12. OMG Am I craving MEAT?

    Hello! My husband and I are on day 14! We happened to come across the Whole9 website Sept. 30th and decided we'd do it NOW. I want to know who else hasn't eaten meat in a LONG TIME, but is considering? My story is below, but feel free to scroll past it to the question. I quit eating meat at 9 years old. And I quit drinking soda at 10. I guess I've always been fearful of my health for some reason. I grew up on canned vegetables, packaged meat, boxed cereal and local seafood, ice cream and pizza and chips. In high school I would eat oreos covered in peanut butter. I thought I was healthy because I didn't eat meat! I wasn't a heavy drinker until AFTER college. I traveled a lot for work, and saw how overweight everyone was, so I started to seriously count calories, sugar and sodium. Because, I was eating mostly packaged food that would travel well. Tuna packets, granola bars... oatmeal packets... I was vegetarian (9-20, I was vegan (21-23), I was raw vegan(23-25 then I moved to alaska and you're dreaming if you want to eat all raw in the bush! I was also on birth control. My hair was falling out. I would wake up to angiodema for weeks. MY face was so swollen I slurred my words. We decided it was the birth control. My mouth was covered in 'poison ivy' which was an allergy to cashews. I've been gluten free for two years, my husband almost one. However I was still having issues (same ol story), and here I am. I'm overhauling our kitchen. I am obessed with making raw 'treats' and chocolate nut butters and paleo banana bread and protien pancakes and etc. SO, now I think I'm intolerant to almonds, unless the acne I'm experiencing week 3 is normal? After being a runner since childhood, I'm now primarily bodybuilding, but a fairly recent crossfit convert. That being said, I like to gain! And I was loading up on fish and eggs. We run a poultry farm, so there is plenty of free range meat. I roasted a chicken for my husband the other night and I found myself wanting some! However, it's been so long that is felt like a foreign food to me. I could touch it, but not bring it to my mouth, I'm sure it's mental. Anyone else practicing pescetarian paleo? Anyone else come to the meat side from raw vegan or the like?? Quitting birth control was the first most important thing I've done for my health. Quitting alcohol 3 years ago was the second, and I have a feeling whole 30 is the biggest step I've taken for my health. I'm ready to take my health to the next level!
  13. Is there a list anywhere of non meat protein sources? I've got the ISWF vegi shopping list but all it suggests is Eggs then for dairy I think it suggests yoghurt and Keffir (which I have not a clue about) tempeh natto (never heard of) edamame or tofu and 'various beans' as a second choice. Given that I have never seen natto or keffir and edamame are thin on the ground as is tempeh I'm trapped with eggs, tofu and yoghurt - not a whole lot of fun for 30 days. Any clues as to the 'various beans' would be gratefully recieved.
  14. Vegan on Whole30

    I am vegan and have been for 3 1/2 years Vegetarian at least 3 years before that, although i was always careful to avoid processed food, i did eat alot of beans, tofu, basmati rice and the like.. ALthough I rarely ate bread and when i did it was wheat and gluten free. My nutritionist suggested allowing myself organic chick peas as an additional source of protein. I do not eat meat (obviously) so therefore i have to be careful with protein intake... I am on day 15 of the Whole 30 and I went through a bout of low grade headaches on day 4 through 6 , those went away and now on days 14 through today (15) I have been experiencing Nausea, a little gassy, crampy... just not feeling 100% i have researched this and this does not appear to be uncommon, (carb flu as I understand it) curious as to any ways to alleviate these symptoms or if because I am Vegan I may be lacking something.... I eat tons of spinach, kale, brussel sprouts,I am not a huge fan of fruit so don' t eat much, may this be a problem?...I eat nuts and dates.... and only water and herbal teas as I do not drink fruit juices or soda and never did... just curious as to what may be going on or if this is the normal trajectory... Thank You in advance for any input Best Charm
  15. Newbie: vegan/vegetarian on Whole30

    Hi everybody! I've been into living a healthy lifestyle (nutrition, workout, mind) quite a while, but not until today I have put effort into gaining insight on Whole30. It has only been since lately that I heard people talking about this, so up till today I didn't know what Whole30 is. I really like the view of Whole30 on what healthy nutrion is and it is quite in line with my view on a balanced, healthy diet. The biggest differences are that I still have some pseudograins like quinioa and buckwheat and that I prefer a vegetarian and sometimes vegan diet. Because of the latter I expect to be spending most of my time here in the vegan/vegetarian topic. Would love to connect with other vegans/veggies by the way, feel free to add me on Facebook! I am really looking forward in learning from you guys and about the Whole30 lifestyle! A little bit about myself: I am from the Netherlands, I model (fashion), love cooking, writing (I have a food/workout/mental coaching blog and write columns), working out (kickboxing, running, power yoga and HIIT workouts like SynRgy360, which is quite similar to crossfit) and my guilty pleasure is red wine
  16. Hi all! Next weekend, I'm spending the weekend with a vegan. We are going to be eating out together several times, and I am trying to think about what kind of restaurants will have options for both of us. Before starting the Whole 30, I always went with her to vegan places, because I was happy to eat vegan food for her. But I'm guessing it will be hard to find a Whole 30 complete meal at a vegan place! Any ideas?
  17. Hi Everyone! I am very very new to this and wanting to start my 30day challenge tomorrow. I was planning on downloading the e-book today. I'm curious if anyone can offer any advice as how to do this the best way as a vegan. I cam vegan because I don't like meat but also because I am extremely allergis to all dairy, including eggs. If you have any insight, It would be greatly appreciated!
  18. Airline Meal Preferences

    Every time I book a flight, the airline asks what my meal preference would be in the event I were to be upgraded to first class. Given that I spend about 8 hours a week on an airplane, this fantasy may soon become a reality. Unfortunately, there is no "Paleo" option... The choices are as follows: no preference diabetic gluten free japanese meal kosher low cholesterol low calorie low fat low sodium / no salt muslim vegetarian / non dairy vegetarian / milk / eggs Usually, I choose the diabetic option, because at least I'll know that the amount of sugar in the meal is taken into consideration. What would you pick?
  19. Hello! I am starting my Whole 30 right now! I am so tired of feeling like crap and I am not waiting until tomorrow. Seems like I'm always waiting until tomorrow to do this kind of stuff and then I never do it. A little back ground . . . went vegan over the last 2 years and got really into running, lost a little weight, then gained some back. Noticed recently in pics that I look like crap - just not healthy, and I'm hungry all the time. Recently read It Starts with Food, Robb Wolf's book, bought Well Fed and Every Day Paleo, and stumbled across Downloaded the Nom Nom Paleo App and started cooking last week. The meat dishes are taking some serious re-adjustment after being vegan but my husband sure is happy with his dinners again!! Anyway, I am so excited to hit the ground running and really learn what this is all about. I plan on signing up for the whole 30 daily and hope to learn alot here on the message boards!!! I'd love to here from anyone out there who is or was a P90X'r. We are thinking of starting that program as well or joining the local crossfit gym but have not decided which yet. We'd love some opinions!