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Found 11 results

  1. We all know eating out on Whole30 can be challenging, frustrating, and even embarrassing asking a million questions about each menu item. For those of you in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area, I recently found a great new option! Lebanese Taverna, with multiple locations in the DMV, has a number of Whole30 compliant options! I emailed today and Grace is actually a Whole30 Alum!!!! She sent me these links to their facebook page that explain the available options! What to eat at the Restaurant! What to eat at the Cafe (and an awesome dressing recipe!)
  2. What do you all put on your veggies? I love broccoli with a little butter and salt.. What do you use instead of butter?
  3. So I need some help here with my hubby. He decided to join me on this Whole30 journey (started August 1st) - he's a diet soda addict as well as a Splenda addict - so I'm really happy to have him join me. The problem is Veggies. I have made him scrambled eggs, which he loves, along with compliant bacon, but getting veggies into him has been a challenge. I have tried fresh tomato slices with a little salt, pepper and olive oil (and these are fresh Jersey Heirloom tomatoes - soo very tasty ). He claims that he can't eat tomatoes (or for that a vegetable) at breakfast because "they aren't breakfast foods". (Just an FYI - he also does not like to have any form of eggs for lunch or dinner because "they are breakfast foods"). One thought is that I make him an omelet - he said he would give one a try with mushrooms - does any one else have any ideas?
  4. I am wondering if there is such a thing as too many veggies? I know the amount stated in the book is 2-3 cups per meal, but if you go over is that bad? And is that 2-3 cups raw veggies or cooked? Also, I am only eating eggs for protein. I don't workout at the gym but walk at least 3 miles per day and go running maybe 1-2 times per week. Is eating 2 eggs per meal okay or should I be eating more?
  5. Today we have our traditional Halloween costume party and office potluck. I normally bring a vegetable dish or salad of some kind, so today I did some characters you may recognize (and no, I don't plane to eat the dip as it is non-compliant). I have some chicken strips for myself, and I can load up on fresh veggies from these. I know I can always enjoy all the other dishes at the next potluck. Happy Halloween everyone!
  6. Sunkitty

    Autism and Whole 30

    I have 4 kids, two of which have autism. This makes it super difficult to change ANYTHING. Previous to Whole 30; they ate cheese pizza, cheese sandwiches, PB&J, Pancakes, applesauce and bananas and candy. My boyfriend and oldest child are doing whole 30 strictly. With them I don't knpow what to do...I started by cutting gluten and dairy. Both have shown improvements, in fact my 4 year old who is classically autistic is now talking more and is more connected, he even wanted me to snuggle with him! They both would eat applesauce all day if I let them. Fruit is a major thing for both of them. Oh, they will eat plain scambled eggs. What do I do? Sneak veggies into Paleo-fyied food? Let them eat fruit all day? Should I not make them do whole 30? Anyone with any experience with autistic kids or even very picky eaters? I feel like they are straving all day. I am a sad mama. (Side note, I am about 2 weeks in and feel great! But I can't eat sweet potatoes, they make me sluggish and are WAY too much like food without brakes!)
  7. Striving Excellence

    Any Good Microwaveable Meals

    Hello. I am Day 9. I started over due to traveling and not having more healthy options on hand while staying in a Hotel. I now have the Challenge of doing this again. I will be living in a room with only a fridge and microwave for 2 months. The last 6 days of Whole30 will be in a hotel room. HELP!! I dont want to just do well until the Whole30 is done, I would like to stick as close to Paleo as possible with my limited cooking resources. Does anyone have any great recipes with meat/fish/chicken that can be cooked in a microwave? I can do salads, and steamed veggies, my biggest fear is adequate protein. ANY help, recipes, "how to's" would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. ChildoftheKing7777

    It's good, but help me make this great...

    So, I fried veggies in coconut oil, added some already cooked ground beef, and then made a cream from a avocado and a can of coconut milk, using a blender, and added the cream to the pan with veggies and beef. Spices I used were salt, pepper, cayanne pepper, minced garlic, and a splash of lime juice in the avocado cream. There's a little bit of heat from the cayanne, but other than that, it's kinda plain. How would you jazz it up?
  9. I thought that perhaps this thread could be a catch all for anyone looking for Whole30 ways to creatively use up extra veggies from a CSA box. It's getting to be that time of year for people in the northern hemisphere. Tonight we pick up our week 3 share and I still have radishes and turnips from the first two weeks that I need to use (and parsley). I don't like radishes raw, so hopefully someone has an idea for cooking them? For the turnips, I'm going to go with Johnny M's fritter recipe/technique that I found in a forum search. Maybe I'll throw some of the parsley in them too. I had great luck doing a psuedo stir-fry of purple sprouting broccoli though! Anyone else have some unused or confusing CSA items to use up? If so, post here and maybe others can help!
  10. I have never been a fan of vegetables, so I knew that taking on the Whole 30 was going to be a challenge to a very ingrained mindset. I did a lot of experimenting the first week and found a lot of things that tasted good, but I'm still having to force myself to choose to eat the appropriate amount of veggies. I'm on day 8 now, and the remaining 22 days seem to be stretching out interminably. It takes so much mental effort, and I'm getting tired of thinking about it. Help!
  11. Starting a much needed post holiday W37. As I've mentioned before, I work at Trader Joe's. Dealing with sampling all the holiday treats has really taken a huge toll on the ol' bod; my sugar dragon has really won this round. The good thing about starting on the 26th is that New Years Eve and Day are not big cheat holidays for me; I don't drink. Also, this year since I have no celebration plans, so pigs in a blanket and cheese are not a temptation. After the December I've had, I don't even want to look at a single refined carbohydrate again until it's hot enough for popsicles. The last Whole30 I did let me know that I was lactose intolerant. I'd like to give myself more time to reintroduce foods and do it the correct way, now that I understand other foods might be permanently off the table. Also letting go of regular coffee since it's not kind to my rather horrible PMS symptoms. Last time I used dried fruit and nuts as major crutches; this time I would like to embrace fat more and really hit myself over the head with a plentitude of veggies. One poster said 3 kinds per meal and 2 cups at a time. OK. Going to be making food in batches every week and concentrating on freshness, variety, and seasonality. A little less fresh fruit, more veggies.