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Found 4 results

  1. emmyriley

    W30 Bacon

    I bought some W30 approved bacon (had the W30 stamp on the package!). I was so excited to try it, because last time I did Whole 30, I couldn't find any of the approved bacon anywhere. So I cooked the bacon up this morning for breakfast, tried it, and it tasted like it was drenched in salt. Anyone else experience this with W30 approved bacon, or is this just the one I got? Don't want to buy more bacon if all of the W30 approved bacons are going to be like this. Thanks!
  2. danilo.vjesus

    Hungrier at seventh day

    At the seventh day of w30 [yesterday] i didn't workout and was much more like a rest day. However, i felt so much hungrier than the other days. Is that normal? instragram: @danilo.vinicius
  3. Hey all, I am about to embark on my second W30. I am doing this as support to my cousin while she starts her first W30 and for myself as I need to kick my butt back in gear toward eating better again. My last W30 was last March, so it has been a year. I am looking for a group to join us through the 30 day journey. The Easter holiday will be tough for many folks, so the extra support of a group in the forum will be critical to the program success. The last time I did this, I joined a forum where we all started the same day and it helped tons. It was fun, motivating, and educational. We had newbies and veterans, so I would love to have that same experience again Please let me know if anyone has any interest in starting this same day with us. Thanks, Belinda
  4. Clare_S

    A minor victory

    Hi, This is day 8 of my first Whole 30 & so far things have been largely positive. (Thank god for the timeline so I could rationalise my extreme tiredness and feelings of rage a couple of days ago!) I just wanted to post and share what has been, for me, a surprising 'win' of the programme so far. I'm just back from the supermarket and ready to start batch cooking for the week. I felt so good in the supermarket, shopping from my list and buying healthy food. This may sound silly, but the reason I felt so good is that I had absolutely no inclination whatsoever to buy any junk - no chocolate, crisps or sweets or diet Coke - at all. I walked past it all without a second glance. (Even though I'm buying organic meat, eggs etc, I reckon not buying junk means my grocery bills will be coming down too!) Anyway, hope everyone has a good week. I just wanted to revel a little in this new feeling of control! Clare