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Found 4 results

  1. justalittledash

    Spacing water for digestion

    I'm trying to avoid drinking water with meals to help my digestive issues. I haven't noticed in any of the books what that timing looks like. An hour on either side of meals? 30 minutes?
  2. Julie Romero

    Lemon ginger ‘tea’

    I struggle with water intake. I have recently started buying and drinking exclusively PH water from my local co-op. The PH is usually 10-12...first of all is that too high?...and secondly is it okay that more than 50% of my daily intake is that water which I steep with lemon and ginger and drink both hot and cold as a ‘tea’. Does it still count as water?
  3. How does water intake change for those of us that are really heavy? Does it max out at a point? If you're 300#s, if you follow the rule for 1/2oz per pound of bodyweight, that's 150oz a day. I max out at drinking around 100 without drowning unless it's really hot or I am working out. Don't want to be getting up all night to go to the bathroom! Is there a limit or what do the rest of you do? Thanks!!
  4. It has ingredients: Purified water Potassium Bicarbonate Sodium Bicarbonate Calcium Citrate Sodium Chloride Magnesium Oxide