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Found 29 results

  1. Hi all, I'm on Day 3 of my 2nd round of Whole 30 (I completed the first round last August). I was curious if anyone else is experiencing themselves drinking a lot more water without really trying. Normally it is a push for me to drink 32oz (4 cups) in one day. I have to really think about it to get the liquids down. The past two days I've been easily drinking 8 - 10 cups of water without even consciously thinking about it. Any other Whole 30ers notice this? :-)
  2. My wife and I are starting Whole30 tomorrow and we stopped at Costco to get a few compliant items. We bought a 40 pack of Kirkland Signature Purified Bottled Water and noticed on the ingredients (after we bought it of course) that it contains the following: Potassium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Calcium Citrate, Sodium Chloride and Magnesium Oxide. On the front of the bottle it says Purified Water with Minerals added for taste. We just want to be sure all of those minerals are compliant or if we need to pick up natural spring water such as Ice Mountain. Thanks in advance for the help!
  3. Happy Thanksgiving all! I'm at the in-laws and have been offered La Croix. I know it's an approved partner, but so is Epic and some of their products have unapproved ingredients, like sugar, so are obviously out. I'm not too familiar with La Croix, but see this Lemon version I've been offered has "natural flavor." What is this natural flavor, is it approved, and if so, why is this natural flavor allowed?!! Thank you!
  4. Hi There. I'm almost finished with my Whole60 (first Whole30 and 60). I'm on day 54 and am suddenly very bloated, my pants feel a bit tighter and I feel as if I have gained 5 pounds in water weight. I had a small amount of bloating in the middle of my whole30 that went away on it's own. I haven't changed what I have been eating and just completed my time of the month. I drink lots of water. I have been taking magnesium. I have been pooping less than normal. I'm thinking about trying digestive enzymes but I think this would have come up before day 54. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? I want to go on and do a Whole90.....but not if this continues and if I'm not going to see any results. Thanks much!!
  5. Bloating

    I have noticed I feel so bloated (6-7 months pregnant stomach, I am not pregnant) from eating sweet potatoes. Yesterday I tried a few red potato wedges and carrots and while not quite as bad I still felt the bloating, huge stomach. Can I use cherries and berries as my carb dense food? They are not a trigger food for me and I'm only talking 1-2/3-4 cup. I know without a doubt sweet potatoes does this to me. I do not like butternut/acorn squash so please don't suggest. Raw carrots seem to be ok. PLEASE HELP! patty
  6. Hello, Today I've made fruity water by adding frozen berries to my mineral water. While drinking, occasionally I've eaten some berries (since they came out of the bottle). Does it count as snacking? Because if yes, that would mean I've been snackig all day long. What do you think? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi there! I searched the thread and haven't seen a whole lot about this. In the book, it talks about making sure you're getting enough "wet" foods, but it doesn't talk about how much water you should be drinking. I've noticed in my first week that I have been crazy thirsty, but I think its because I have a cold and have been on decongestants which dry the heck out of everything. My instincts tell me that like eating, i should drink when thirsty, and that water should be my beverage of choice. I've always struggled with the "drink 8 cups a day" (some recommendations as high as 12 cups for my body weight), and so I am hoping that "drink when thirsty" is the answer. I think I've been drinking about 1-1.5 litres a day. Are there any guidelines or recommendations? Nicole
  8. Hello, I am on day 5 and last night I started having this very dry mouth feeling in my mouth/throat, which is making me much more thirsty than normal. All I want to do is keep drinking water! Not sure what is causing this...could it be from the sugar widthdrawal? Because of all the water intake, I didn't get a good nights sleep since I was up several times to pee throughout. I have been adding salt to my recipes, but I can't imaging it being worse than the processed food and junk I was eating pre-whole30. Any ideas or experience with this?
  9. Dehydration issues, I think

    Does anyone have problems feeling super dry at the end of the day, and in the night? I am drinking at least the recommended amount of H2O (half body weight in oz) each day - sometimes a lot more. I tend to run on the dry side (I'm a Pitta, for those who are into ayurveda). But being on this plan (end of Day 6!) and not drinking alcohol (which I don't drink an excessive amount of usually), also limiting my caffeine intake (I only do a cup of green tea a day), I have found myself feeling dryer than I've ever felt before. Dry throat in the evenings, getting crazy dry sometimes when I wake in the night. Lips are tight. Skin dry. It is fall here in NYC. Getting colder and the air is drying out, sure. But I cannot account for this extra dryness, other than being on this plan. I've been told before that it is possible that the water I drink is not being absorbed efficiently by my body. So I've tried adding electrolytes, in the form of lemon juice, salt or 'E-lyte' to my water. Sometimes I break down and get Smart Water for a day or two, because I feel like it helps (I also love the taste), although I don't like buying plastic bottles. I'm flummoxed and would love to know if this rings true with anyone else - feeling alone! Thanks
  10. I am on day two and already begging for anything other than just water to drink. I drank so much water on previous diets I burned myself out on it. I know I can drink Tea and Coffee unsweetened but I cannot stand unsweet tea and not a coffee drinker. I am already burned out on just water alone. Is there any other suggestions of drinks?
  11. I have found that in past Whole30s I get tired of water. Lemon helps for a while, but even that gets a bit blah and tough at work with cutting up lemon wedges in the kitchen. Recently I discovered yuzu, which not only enlivens water, but is one of the most complex citrus fruits I have ever experienced. It makes the best salad dressing too, but really, I love it for what it does to water.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm on day 10 of my Whole90 and was wondering if anyone could provide any tips on how to handle my Whole90 during Ramadan which starts tomorrow? Essentially, we fast (no food or water) from 3:30am-10pm for an entire month. From 10pm-3:30pm we can eat and drink. If I were to eat according to the meal plan during the designated hours of eating and drinking, would the diet still be effective? Thank you.
  13. Tea as a water serving?

    I'm sure this has been answered somewhere and I'm sorry if it's a repeat question, but I've heard differing opinions on the interwebz and I thought I'd bring some discussion here: Does tea count as a water serving? I drink upwards of about 5 cups of organic, herbal tea every day at work to 1. stay hydrated and 2. get some good benefits from natural herbs. Thoughts? Stefani
  14. I know that you are no supposed to drink fruit juice just by itself as a beverage. However, I am wondering if you are allowed to mix a small amount with some water to give it a little flavor once in a while. I drink water plain frequently, but sometimes I would like to change it up with lunch or dinner. I read the book and know about using juice in cooking. Would it be better to stick with herbal teas instead, or infuse my own water with fruit?
  15. Hiya, My first post but a long time viewer! Looking forward to becoming more active in this community. I'm on day 4, a lot easier, no tiredness and my first day without needing to snack at 11am. I'm in the UK and I'm confused about how much water I should be drinking... Can someone please let me know in litres? I tried working it out and it came out at 6 litres?! I drink about 2.5-3L daily and water is all I drink, sometimes tea but I don't like coffee. For reference I am a 56kg female. Thanks for your help guys
  16. Is non-flavored electrolyte enhanced water Whole 30 compliant? i.e. Smartwater, Whole Foods 365 Electrolyte Water
  17. I am a big water drinker and drink lots and lots of water. I sometimes drink a little seltzer water (plain, with citrus, or with apple cider vinegar), and sometimes coconut water - but not every day. I feel like I'm drinking a lot of water, anyway. I feel soooo dehydrated ALL THE TIME since I started the Whole30. As an example, I drank 5 pint glasses of water between 730 and noon, and then another giant mason jar (24 oz) during my workout. Does anyone have any ideas as to why? Am I not actually drinking enough? OH, and I did drink one cup of coffee today)
  18. Water - whilst eating...?

    Guys perhaps a random one here. I haven't read the book in some time and will be picking it up again to read through in any case I started a Whole (30/45/60/90/120 - yet to decide) today as in this is my Day 1 and yesterday was Zero. In any case I have put a number of people on to the book and one of those people told me that it advises not to drink while eating your meal is this correct? I'd like to know now so that I have the answer before I get a chance to re-read the book. Many thanks in advance for any help with this. Christiaan
  19. Water

    This is a pretty gross post but I wanted to see if anyone is going through something similar... I am on day 14 and I've noticed over the past week that I am constantly thirsty/cotton mouth... I am trying to drink as much water as possible. I feel like i constantly have horrible breathe !!! has anyone experienced bad breathe symptoms during whole30 ( I swear I'm brushing my teeth and using mouth was daily )
  20. Just Finished My Mermaid Whole30

    My Spin on My First Whole30 Turning it into a Mermaid Whole30 I'm getting married in August, and am going to offer myself to my fiancé as a healthy, happy, beautiful bride. I live on the coast of California (and grew up on Disney), so I thought to myself: what could be more beautiful than a mermaid? Eating, swimming, thriving, living. I'm not actually swimming in the ocean (yet), but you'll see from what I've written below the changes that I have made to put this aquatic spin on my first Whole30. In My Toolbox Wild harvest: we fish and hunt (because this mermaid still has legs). The cases of canned albacore stacked in the garage are suddenly getting a lot more attention from me (not just for tuna noodle casserole anymore), and I've made quite a dent in the venison in the in the freezer. Remembering the hand and the fish: my most vivid mental images were of the portion sizes, (thumb of fat; palm of protein, etc.) and that fish from the newsletter. You know, the one that says “If you're hungry enough to eat this fish with broccoli...†Duck eggs! Luscious, rich, ginormous, delectable duck eggs! I have two laying ducks who provided me with the most decadent breakfasts. Thank you, ladies. Fresh seafood: we have excellent fresh seafood markets, so I've taken full advantage. Baths: long soaks in the tub in Dead Sea salts and essential oils; they really help with muscle aches and stress. Wearing the right gear: you know how putting on an apron changes dinner?--well, putting on the right clothes for each task makes all the difference. I wore my special one-piece swimsuit to water aerobics, and my specially ordered water shoes. I also wore my under armour cold gear for jogging, and real running shoes. No schlubbing out of the house in what doubles as pajamas. Prayer: continually checking in with God for repentance, strength and guidance. What Went Well Good, encouraging people My fiancé and my mom were so very encouraging, even going so far as explaining the Whole30 (as best they could) to others. Energy equals exercise I started going to water aerobics about 5 days per week with my mom, and now I've finally found a kind of exercise that I really enjoy. And it's hard--not just for little old ladies! I also went back to a walk/jog app that I like called Couch25K; it's for non-runners like me who need a little bit more encouragement to get out and try to jog. I like to do my C25K next to the ocean; there's something refreshing about the spray and steeping in all those negative ions. Where are all my nasty allergies? I'm not out of the woods yet, but this past 30 days have been disturbingly itch- and sneeze-free. I say disturbingly because being terribly allergic has become part of my identity. What's going on here? Normally I'm a mess from tree pollen, grasses, dust, cat dander, dog dander, etc. etc. (I've been tested for allergies and my list is very long). I tested negative for food allergies, but perhaps cleaning up my act with food has affected my “everything else†allergies. Skin, Hair & Nails Lookin' good, Jennie. Lookin' good. I've tried to be better with daily face wash, moisturizer, and treatments, and my skin has cleared up considerably. Sizing Down I had to go buy a suit for a special event, so my best friend (and Whole30 vet) and I went shopping. I asked for an 8, my tried and true norm, but it fit . . . terribly. The saleswoman brought me a 6 (there's no way I'm a freaking 6), but sure enough, it fit beautifully. That was day 14. Now none of my pants are fitting right. Day 31 weigh in revealed that I lost 8 pounds. Food Tastes Good Red lettuce, purple cabbage, olive oil, vinegar, and tuna? Oh my gosh, num num num num! So many foods taste so much better than before. My sugar cravings have morphed into meat cravings. I feel like my canines are sharpening! Happier Social anxiety and hermity-ness seem to be subsiding a bit. After all these good things going on, how could they not? I'm not claiming that my depression is gone, but life is certainly moving better for me. A New Pair of Lenses A surprising additional insight I've gained--a new pair of lenses as a restaurant critic. When it comes to service and food, the little shortcomings about a place that I once considered “minor,†are now blazingly blatant. Simply asking questions about the food now tells me so much more about the businesses I patronize (or used to). I've gained a much greater appreciation for the restaurants that go out of their way to accommodate me. Now that food tastes more flavorful, I can also tell who's serving the best fish in town. And those that don't?--I can't believe I wasted my time and money putting up with bad service and consuming sub-par food. Dining establishments in my neck of the woods better step it up a notch. What could have gone better That time of the month totally sabotaged me. I had my hopes up that all of my healthiness would take care of that whole “little evil gnome in my stomach with a knife that lays me out flat†thing. Nope, he still showed up just as malicious as ever. Totally knocked me off my exercise momentum for a week. Sleep cycle: I've yet to get a handle on this. My brain is abuzz in the evenings, even with the lights out, lying in bed. Getting up early ruins my day, and does not seem to help me with changing my bedtime. I need to establish a better routine for this. Close call: on one of the evenings of the first week, my body walked me over to my fiancés wine glass, with every intention of downing it in one gulp. It was like riding passenger, only no one was in the driver's seat--a very scary feeling. This attraction to alcohol, especially red wine, was a struggle throughout my Whole30. My Whole30 experience could have been much better without the constant temptation. What I'll do in the future to keep doing better Exercise and Food Gathering Fishing and hunting not only brings home dinner, but doubles as darned good exercise. Diving is up next for me: it's incredible exercise, and a source of delicious, wild protein. These activities also keep my food bills low. If you're interested in this mer-twist on the Whole30, I have a "Mermaid Whole30" board on Pinterest with some fun things. Gardening Now that it's springtime, I can do a bit of gardening with more of a focus on the healthy foods that I'm eating on Whole30. In the past, I've been of a mind to follow John Jeavons Grow Biointensive model; however, now I see that the GB model is heavy in grains, potatoes, and legumes. I need to consider a new gardening model, tailored for me that takes into consideration the proteins I provide from hunting, fishing, and keeping animals, while still nurturing the soil in which I grow my food. And again, it also keeps my food bills low. Keep Checking in With My BFF She's an inspiration. I wouldn't have (and couldn't have) done it without her. I'll certainly be sticking with this lifestyle. The framework of where I live and how I live was already there, I just needed to dive into the bounty surrounding me. I really don't feel like I'm missing out on anything, and when I look over all that I've written about concerning these past 30 days, I know that what I've gained is worth so much more, not just for myself, but for the person I am for others, and for my community. What a blessing; all glory goes to Him.
  21. Kevita

    So can we have it? The stevia is one of the last ingredients in most all of the waters, after organic water and organic juice with about 2 grams of sugar per bottle. I am just wondering if this could be a nice compliment to my regualr regiment of water. I am not missing soda but I was a huge juice fan before this Whole30 began. And if it isnt allowed in the 1st 30 days, would it be ok for later when reintroducing things into the diet?
  22. Day 31: Whole30 Recap

    Introduction: I have spent the last several years trying to reclaim my college figure, which really started about 5 minutes after I graduated. I have been plagued over the years with seasonal allergies, a horrible caffeine addiction, uneven bouts of energy over the course of a day, poor sleeping patterns, and gut bloat among other things. Over the years, I tried so many “diet plans†and options including (1) calorie cutting, (2) meal replacement shakes/ drinks, (3) diet pills and supplements, and (4) crazy exercise routines. After multiple unsuccessful attempts, I heard about Whole30. I originally learned about the plan from my friend Sarah, who was in the last days of her first Whole30. Turns out a college friend, Laura, also had experience with Whole30. Between these two ladies, I had a good accountability and support system. After hearing their personal testimonials, I decided to begin “Mission Whole30 Educationâ€. However, even with the support system and research, I had to deal with myself. Time and time again, dieting had failed for one reason or another. When it came down to it, I was afraid. Afraid of the unknown, afraid of changing the routine at home, afraid of admitting I had unhealthy relationships with food, afraid of a new lifestyle, afraid of the financial and time commitment required for clean eating, and the biggest fear… Failure: “It will be too hard and this isn't a good fit for my lifestyle, so I already know it won't work.†At the end of the day, the only thing I had to be afraid of was my future. Did I want my future to be one where food controlled or contributed to my mood, sleep, health, stress level, work productivity, or personal relationships? The answer was a resounding “NO!†inside my head. And food is linked to all of those things. Whole30 promised a lifestyle change, not a temporary diet as so many before had done. I felt this time was truly different. So, after a lot of researching and soul-searching, I was ready to move from pure contemplation to actual preparation. In the few days before my start date, my determination only continued to grow. At that point, I was sure that I would make it to 30. Method: I was 99.9% compliant with the program—only one small issue with some salad dressing during my first week. During the Whole30, I ate beef, chicken, seafood, eggs, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, olives, clarified butter or ghee, and healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, and coconut oil. Notes: The Whole30 involves a lot of prep-work and planning. No really, a ton. I spent about $100 just buying non-food supplies that I would need for the new plan which included extra plastic storage containers, Ziploc bags in all sizes, an insulated lunch bag, freezer packs, Nalgene water bottles, and cast iron pans. (In case you wondered: Plastic storage containers and Ziplocs are for pre-portioning, freezing and traveling with food. The lunch bag and freezer packs were also for food travel, mostly to take to work. The Nalgene water bottles—2 of them—were to make sure I was drinking the recommended half-my-body-weight-in-ounces of filtered agua per day. Agua means water, I live in Texas folks. Cast iron is generally thought to be a safer cooking tool than non-stick pans, which will eventually start to degrade and become an undesired “additive†to your food. When eating chemical-free, fresh food those additives are highly undesirable.) My only setback occurred with salad dressing on a business lunch. I called prior to the reservation, spoke to a manager regarding my restrictive diet, and was assured that a dressing option was available without sugar, only to find out that was not the case… After I was halfway through the salad, of course. I chalked it up as a “learning experience†with the Whole30 moderators, as it was purely accidental in nature. Also, I indulged in some faux-ice cream during week 4, around day 26. It had 100% compliant ingredients (frozen bananas, unsweetened cocoa powder, fresh ground almond butter, and coconut milk blended) and I only ate a small amount, which did not affect the remainder of my meal or the day. Therefore, I do not regret that decision to have a little “faux-creamâ€. Lastly, I was not compliant in breaking up with my scale. I did not get good measurements for myself on day 1 of the program. Therefore, I used once weekly weigh-ins to help me determine my progress in addition to the changes in the fit of my clothing. Looking back, it would have been much more fun to be totally surprised on day 30. I think I will stick to that on my next Whole30. Results: We have arrived to the conclusion section for my personal results in following the Whole30 food regimen. WEIGHT: Lost 10.8 pounds. Obviously, the first 2-4 pounds were water weight. After that, my body began using fat stores as energy instead of the previously negotiated route of readily available insulin (aka blood sugar) and glycogen. Also, there are very noticeable improvements in my mid-section: “gut bloat†has drastically reduced, love handles are nearly gone, and I can see my abs again! Who knew all those gym days were actually creating results underneath the yucky-tummy?? INCHES: I did not get full measurements on day 1. I believe the total is somewhere between 5 and 6 for my arms, thighs, waist, and stomach. I should have included my neck, chest, calves and butt but I didn't. Next time I will be more diligent. CLOTHING: I am down one size in women's clothing (which is really 2 numbers). And I am, in fact, wearing jeans that I have not been able to fit into since undergrad. I purchased these Lucky Jeans, I believe during Summer 2005. So we're talking about 8 year old jeans that now fit again. Woo-hoo! SLEEP: I am on a normal sleep schedule, for the most part. During the week, my brain begins sending “tired signals†about 1.5 -2 hours post dinner. At that point, I have listened (instead of fighting) and begun the preparations for sleep. Most nights, I have refrained from using electronic devices within an hour of falling asleep, to aid my brain in beginning the resting process. Re-reading It Starts With Food has been a good, easy way to make my eyes (and brain) more tired. Once I am asleep, I rarely waken until morning. I am sleeping a solid 7 to 8 hours per night, which is a gigantic improvement from the 5 to 6 hours (not including the mid-night awake periods) of the previous routine. It seems that my body has adjusted to the patterns of light and dark better than ever before. I have not felt tired or lethargic during the day either, with no thoughts of napping or resting at all. ENERGY: Let's talk about the energy! When I woke up every morning, my energy was drastically better than it was pre-Whole30. No one would have ever described me as a “morning person,†especially not without caffeine. Things have changed. After the first 4 days of adjustment, I no longer needed a sugary latte in my morning routine. I actually quit caffeine in the morning, because my body wasn't telling me that I needed it anymore. When I did have a morning beverage, it was either (1) water or (2) decaffeinated tea. (Water became a much bigger staple in my daily routine too!) There were a few days during my Whole30 that I did not get as much sleep as I would have liked, which resulted in a slightly different day energy-wise. But I was able to chug through them without using caffeine as a crutch. If you had told me that was possible 60 days ago, I would have laughed in your face. When I got 7- 8 hours of sleep, I did not experience a change in energy during the course of the next day. My energy level stayed stable between meals and even heightened during workouts, which used to be a battle just to “gear myself up†to find the energy. Obviously, the energy began to dissipate after dinner, which is actually the normal pattern of good sleep. So all good in this department! DIGESTION: Well, no one really wants to talk about this but I'm going to anyway. Because people will wonder about it and have questions on their own Whole30 journey. I asked questions and had discussions with my girlfriends about the topic. So here we go. My bowels and gut were definitely “irregular†before Whole30. I might have even had an acute case of “leaky guy†as it is so named in the medical community, based on my usual symptoms after eating an unhealthy meal. Bloating, gassiness, distended abdomen, and general heaviness in the stomach are not normal bodily reactions to food. Now, my digestion is normal—stomach never feels nauseous or heavy after eating; my restroom habits are regular and comfortable (Google it!), absorption of water and other liquids is high, and no bloat even when digesting lots of red meat and dense vegetables. And the best result: My brain now tells me when I am full! I don't have to wait until I am miserable for the message to transmit from stomach to brain! IT IS MAGIC!! SKIN: Since I have been in middle school, I have (like most women) struggled with one week per month of misbehaving skin. Obviously, this is mostly an effect of the rapid change in hormone levels that surrounds that oh-so-lovely time of the month. *Note: Gentlemen, feel free to applaud us for dealing with this every month for a 40 year timeframe.* The rest of the time, my skin was usually classified as “good†with only a few dark spots, slightly oily in the T-zone, acne scars, uneven color, etc. No matter what I tried—regular facials, new washes/lotions/gels/creams, shower steaming, picking/ not picking—I still had issues. Pre-Whole30 I decided to stick with the exact same skin regiment during the 30 as before, so that the control stayed the same and the only difference was diet. Over the course of 30 days, I saw an overall improvement in my skin. I decided not to have a facial, to see how my pores reacted to zero elimination. Even during that typical problem week, I had far fewer issues. My skin looks more evenly colored and natural. The typical T-zone oiliness has significantly diminished, although not disappeared. I have heard more than once, that my face and eyes are “glowingâ€. Which has been followed with a question about pregnancy on two occasions (but no, I am not pregnant.) Maintenance: Here is the difficult part: Defining and maintaining with a successful plan for the future. Like say, staying away from horrible caffeine addictions. In order to successfully maintain, I will have to constantly remind myself about the positive changes that have resulted from the completion of the Whole30. I will continue to internalize the benefits of the program through self-testing and continued education, focusing on the meaningful and worthwhile information. I will have to be patient with myself, realizing that years and years of bad habits cannot be undone in only 30 days. This lifestyle change will be a continuing struggle and I will not be perfect, but I will continue to push myself and stay committed to the future. Starting today, I will stay on a Whole30/strict Paleo diet, until a food item that is so delicious and worth the indulgence crosses my path. At that point, I will make a conscious choice to come off plan for that special item. These indulgences will be well-thought, not impulsive, and unrelated to alcohol fueled situations. I will not cave to grocery store cookies, cheap chain fast food meals, not-so-special sandwiches, and other ordinary and easily obtained items. I will be prepared for events and occurrences where off-plan food will be served, armed with back-up snacks and approved food items. I will continue to grocery shop for healthier food when available, while also reminding myself that whole food is better than processed, ingredient added food no matter the conditions. I will not allow myself to be controlled by the lack of convenient, easy food options; I will remind myself that my health is worth the extra effort. Lastly, I will stand strong in my decision to create this lifestyle change even when met with opposition, because this is MY BODY and MY HEALTH. The only person I am cheating by cheating is me.
  23. I know this has been brought up before, but I'm wondering if anyone else out there is with me - I am on the January Whole 30 (yay!) and I can't seem to get enough water. It's ridiculous. I started easing into the Whole30 a couple days before actually starting it, and I was thirsty then, too. It's like the second I put my cup down, I'm thirsty again. Even my beloved coffee is starting to feel not-so-beloved because it makes my mouth just want more water. What am I to do? Am I going to drown? But really, any insight into this? The posts I saw before were kind of inconclusive. Thanks!
  24. Drinks Anyone? bf is attempting the Whole30 challenge and he's going nuts bc he can't use the flavored powder/liquid anymore. He hates coffee and the doctor said since he's had kidney stones he should stop drinking tea but if increases your chances of having them, especially if you've had them in the past. What other options are there other than coconut water, tea, coffee, and regular? Anyone?
  25. I am on day 8 and have been only drinking water. I am a bartender and I like hot sauce and came up with a new twist. I call it the "Water Mary" I am pretty sure it whole30 compliant. Fill yor glass with water and a few ice cubes Add 2 tbls olive juice Put in Tabasco or Louisiana hot sauce to taste/spicyness Sprinkle in celery salt and pepper Squeeze in lemon juice Stir and enjoy