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Found 9 results

  1. sgterri

    Weight Gain

    I am on week 7. After the first 30 days I lost 18 pounds. Week 5 & 6 I lost 1 pound each week. Week 7 I gained a pound. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I have not gone outside of the approved list.
  2. I am on day 16 of my first Whole 30. I've tried to follow the recommended program very carefully but instead of feeling less bloated or like I'm losing weight, I feel the opposite. I should preface this by saying I used to eat a pretty healthy diet and I do exercise (cardio or Pilates) 5-6 days a week. I started Whole 30 to help me be more intentional about snacking and the types of food that I eat, and to try to reduce my craving for sugar. I feel like I'm eating much more than I used to for each meal and I don't feel that hungry between meals. I do often need some type of snack in the afternoon but stick to Whole 30 compliant items. I feel like I'm eating better meals than I used to, and fewer snacks, but I'm feeling heavier. Is it possible that this is just something my body is going through to adjust? Prior to do Whole 30, I ate very little red meat--I ate chicken and turkey, but also ate a lot of beans, lentils and other whole grains. Again, it seemed like a healthy diet if I just snacked less--but the difference this time is that I don't feel the same need for snacks. Typically I eat eggs and veggies for breakfast, a turkey/lettuce wrap for lunch (or something similar), veggies, and then some type of meat and veggie meal for dinner. I use sweet potatoes and more of the carbs around dinner. I love cauliflower but notice that makes me feel particularly bloated. I've also been eating nuts and coconut chips as snacks and fear I'm eating more than I should. Any suggestions from this long post? Is it possible that my body really isn't used to consuming the meat and fats that I'm now eating and just needs more time to adjust? Please advise. I enjoy this way of eating but if I'm gaining weight, I don't want to stray to far from what was previously working to at least help me maintain my weight. Thank you! Jessica
  3. After having my first successful run with Whole30 in January, I have encouraged my family to try it with me starting the day after Mother's Day! DH is finally onboard and ready to commit. DS is willing to give it a go, but a little scared, especially the thought of having to commit to 30 days (he did a 7 day sugar/gluten cleanse when I started my W30 in Jan). My main reason for pursuing this with my family is to alleviate some symptoms I've noticed in my son's health (low energy, weight gain, moodiness, mild gluten allergy, dairy intolerance, not hungry in the a.m., adult-sized appetite). Aside from the usual advice about reading the Whole9 literature about Kids doing the program, I would love some general tips and tricks from those of you that have had success with Kids' Whole30 or are in the process right now. Is there a mantra that helped you guide your kids through the program? A kid-friendly recipe website you couldn't live without? Did you modify the program at all for your kids? How did you explain the program to your kids to motivate and educate them? How did you manage slip ups? Any other words of wisdom to help with a 9 year old? Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated!!
  4. Hello all, I’ve been moving along with the program for about 3 weeks now, with a plan for 8 weeks total. The diet has massively improved some of the symptoms of my autoimmune disease, among other positives—however, I’ve become worried that I’m closely approaching an unhealthy weight for my age and size. I know that it’s common to lose a few pounds in the first week just from the loss of some water weight and inflammation in the body, but I’ve definitely lost more than that since. Now, before anyone says anything about stepping on the scale being against the rules—I’m fully aware that the Whole30 guidelines forbid it, but I was at the doctors last week for a check up and I certainly wasn’t going to refuse her, especially since I‘m concerned about the way the program is affecting my weight/body composition. I’m 24, 5ft 5in tall, and engage in regular, daily, moderate exercise (I walk literally everywhere, we don’t have a car). Before I started Whole30, a healthy weight for me was about 130lb-135lb. By the end of week two—when I went to the doctor—I weighed 119lbs. At minimum I’ve lost 11lbs, a lot of it probably body fat/inflammation/water weight according to my doctor. Knowing my body, that’s scary, and I’m very worried that if I keep going on the diet without adjusting my caloric intake or actively trying t gain back the weight, that I’ll just keep losing body fat. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, what’s the solution? What fats should I be adding into the diet? Should I be eating more calories or more meat? Thanks for any help
  5. I completed my first Whole30 on May 19th, I loved every second of the program. I felt fantastic the entire time, had endless energy and just felt GOOD, it is a feeling that is hard to explain. I did not do this just for weight loss, but when I stepped on the scale I went from 147 pounds at day 1 to 151 pounds. I followed the program to the T but have been going back and forth in my head all of the possible reasons I may have gained. Maybe my body was not comfortable at 147 pounds (I was following Weight Watchers up until the start of Whole30) and the 150 mark is where my body just naturally falls? Maybe I put too much cashew butter on my morning banana? I was never hungry and sometimes skipped meals, could that have done it? I was doing PiYO, could it be just muscle weight? I actually finished out last week on Whole30 (so a total of 33 days) and then had some wine and some legumes, corn and cheese this weekend and it did not sit well with me, I felt very sick yesterday so I am back to my beloved Whole30 foods today. Question is, should I do another round of Whole30 and see where I am then? I guess I am just a bit confused since I have personally never seen anyone gain weight (I thought if anything I would maintain my weight) My husband did it with me, we ate about 90% of the same foods and he lost 10 pounds. Again this is not 100% weight loss for me, the other benefits of the program FAR outweigh a few pounds (I never have that gross full feeling, I wake up ready to go without an alarm, I have so much energy!) I just don't want to keep doing what I am doing and gain even more if I do a second round starting tomorrow. Any tips, advice would be appreciated!
  6. So I'm a few days into my reintroduction and I'm thinking how successful my Whole 30 was, 4 lbs, 1 inch off my waist and an overall happy gut! I'm really only reintroducing a few things like oatmeal, sweetened creamer in my coffee and the occasional sweet treat (macaroons, yum!) so I'm wondering if by bringing these things back, am I making my body stop using its fat as fuel? Will it burn those cards instead thereby reducing my weight loss? I read that is what happens on Whole30, your body changes how it runs, so I'm worried that by reintroducing certain foods, it will stop burning fat in that way. Does anyone know the science around this? Is there a certain sugar/carb ratio to stay under to keep your body burning its fat for fuel?
  7. I didn't get a response in the thread I commented in so I'll start a new one. I'm discouraged and frustrated. I'm on day 21 and the bloating and gas are awful. My clothes were fitting looser for a while, but now they are actually tighter. No tiger blood of any kind -- just exhaustion. I need more sleep not less. I feel horrible in the mornings and exhausted all day and I'm struggling to keep up with anything. The amount of time and energy I'm spending on food is just not doable for such disappointing results. I'm 42, have 11 children (10 still at home including a nursing baby.) I stopped really working out or playing sports after baby #7, and we homeschool so it's just gotten busier from there. I drink a lot of water all day, but don't keep track of exactly how much. I get as much sleep as I can but I've not gotten a full night's sleep in decades with this brood I have always been able to do well with limited sleep -- until whole30 it seems. I'm sure I could be told to get more sleep, but that's not always an option. I need a diet that will sustain me in my life rather than requiring me to make unreasonable changes so I can sustain it, if that makes sense. I always ate relatively healthy before (whole grains, lots of fruits and veggies) but I rarely ate meat and I did eat too much sugar and baked goods (I make AWESOME chocolate chip cookies and bread, sigh) so I've been glad to reboot and get rid of the sugar. The painful and horrible smelling gas and bloating combined with the utter lack of energy are making me miserable. I would be willing to stick through that if there were other gains, but the complete lack of weight loss (and what feels like a bit of weight gain, UGH!) is beyond depressing and making me lose hope that this is the right diet for me... A few typical meals Meal 1: Fritata with TONS of veggies (peppers, onions, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, asparagus, etc) served with an avocado and sometimes some compliant sausage. Meal 2: Giant cobb or taco salad. Tons of spring mix with various veggies and mango or other fruit slices. with balsamic and olive oil. Meal 3: Roast beef with onions, carrots, rutabega mashed potatoes prepared with plenty of oil and spices (whole30 compliant) and a few drinks of coconut almond milk. Meal 1: Super veggie Fritata with leftover shrimp or salmon and a baked sweet potato slathered in cinnamon coconut oil. Meal 2: Twice fried plantains (deep fried in coconut oil) with pico de gallo, leftover steak, celery sticks with a bit of almond butter and a few raisins and coconut Meal 3: Grilled Salmon salad. Tons of veggies and spring mix with Salmon and oil/vinegar. I've also used celery with a bit of almond butter and coconut and maybe a hard boiled egg as a small snack when necessary. And I've drunk some coconut almond milk when I felt I needed it (nursing mom.) Any help would be appreciated. I'm 5'10" and weigh probably around 175-180 -- size 14 -- and not losing baby weight like I used to. I'd like to lose at least 20 pounds, preferably 30 and two or three pants sizes. I would gladly settle for 10 pounds or so and one pants size on this go round.
  8. Hi, I’m confused because we are told to listen to our bodies to determine whether we need a snack or extra fat etc. But not to listen to our bodies when we’re not hungry? I’m on Day 3 and have been compliant but I am eating much later in the evening then I normally do, because I’m just not hungry but am forcing myself to get the three meals in. Eating just before bedtime packs on the pounds for me. I’ve noticed that not only has my face broken out in acne , my double chin is more pronounced, and I’m concerned that forcing three meals with fat when I’m not hungry and eating late is to blame. Can you not eat if still full from breakfast at lunch, or from lunch at dinner. I am following the meal template as I am transitioning from an (unhealthy) vegetarian diet and want to be sure I’m compliant, but feel like I’m forcing myself to eat and it’s resulting in noticeable weight gain or bloat, acne as welll as constipation. Can I not eat if not hungry and if I can reduce portions of the template where Can I do so? Also is bulletproof coffee with ghee and mct oil allowed and if so, what should it be eaten with?
  9. Hi, 5 days ago was my first day off of Whole 30 and I have eaten so much and so badly everyday since then, worse then I did even pre-Whole 30. I am talking almost two pizzas, 3 cupcakes, cookies, 6 glasses of wine. I have 14% body fat and am not overweight. Pre Whole 30 I was 16% body fat and not overweight. I drink a lot of wine usually, and eat a lot of sugar. I love food. I am really stressed that after doing Whole 30 I am not going to be able to control my eating habits and eat like I have been for the past five days and gain a ton of weight and lose control of my relationship with food. I feel like crying I feel so stressed out and my pants are tight!!