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Found 4 results

  1. I know, I know - "water" is the best answer! And when I'm doing a whole 30, that's what I drink. But when I'm in Food Freedom mode, I'd like to have some other options. I'm trying to reduce my psychological dependence on drinking BCAAs with every workout - I've gotten to the point where I'm vaguely panicky at the thought of workout out without them! What do you drink during workouts? Specifically: - with/without stimulants - with/without calories aka insulin response On power-training days I'll have BCAAs, coconut water etc. But on low-intensity days BCAAs aren't necessary and I'd love to hear your ideas for alternatives. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello everyone! Whole30 enjoyer, first time forum writer. I did the whole30 from January-March. During that time I was introducing my workout routine to heavier weights and, thought feeling great, was struggling. I broke out of the whole30 in April and really enjoyed a lot of progress in my weight lifting. The protein supplements that are not whole30 approved seem to give my body a boost better than the approved. Unfortunately I completely fell off the band wagon and began to eat utter junk again (I stopped going to the local Taco Bell because the cashier new me by my first name). I feel awful and restarted the Whole30 again yesterday (8/1/2017) and want to continue that diet for as long as I'm able (sans the occasional social event), but I love lifting and don't see that great of results when partaking in this diet. Does anyone have any advice? I really want to tighten my (figurative) belt here calorie, carb and jiggly stomach wise. Thanks in advance and looking forward to learning from you! Best, Pat
  3. So I'm about to give this Whole30 my first go, I'm pretty excited about it. I've done something similar in the past and really enjoyed how I felt afterwards, hoever it wasn't as strict. I only cut out MOST dairy and grains. My trainer told me about Whole30 after I had been complaining of feeling like I was in a rut and needed to switch things up. I bought the book and I'm only a few chapters in but I'm totally sold. I've not only been in a rut, but have felt unhappy towards my body, my relationship wiht food has been poor and overall I have had an unhealthy mindset. I feel like this will help me psycologically and I'm really excited for that. Here is my concern though, being as I was in a rut I got a bit ambitious and signed up for 2 half marathons (1 trail) and a Spartan Super, all within weeks of each other starting at the end of May. I'm a very athletic person, avid weight lifter, occassional runner, I've done many races in the past, including a Spartan Beast last year. So none of this is new to me. That being said, I'm worried about how the Whole30 eating regiman will affect my training. Next week, the 24th, is my start date for Whole30. Next weekend, the 28th begins my running schedule. The Monday after that begins my weight training 3x a week, sprints & hills 1x a week, Saturdays long runs. I need to make sure I'm fueling my body accordingly. I just want to ensure I have energy during these 30 days, and I would like to continue as close to paleo as possible. But I think after this I will incorporate my whey protein shakes and quest bars again, thats what I usually use to fuel pre and post workout. So what are your guys suggestions? Any other super active people out there who have trained heavily during this process before? What are your meals like pre and post workout? Help!
  4. What merits an additional pre and post WO meal? Any differentiation in pre/post nutrition if the workout is solely strength training, a mix of strength/conditioning, or purely aerobic activities? What about long Crossfit workouts vs short metcon "finishers" or <10 minutes of KB swings/snatches, etc? 1/2 serving of protein+fat before, low fat protein + starches afterwards for any or all of these activities?? MY goals are fat loss but strength maintenance. Any thoughts are appreciated!!