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Found 3 results

  1. I have been eating strict Whole30 (~95% compliant) for nearly 8 months now. It changed my life. A new problem has arisen however. 2 months ago I started crossfit again after over a year off. I was also working a desk job during this time. I left the job shortly after starting crossfit, and recently I have begun to push harder on workouts the last 2-3 weeks. I am completely wiped out. Brain feels like mush, I am sleeping longer than normal, sometimes much longer (11 hrs last night), yet I still feel tired and groggy upon waking. I feel like my body should be adapted to this activity by now, it doesn't feel like the normal "starting-a-new-workout-program sleepiness". I've done crossfit on and off for 4 years and have never felt like this. Which leads me back to diet. Any ideas here? Am I not eating enough carbs? I am constantly, ravenously hungry yet I eat a ton of fat and am most certainly fat adapted to some degree. I literally cannot eat any cleaner and I know I'm getting adequate rest, which is why I'm stumped. Any suggestions would be awesome!
  2. I'm an Olympic Weightlifter. I'm a small girl, compete at 58kg, but struggle to stay down near my weight class and usually end up having to cut 4-6kg a week or two before competition. Which totally sucks and effects my strength BIG TIME. I'm hoping whole30 will help me with this. I am worried though that, changing my diet so drastically will effect my weight lifting. I'm hoping it will be in a positive way. I started whole30 yesterday the 13th. I'm looking for fellow athletes to chat with, and maybe give me some advice on my whole30. I'm also very busy, and I'm a college student with a pretty small budget. I don't have hours to spend making fancy meals with a billion ingredients! I often times have to eat on the go and would take any advice on meals I can bring on the go or whole30 meals that are quick and simple! Thanks Everyone!!
  3. Gaining muscle on paleo:)

    So, how are you gaining muscle on paleo? How often are you lifting/doing cardio? What do your meals typically look like for a day? I currently lift four days a week, in the 6-10 rep range and have gained 8 lbs in four months. I'm sure some of its fat, but I only gained an inch on my belly so im happy about that! I'm thinking I want to decrease my frequency to three days a week. My goal is to gain at least another 6 lbs. What do you all suggest?