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Found 5 results

  1. Melissa24

    Healed my gut

    I completed the whole30 three weeks ago. Before I did this, I had gluten intolerance / wheat allergy for a number of years (please note I was not a coeliac). Since the whole30 program ended, I have eaten quite a lot of gluten products and I haven't noticed any terrible symptoms at all. I was skeptical that I would see any improvements to my body and digestive system after the whole30, I had zero expectations and therefore I was just sitting here and suddenly had a light bulb moment when I realised - hey, maybe my gut has actually healed itself. Maybe this 30 days actually did something! On a side note, I know the program allows coffee however I cut out coffee for the entire time and when I started drinking it again, I had side effects from the caffeine, so now I've had to remove coffee from my diet as it was causing rapid heartbeat and anxiety like symptoms until the caffeine left my system. Food for thought!!
  2. What is the stance on labels that warn the product is made in a facility that also processes soy/wheat/milk or "may" contain it? Some of my spices (and I'm sure other compliant products) have this warning label, but the only ingredient listed is the spice itself.
  3. I completed a Whole30 a few weeks ago and until Sunday I had not reintroduced any forbidden foods, except for occasional small amounts of cane sugar, and at least one serving of non-compliant oil. On Sunday I purposely consumed wheat as my first official reintro. I didn't start the reintroduction until around dinner time, so I ate several servings of wheat at once, in the form of two pieces of bread, a small serving of pasta, and a serving of pot roast cooked in a beer-based sauce. Since that meal, I have returned to Whole30 eating. Sunday evening I noticed a headache but this did not surprise me since I often have tension headaches. However, not only has the headache continued on and off since then, but it has been accompanied by intermittent nausea ranging from mild to quite bad this morning. Interestingly, eating (Whole30 meals) seems to help with the symptoms. I have no history of migraines. Is it possible that there is a connection between the wheat and my intermittent headaches and nausea? If so, is it unsurprising that I would still be experiencing these effects almost three days out?
  4. Tomorrow is day 30. I've done whole30 probably 5 times successfully and two or three not so much. This time I've done great with the eating. I'm through with soy, peanuts most of the time, corn most of the time and sugar most of the time and I'm wating to try, grains, dairy and legumes. (I miss rice and beans and cream the most) What I've Never done correctly is re introduction, its usually like a bite, then everything at once. This time I want to do better. I want to do wheat grain first because I think I'm sensitive, and I'd like to get it over with so I can jst move on. I'm going to go to an Italian restaurant with friends on Saturday. I'm thinking a simple spaghetti and sauce and meatballs or chicken and pasta. (no cheese) with bread. So question. If Saturday is day one, should I have wheat grains on sunday and Monday too? (providing there are no symptoms) I'm thiking after I do dairy and legumes, I'll try rice. fter that, I'm planning to do mostly whole 30 for six months or so, because my body loses weight slow or not at all and with whole 30 I get body comp changes and I'm hoping in a month or two more weight loss. I just wanna know for sure.
  5. praxisproject

    Gluten/wheat sensitive

    I have come to the painful awareness that wheat makes me feel really sick I don't think I'm Coeliac as my reaction does not seem to match the descriptions. Prior to Whole30 I've never eliminated wheat. I've eaten low carb before and always feel better eating this way, but have often consumed processed low carb items like protein powders and bars and I suspect at least 50% of them would have contained wheat and/or gluten (probably lots of other crap too). Obviously not eating wheat is the best treatment, but just wondering if anything is likely to flush it out faster or help with recovery at all. I haven't been able to bring myself to eat anything yet. Any advice would be appreciated, I'm not sure if there's anything else I need to avoid due to cross-contamination or related contents. Is flax okay? Could it be something else in wheat that isn't gluten? I didn't react this way when I reintroduced corn (although it did make me feel crappy). I'm scared to reintroduce anything else now. Arthritis is back, I'm stiff, sore and I sound like a bowl of rice bubbles (snap! crackle! pop!). The pain is pretty intense, I'm really feeling it after being pain free for a few weeks. Knees are the worst, but I can even feel it in my neck and back. Sinusitis flared up big time, the works, sore teeth, sore ears, blocked eustachian tube, can barely breathe. Even after medicated steam, hot coffee and a hot shower. My sense of smell is almost gone, pretty scary. I hope this doesn't turn into a full blown infection. Bloated, I'm all puffy and not just my stomach/innards. My face, my legs, my arms, even my elbows and feet. My eyes are really sore, dry, tired feeling and a little blurry. Muscle fatigue. I feel like I've been mountain climbing and full of lactic acid/DOMs. Not sure if this is inflammation or what. Skin is irritated, no rash or anything, but the surface is harsh and the pores seem inflamed a little, tiny bumps. Energy has gone, re-reading my workout, my brain doesn't even believe I did this, let alone could do it again. I feel completely drained, unmotivated and tired. I miss my Tiger Blood Mentally I'm having trouble concentrating, remembering, I'm finding it hard to be positive and plan ahead. Nothing seems appealing, food or activities. Complete CBF feeling.