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Found 1 result

  1. Sadness, Surprises and Surviving Easter interrupted my round 2, then I jumped back on the wagon but was avoiding my thoughts and feelings so I avoided journaling. I took a pregnancy test about a week after Easter and it was negative. I expected to feel relief rather I felt sadness deep sadness and concern as to what was going on with my body. It felt different things were just weird. I had more compliant days than not for most of the days left in April and May hit and I was so tired and exhausted and HUNGRY for all the things that I turned off my brain and dived into some emotional eating and turning to sundrop to try to help with energy levels. All the while my body is still feeling weird and off. The exhaustion made no sense the ravenous appetite made no sense and now smells began to bother me... none of this adds up unless I was prego, but the test said no. Finally just before mother’s day my hubby encouraged me to test again. It was positive I wasn’t crazy, and things started making sense. I decided to wait until after we celebrated the oldest boys 18th birthday to pick up the whole 30 quest hard core. I’ve put down the sundrop though I’ve “needed” a little ginger ale in the evenings as that’s when my stomach begins to churn. So tomorrow is my official start date. I am not doing this to loose weight, I am doing this to provide me and baby better nutrition and to get off the slide I’ve been on for the past two weeks. To re-establish healthy eating choices and relationship to food and my body. Today I am working on mindset and some prep work that will make jumping back in easy and delicious.