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Found 2 results

  1. I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to post this, but I just have to share how much Whole 30 has changed my life. I did my first Whole 30 in Jan 2019. I was having terrible migraines up to 3 times/week. I was on tons of meds for my headaches. I was even having to take meds to offset the side effects of my migraine meds. I was miserable. I was extremely overweight. I had no energy. I was having gastrointestinal issues. I desperately needed to make a change but didn't know what to do. I went for my annual exam with a new Dr in Dec 2018. I was talking to her about my migraines & other health issues. Every Dr I'd ever been to in the past would just throw meds at me for my various health conditions. But this appointment was different. Instead of suggesting more meds, she did the exact opposite. She told me I needed to remove the most inflammatory foods from my diet- grains, sugar, & dairy. And she said I needed to wean myself off all the meds I was taking. I mulled this over for a month, not sure I could remove so many foods from my diet. Then my Jan 2019 issue of Clean Eating Magazine came out. The entire issue was dedicated to the Whole 30 diet. After reading thru the magazine I realized that Whole 30 diet removed all the inflammatory causing foods my Dr recommended. I was so desperate to make my migraines go away I was willing to try anything. So I did a Whole 45 with my husband. I had no idea at the time that I was embarking on a journey that would change my life forever. It has been 1 year since my first whole 30. I am down to 137 lbs. At my highest I weighed 250 lbs. My migraines are GONE! I have been off all my meds for 11 months. My GI issues have long since resolved. I have more energy than I've had in my entire life. I go to hot yoga every day & am walking a minimum of 20,000 steps (approx 9 miles) a day. My relationship with food has completely changed. My mood is more stable. I wish so much someone would have told me to clean up my diet years ago. I never understood the correlation between the food you eat & how you feel until I started putting clean foods in my body. I had no idea I could feel this good! Thank you so much Melissa & Clean Eating Magazine. I am forever grateful for you and Whole 30. I just had my 38th birthday last month. I'm embarking on my 2nd Whole 30 tomorrow- 1 year since my first Whole 30. I'm feeling more amazing than I've ever felt in my entire life. And I couldn't have done it without you.
  2. Divinebeautyonline

    Day One

    My day 1 is actually today-June 11th. I came back from a trip on the 9th and realized that I needed to do my prep. Plus woke up with a cold yesterday-10th I am in full #whole30 mode now. Made a great breakfast -ok it served as lunch too because I made enough for 2 and it was 1130 when I made it. I had 2 meetings this morning and woke up not feeling hungry. Drainage Making a pot o chili! Yum! It looks and smells good. Love my #instapot Thinking of going to yoga or doing some at home. Just not feeling 100 percent with this sinus crap k.