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Found 75 results

  1. It's my first time doing this diet. In general, I've never been on a diet in my life. I'm thrilled to see the results!
  2. HEY! I am Katie. I am 30 years old. About a year ago this time I bought a copy of Whole 30 and dove into the process right away but I only lasted 5 days.....I ended up putting the book on the shelf and only revisited it when I was looking for a healthy recipe. I was doing it by myself with too many temptations around me. I failed. Looking back at it, my head just wasn't in it. I generally eat pretty well and try to exercise daily. But for some reason over the past 6 months or so I had been eating horribly. I contribute it be feeling super busy and overwhelmed. I have taken on a 2nd part time job in addition to my full time job, I help at my parents business here and there, I have other community commitments, AND I am deep into wedding planning mode as I have my wedding coming up soon on June 2nd. I started having the grab n go mindset and that led me to consuming a lot more fast food than usual. One day I stepped on the scale and was shocked to see the number. I had gained 10 lbs in less than a year. I wasn't sleeping well. I felt so bloated and sluggish. I was down on myself. Then one day, One of my friends mentioned trying out a plant-based diet (Thanks, Rich Roll). I love the idea of a plant-based diet AND I fully supported that decision from him. I want to give it a shot one day. But for me personally, I love having meat incorporated into my meals and I didn't want to cut that out cold turkey (no pun intended). I briefly mentioned, "Have you heard about Whole 30?" I briefly explained what it was and I could tell he was intrigued (mainly because he didn't have to give up meat). All of a sudden I found myself in a deep conversation with him, his girlfriend, and my fiance about Whole 30. I very excitedly grabbed my dusty copy of the book and they started flipping through it. I got excited again. I was excited that I had support. I was excited that someone else was interested in this process. I have always wanted to do this...but my head wasn't in it. But all of a sudden, I had a spark of energy and motivation! We talked about it and all four of us agreed to commit. We spent 2 weeks prepping and we all went grocery shopping together. We have our own private chat where we update each other and complain about our problems . That in itself has helped A LOT. Having the support of others is key. Do not be afraid to let people know what you are doing. We have explained it to our families and close friends. My mom has even agreed to help make an entirely Whole 30 compliant meal for Easter dinner using the book! My friends and fiance are powering through it! I cannot speak for their feelings... but each of them are different in their eating habits prior to Whole 30 so each are experiencing a variety of moods. MY fiance has been super cranky. I do know that, haha. Having those people to talk to is great. Knowing that if you slip up or even give would let the others down. I do not want that to happen. If you are thinking about Whole 30.....find a support system...whether that be your friends, family, or someone online will benefit and motivate you to complete this more than anything else <3. It's Day 8...WE are committed. WE are motivated. and WE WILL conquer this.
  3. For my #January Whole30, I will be doing a SIBO Specific Whole30. Basically, Whole30 + Low FODMAP + SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet). I have done this once before as part of my treatment plan for SIBO. It's very restrictive and a bit of a battle, but doable. I'm both looking for and willing to offer support to anyone who might be in the same boat. Are there others with SIBO who might be doing this?
  4. chezron

    We Did It!

    My boyfriend and I finished our first Whole30. He lost about 15 pounds and lost 0. Even though I lost nothing it seems like my body is changing composition. Although, someone did ask me if I had lost weight. Also, I really didn't need to lose weight, so maybe that is why I didn't. We are in our late 50s. Before the diet, I ate fairly similarly except for dairy and occasional wine. I have never had much of a sweet tooth or a taste for pastries, or cakes, so leaving them out was easy. While on the diet, what I really missed was the cheese! I missed cheese so much! I also missed raw milk and organic honey in my coffee, but I discovered coconut milk, so I was okay. Unfortunately, I love coconut milk in my coffee so maybe that is why I didn't lose weight? Even though at times it was really tough, I am glad we stuck with it because I feel good and I am sleeping great! It is a little scary though what to do after the Whole30? I liked the scientific explanations for not eating dairy, gluten, grains, and legumes. I felt like we were doing something really healthy for our bodies. There was the safety and security of knowing the eating plan had a finite time frame, but what do we do now? I actually want to continue eating this way. The only thing I REALLY miss now are fresh organic English peas, and I plan on adding those back in. Also, bacon. There is no organic bacon without added sugar, so, for now, I will make this an exception too. What saved us were ORGANIC Urban Bruce Chicken and Basil Meatballs and ORGANIC Chicken Italian sausages from Costco.
  5. Hi, I started Whole 30 today. I live alone. I just made my first (yum) breakfast. I realize I'm confused. On the one hand the book says for the Spinach Frittata recipe, "Serves 2." (Frankly for ALL the book's recipes it serves 2.) On the other hand the book says to save half for tomorrow's leftover meal. Soooooo, funny question: since I sliced the entire Frittata in half and ate half for breakfast, did I just eat 2 servings or 1? I am unclear if I should 1/2 or 1/4 all the recipes I make, since I am only one person - OR - keep them as is and always eat half of what I cook and save the other half for the left over next day meal. I know and get we are not counting calories etc. I want to ensure that I am not overeating, or eating for two. :-) Clarity is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. I am toward the end of my third Whole30. Every round, I have sleep issues. I can fall asleep just fine but I wake up around 4am - sometimes after only 5-6 hours of sleep. I feel energetic and ready to take on the day when I wake up but I feel that I am not getting ENOUGH sleep (based on the 7-8 hour requirement that I've always heard). There have probably been 2 or 3 nights during this round of Whole30 that I slept 7-8 hours (and honestly, I was more groggy on those mornings). I have tried (individually) Sleepy Tea, melatonin, natural sleep aid from Whole Foods, and magnesium (Natural Calm). Is it possible that my body only requires 5-6 hours of sleep? If so, I am okay with this. I've just always read that "healthy adults require 7-8 hours of sleep per night"... and I am feeling pretty darn healthy these days so what gives? My energy levels remain stable and high throughout the day until I think to myself, "I only got 5 hours of sleep last night" then I start feeling run down (so I know that part is mental). Any advice on the sleep requirement or suggestions on promoting a longer night's sleep are welcome and much appreciated!
  7. I am in day 10 and getting the Flu. Is there any restrictions on over the counter meds, that I can use before I become a snotty, angry mess?
  8. Hey guys! I'm about to start my first ever whole 30 on Tuesday! I'm super excited and anxious! I've never done anything like this before so I'm very hopeful! Ok so, I haven't been exercising lately and I've never done it routinely. I want to start finally though! I'm worried that I might like...overdue it and freak my body out by doing both of these huge changes at once! I was thinking for the first 10 days that maybe I would just go really light on the exercise? What do you guys think? Also if my exercise is planned on being light should my pre-workout food be fairly small? And if I do it first thing in the am, would it be ok for my post workout to just be my breakfast too? Or should I do a post workout meal and then do breakfast like..30 min..or an HR later? I won't always have enough time in the am to do this I think....idk..I'm probably just over thinking this whole thing. But if anyone has any advice or suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone! Today, I began day 2 of my Whole 30 Journey (I was going to begin on Monday like any sane person, but well.... chicken soup and dumplings were involved). I've done a lot of grunt work... bought a stock of nuts, coconut flakes, cacao nibs, chia seeds, etc. but the one thing I'm not overly familiar with are the chia seeds. Today, I sprinkled them on my massive salad (with a nice piece of salmon on top), but I'm wondering what else they're useful for, other than sprinkling? I saw a chia seed pudding recipe, but - as it's a dessert like item - I don't think that technically counts. Any suggestions?
  10. If anyone dealing with SIBO/IBS issues would like to offer/receive support and solutions to ongoing issues, please join! I'm on day 3 of the Whole 30 program and am tired and disgruntled, bloaty, poopy. But it's been only 3 days so give it time. I've been diagnosed with SIBO and am looking for others who are dealing with the same issues. I also have IBS and have recently learned that people with IBS commonly have SIBO. Healing the gut is tricky because you can't just put it in a cast and stop using it for a while like a broken arm. My gut feels as if it really does need a break though and I'm thinking of taking a day to not eat anything but chicken broth and maybe some blanched kale. I'm considering doing that tomorrow for just a day. Any suggestions? Is that not cool on Whole 30? SIBO = small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. You can read more about it here. My doc put me on two weeks of antibiotics - an herbal remedy is also avail, but the antibiotics were actually less expensive with insurance. She also suggested following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), which is similar to Whole 30 but there are some glaring differences as well. I have a friend who was also diagnosed with SIBO and she did the Whole 30 program and raved about it. That's why I'm here. I'm integrating both SCD and Whole 30. Staying compliant on Whole 30 and SCD isn't too hard since Whole 30 restricts more foods - so I'm following the Whole 30 program with a couple MORE restrictions (SCD allows for honey, yoghurt, etc but since I'm doing the Whole 30 I'm not eating those right now). There are a couple-three food items I've found that Whole 30 allows that SCD restricts for SIBO peeps. They are: Potatoes Yams and sweet potatoes Water chestnuts In a nutshell, these above food items are complex carbs that sit in our guts longer and feed harmful bacteria in our small intestines, which then multiply and produce byproducts that inflame the intestinal wall. Other more simple carbs are single molecules and much more easily absorbed by the intestine wall. I can handle no yams/potatoes/water chestnuts as well for 30 days. It's a bit sucky because I LOVE yams. But I'm willing to go to any lengths to heal my gut. Please reply if you are experiencing same or have a testimonial to share or solution to SIBO/IBS issues. And/or you just need to rant. And/or you find other foods allowed on Whole 30 that are restricted on SCD!
  11. nikei

    day 1 vegetarian

    Started my whole 30 journey today, very excited! I've been vegetarian for 30+ years now and can't cope emotionally with eating flesh (I've worked with animals my whole life, can't bring myself to eating them). I will be doing the whole 30 vego style but no cheats of eating legumes, grains, soy etc. I have accepted I will need to include eggs ( from happy chickens) but won't be introducing any meat into my diet after 30 years. Any tips from anyone would be brilliant!
  12. youarehealthy

    Second Round a Dud?

    So, okay. About a year ago, my bf and I did the Whole 30 for the first time and it CHANGED OUR LIVES. No exaggeration. Tons of things improved for us and we've never felt better. We also each lost around 15 lbs by the end of the 30 days, which is always nice. Fast forward to this year and we've fallen off the wagon a little, weren't feeling well, still not where we wanted to be health or weight-wise, etc. So we decide to do the Whole 30 again! I was very much looking forward to feeling better and losing weight again {I didn't try to expect it, but I kinda did anyway}. So we did it. And though we feel SO much better and things are back to normal with how we feel, the weight loss just wasn't there. Well, it was, but only kinda. The first time, I lost 15 lbs without lifting a finger to work out. This second time, I lost around 8-10 lbs total, then gained back most of that within a week of starting to add things back in. Then I was PMSing and added the last bit back. Great. We were actually more strict, this go-round, catching things we missed the first time. The bloating went away, and I feel like I look better, but no weight loss. I know this is awfully vague, but does anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences?
  13. Hello, I have started my whole 30, 13 days ago, as far as I know I am doing everything correct, and I know this program takes time, but I have not noticed any difference in my weight or how I feel. The only thing I have noticed was I have more stable energy levels, just bc I am not having sugar, so I don't have the crash which is a huge plus! I used to eat fast food and junk food and sneak out to go buy candy at 9pm, and to now be eating all whole, clean, unprocessed foods. I feel like I should notice something. Here is a sample of what I eat in a day. (It's pretty much the same everyday) breakfast: one tablespoon of olive oil in a pan, some chopped onion, and green pepper, 2 eggs, and 1/2 avocado on top. (I eat this everyday) lunch: bowl of fruit, usually 1/2 pineapple, handful of strawberries, or cantaloupe. Baked Chicken (breast or thighs) I rub with olive oil and add sea salt and black pepper and add Braggs organic spices no salt added. Snacks: 1/2 cup almonds, 2 bananas, 3-6 non gmo cuties mandarin oranges (snacks are spread throughout the day, I keep them in my bag) dinner: same baked chicken or pork, (seasoned the same as above) sometimes more eggs if I don't have meat already made. drink: I only drink water! No coffee, no tea, no juice, no anything else. Like I said this is pretty much what I have been eating every single day. Idk if I am eating too much or my macros are off, but I haven't been tracking those things bc I know this program is about resetting. My main goal is weight loss. I am 5'3" when I started whole 30 my weight was 207, I haven't weighed myself since I started. My goal weight is 150. Also I haven't worked out at all bc I am in college and work 30 hours a week so I just haven't had time, but I walk around campus lol. My diet history is very poor, I have done every yo yo diet known to man, HCG, Atkins, Southbeach, Master cleanse, weight watchers, my fitness pal, veganism, freelee the banana girl diet, 80/10/10, raw veganism, and many more, I ALWAYS end up going back to the SAD diet (Standard American Diet) fast food, junk food, alcohol etc, my weight goes up and down and they either don't work or I hate the diet or I don't lose weight. Maybe I just need to be patient. Can anyone help?!?!?!
  14. WeinCh

    Starting my 9th Day

    Today is the beginning of day #9 on the Whole 30. 100% compliant! As someone who has had artificial sweetener (Splenda) in some form almost daily since they invented saccharine (yes, I know it's not good) and who loves my daily yogurt & skim milk in coffee and tea, I thought the Whole 30 would be difficult for me. I already had a pretty vegetable and lean-protein laden diet but had allowed too much sugar and bread to sneak in during the past year. This was my first time trying the program. I started weaning myself off milk in coffee a week before I started the program, which I think helped. On day 4 the bowl of plain fresh blueberries/raspberries/blackberries that I eat daily had taken on a new sweetness. I've been cooking MUCH more than usual, not something I like, but the dishes I'm making are tasty, filling ("small" serving size is more than enough) and I'm stockpiling each recipe's extra portion(s) for later in the week or freezing. I'm very excited about the healthy food I'm eating and that I'm making it taste so good. My niece, who had a postpartum soy/dairy allergy turned me on to the fact that Whole Foods lists ALL the ingredients on their prepared foods so if I have a resource for prepared foods if I can't cook.
  15. AlohaDelSol

    Day 1: Happy NEW Year!

    Hi everybody, Never needed a diet before because I was fit & active. My foot became progressively disabling so it is very hard to keep weight off. Always ate fairly healthy, but wanted to eat completely healthy. Looking forward to eating this way and also know there will be difficult times so going to try to keep healthy snacks with me. Cheers & Happy New Year!
  16. Hi, Just wanted to publicly commit to my second Whole 30, which I will be starting on January 9th, 2017. I completed my first Whole 30 in June of 2015 and my relationship with food was forever changed. At the time, I was 31 and at the biggest weight of my life. I was always tired and my days revolved around my meals, which were mostly at restaurants. A friend at work was doing Whole 30 and got me interested, so I did my research and decided to give it a go. The hardest part was having a boyfriend that wasn't interested in doing it with me, so bad food remained in the house. I would say the single biggest factor for success in the program was meal planning. Emergencies are what will get you so ALWAYS have an approved Rx bar, Larabar, or EPIC bar around. After my first round I dropped about 12 pounds and kept it off by remaining "mostly" Paleo. When I say mostly I mean that there are still times I will eat queso, drink beer, and enjoy a huge cheeseburger. Everything in moderation. I'm excited for my second round and this time my boyfriend is actually attempting it with me(which should be interesting). I am hoping to drop a couple more pounds while learning something new about how my body functions best. Best of luck to everyone!
  17. xojwatsonxo

    Day 1 11/08/2016

    Today is my Day 1! I would love to connect with some people who are also on Day 1 or close to it for support and accountability. I definitely need recipe help too because I'm fearful I'll get tired of the same basic foods.
  18. Hello! This is my first post. I am starting my first Whole 30 on 9/11, and I am trying to get everything organized and planned as well as I can ahead of time. I plan to make a few condiments and dressings before I get started. I want to know - besides basic mayo, which I plan to make - What are you 2 MUST HAVE condiments/dips/dressings? The ones that helped you get through Whole 30. Thanks! Heather
  19. I'm male, 65 years old, and have always been healthy - no prescription meds, no food allergies or food sensitivities. I bought into the Whole 30 program primarily to start eating better, kick my sugar habit and lower by blood glucose levels. My pre-Whole 30 numbers were: Total Cholesterol = 192, LDL = 118, HDL = 46, CHOL/HDL = 4.2, Triglycerides = 142 and Glucose = 98. I'm 5'9" and weighed in at 172. I just finished my Whole 30 and did some blood work to check results. My post-Whole 30 numbers are: Total Cholesterol = 240, LDL = 168, HDL = 44, CHOL/HDL = 5.5, Triglycerides = 140, and Glucose = 90. The good news is that my glucose went down and I feel better. I have more energy, sleep better, and I lost 5 lbs. The bad news is that my cholesterol went from being in the normal range to high/alert status. WTF? I'm really disappointed. I don't really know what to do at this point. Keep on eating Whole 30? Add back some grains? Give up altogether? I feel a bit lost. Any suggestions?
  20. Hi every! So I started my Whole 30 on Monday, 8/7 and am on Day 4. I actually feel really good, and haven't been having any issues with energy levels or headaches. However, I have felt very lightheaded the last two days, and slightly tingly. I know I've seen this topic elsewhere in the forum where it is said that we aren't eating enough, but I don't think this is the case for me, as I've been eating a lot and have felt completely full from my meals. For example, yesterday I ate: Breakfast Two eggs mashed with two bananas, whipped together and scrambled in coconut oil. Chopped up 1/2 cup of strawberries to top it off. Lunch Two sausages sauteed in olive oil mixed in with 1 sauteed red pepper, 1/2 sauteed onion, and 1 sauteed zucchini Dinner Three egg omelette with 4 slices of prosciutto and 1 cup of cut up mushrooms, all cooked in coconut oil I've also been doing my run every night and feeling really good while doing it. Any ideas?
  21. Hi guys!! I would like to introduce myself and tell my story as quickly as possible. On day 16 of what I thought was my Whole 30, I realized that while my diet was much cleaner, I had been consuming sneaky added sugars and dairy in some of the foods getting me through the day (I'm talking about sliced turkey containing added sugar and scrambled eggs containing milk from my local work cafe next door). It got me thinking about what else I may have eaten thinking it was Whole 30 but actually wasn't. I want to do this right. So...tomorrow, knowing that I need to be extra alert about the ingredients in what I am buying, I am starting over with Day 1. Despite my setback, I still feel optimistic and happy that I know I can do two weeks without sugary treats and that I am out of my bread and grains reliance. I already feel better, but I want to feel my best, so tomorrow is day 1. I have also been living with a Hashimoto's diagnosis for about two years, so if anyone else is battling thyroid concerns, let's connect. The gluten-free aspect is amazing for thyroid patients. My two weeks of mostly-Whole 30 has helped me to feel a lot better already, but I look forward to reaping the real benefits and eating completely clean. Let's connect! Happy Whole 30 everyone! Good luck to all of you. -Jessica
  22. Hello all! My mom and I are starting our Whole 30 journey, TOMORROW! We were going to start today (and we still kinda are) but we didn't realize when you sign up for the daily emails that you have to start at Day 0, haha. We already have been preparing food for the week and today is now a test run! Thank you all for your support, I am very excited to be starting my Whole 30! -Angela
  23. I am going to start my whole 30 program from tomorrow. However, I am a food blogger and I will be doing non whole 30 approved recipes like my husband's birthday cake, in-laws trip to our home etc. How can I survive such? Any idea, suggestions will be very much appreciated.
  24. angelaj

    Hi friends!

    Hi everyone! My name is Angela and I just started the whole 30 on January 1st. I'm super excited to join a community full of support!! I'll be looking on here for advice. My cousin just made a super relatable Instagram with his girlfriend. It's their second time doing the whole 30 and they're sharing their positive experiences and struggles and recipe ideas to anyone that wants to share the journey together! Check them out- I can't wait to experience the community!
  25. Cmc08

    Next Step

    Hi, I am coming to the end of my whole 30 days and I am contemplating my next step. I have been identified with an autoimmune disease and so I've be even accounting for that. My question now is, do I continue on the programme for another 30 days with this condition, or can I open the food-choices a little more? Secondly, if I open the food choices, what shopping list would be best? Thanks, Caroline