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Found 6 results

  1. I’m at the end of my Whole30 and feeling great. I’m thinking about extending to a whole 45 or whole 60. Can anyone with “extended whole 30” experience tell me if there are additional benefits to sticking with the program. Does it get better after day 30?
  2. Hi ya'll I'm starting round 2 on whole 30.. but making it into a whole 60. I'm a 37yr old gal, wife, mom of 2 (12 and 10 yrs old), daughter, sister, friend, I work 8 hour days five days a week and was (and still am) in the habit of putting everyone else first. I'm fine with cooking something else for everyone else if need be, but the fam is all in most of the time because the food is fantastic and no one is starving (the kids also eat whatever they feel like). My dr. actually recommeded Whole30 'diet' to help my body work through inflammation and ailments. It rocked my world during the first time round, was a whole lot easier than I thought it would or could be and surprisingly I craved the strangest foods, until I figured out that it was my sugerdevil trying to find a way to get some sugar (I craved a hotdog with ketchup.. When I finally ate a hotdog after the W30 it turns out all I wanted was the ketchup!). I won't lie and say it was the easiest ride, but mostly it was, and I was on such a roll and feeling so fab that when the 30 days were up.. I just added 3 days to it because I felt like it. After the W30 I was a poster gal for what it does for you, to just take care of yourself a little bit. Then came summer vacay, driving cross country and eating whatever whenever - what a sucky idea.. it just sounded soooo good to be able to roll through a drive thru, order in chinese, or just eat popcorn for dinner.. I felt great for a few days but then sluggish again and the inflammation is back - so food actually works for me! So.. without much planning I started W60 this morning at 7 o'clock. Scrambled eggs fried with a small amount of coconut oil and 2 slices of bacon. Lunchtime rolled around and the galley at work was not working for me so I ventured out to a salad bar, making my own salad with garlic chicken (oven baked - no oils), an egg, peppers, red onion and boiled chilled sweet potatoe and a dressing made with evoo and mango. As far as I know, everything is a-ok.. Right? So. Onwards! Anyone want to join me? GEva.
  3. Continuing On - The Next 30

    For the lovely ladies who have chosen to continue on with their Whole 30 (60? 90? 120?) Journeys! Mine started April 24, 2017, and will go for 120 days til August 21st. @EKuhl @aussiegal @Potion One ... Let's do this! Anyone else who is continuing their journey, no matter where you're at, please join!
  4. Ok, there are a lot of people out there who started around the beginning of January and stated on the threads that they were going to continue. I am starting this new topic for all who have decided that they would continue for longer on this plan. My husband and I started on Jan 2. I lost 15 lbs and hubby lost 10 during the 1st whole 30, we had lots more energy, and complete control over our cravings (which is really terrific). We did cheat one day over the weekend for my hubbies birthday, but now we are back on track and looking forward to more of this eating plan. We plan to go at least another 30 days. I also plan on tweaking a few things to encourage more weight loss (I am obese so it is very important for me). I do find it helpful to be able to follow threads during this program as it helps to keep you on track, so everyone don't be shy, join in !
  5. I have completed Whole 30 through 60 days straight! It's so funny to think I only started doing this because of my husband deciding to start it and I was not very happy about it. I guess everything happens for a reason! I have been so happy and feel so much better because of being more aware of what I feed my body. First for the non-weight/inches results: I was thinking on going on depression medication before I started Whole 30 because I was letting my mother's death in January 2012 still consume some days and could not focus on anything. I was very irritable and had no patience. NOW: Even though I am still very sad about my mom passing away, I do not let it consume me. I might cry here and there a little, but that is normal. My patience and focus has also improved. I feel no need to go on any medications! I was very self-consious of the way I looked. It was bad enough to where I thought some of my friends didn't want to hang out with me (fabricated in my mind) and my lack in self-confidence was very very low. NOW: My confidence is MUCH better now. I don't feel embarrassed of myself. I still have a long way to go, but I know I will get there. My wedding ring falls off my finger if I walk with my hand open (better get that sized ) I used to do a 17:45 minute/mile when trying to jog/walk (not much jogging) NOW: I can jog ONE HOUR straight - no walking or stopping at all. In that one hour I do between 4.15-4.30 miles. It is still a slower jog than elite runners would do, but it is great for me!! Oh yeah - and I have worked my way up to do a plank for a 2 minutes 6 seconds! Now for the weight/inches results: Day 1 Weight: 239.5 Day 30 Weight: 221.3 Day 60 Weight: 209.5 I lost 30 lbs!! Hips - 4.5 inches!! Upper Ab - 4.5 inches!! Mid Ab - 2 inches!! Lower Ab - 3 inches!! Thigh - 2.5 inches in each thigh!! Calf - .5 inch in each calf!! Arm - 2 inches in each arm!! So in summary, I have lost 30 lbs and 19 inches in 60 days! I am more active than I have been in years and so incredibly happy. I am going to change my lifestyle to paleo for now, but whenever I need a jumpstart or start to feel myself slip back, I know Whole 30 guidelines will always be there for me to start up again. I plan on doing Whole 30 one or two months each year as well. I want to be a healthy mom to my two little ones! Here are my photos! Thank you for all of your kind words in my earlier posts! I wish you all the best in your Whole 30 journeys!! I also added a picture of me trying on clothes at the store I can wear size 16 in dress pants and 18 in jeans. Size large in shirts. It is much more fun going shopping now!!
  6. Whole 60 - Jan 4 Start

    Hey Kids, I'm starting a Whole 60 on Jan 4th! So...Woo Hoo! Why a Whole 60? I did the Whole 30 back in September and had fantastic results - it was the only 'dietish' program I was ever able to stick to. I had a ton of energy, lost a ton of weight and just felt great. On Day 30 I knew I needed to keep going because I could just feel that my brain/body wasn't totally reset but I chose not to - big mistake. Been eating very roughly since then and have gained a lot of the twenty five pounds I lost back. It's not Whole 30's fault, though! It's mine! So, Jan 4th I'll be starting over. Why Jan 4th? I'd love to say I have a legitimate reason for this date but really it's just because I want to eat the Thanksgiving Sandwich at Moe's BBQ one last time. Y'all, I'm a mess but this program works I promise. I'll be blogging the stew out of my progress over at - We also have a Facebook group that will be starting in January - they are all doing Whole 30s but have great advice as many of them have done multiple Whole 30s and eat like rock stars now - well, rock stars that eat really clean. Has anyone else done a Whole 60? Am I crazy for attempting it?