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Found 3 results

  1. I successfully finished my Whole30 experiment! It is a story of the good, bad, and ugly. I started out as a fat man. I ended as a skinnier fat man. But it is all good. My new healthy lifestyle is just beginning! The Good I completed my commitment to start and finish the Whole30 program. I accomplished most of my goals. I learned to think differently about food. I learned to make good food choices. I learned new kitchen and cooking skills. (I also learned I am a messy cook.) I learned new recipes. I created new recipes. There is good collateral damage. The family eats better now that they have a choice between what I cook and what my wife cooks. I learned that my old way of eating was destructive. I had reached the point before starting the Whole30 program that I needed to talk to my gastroenterologist about IBS. But the doctor's office rescheduled my appointment due to a scheduling conflict. So I did not see my doctor until towards the end of the 30 day period. Good thing. All the digestive system issues went away during the Whole30 program! I am ready to start the next phase, which will include more gym time. My left elbow tendonitis is gone. The Bad I now have a turkey neck. My face and neck are not as plump as before. So I have some loose skin on my neck. I spend more time cooking. I love to eat! Cooking, not so much. Good thing I bought an Instant Pot, which cut down on the cooking time. We talk about food more now. Not so sure this is a bad thing except for those who don't want hear food talk. I still have no hair on top of my head. I guess Whole30 does not do everything. (A bald guy can always hope.) My lower back pain is still with me. Physical therapy is helping to strengthen hip and upper leg muscles, which is helping my lower back. The Ugly Realizing the marketing myth that low fat and no sugar products are good for you is not true. The government and medical establishment do not have your best interests in mind when it comes to nutrition. Summary Daddy has a whole, new wardrobe. Actually a closet full of clothes that now fit. Yay!
  2. NutriSystem…Jenny Craig…Weight Watchers…Cabbage Soup Diet…Atkins Diet…The Food Lovers Diet…you name it, I have tried it. Every time I started a new diet program, I would think – “this is it…this is going to work because ________________ said it workedâ€. And every time, I would find myself struggling with lack of energy and being distracted by hunger which eventually lead to my demise. I drove my husband crazy with my yo-yo dieting and the amount of money I had spent on different programs and products. My weight continued to grow and I honestly felt like I should just give up and just come to terms with the fact that I was always going to be fat. Fast forward to 2013. I turned 30 on May 7th, weighed almost 290 lbs and I had gotten to the point where I stopped getting my period…I did not get my period for 5 months. I kept taking pregnancy tests and each time they came back negative. I was panicked and went to the doctor's and he told me flat out – “Rieko, you are too fat. Your hormones are so out of balance right now with your weight. You have to lose weightâ€. I tried to lose the weight again but nothing spectacular and I felt even more discouraged. I fell into this horrible cycle of depression where I hated myself for the way I looked so to comfort myself, I ate and then would loath myself for not having any self-control and back around I went in this cycle. Food was my warm fuzzy blanket that I cozied up to when I was feeling upset, angry or stressed out. With that came the constant heartburn, constant urge to nap during the afternoon (which I couldn't because I was at work) and feeling drained by the time I got home so picking up fast food on the way home for dinner was all I had the energy for. Every morning I would wake up to feeling swollen, especially around my ankles and joints. I also had a really hard time getting up in the morning, even after getting 7 or 8 hours of sleep. Fast forward to the New Year 2014, my co-workers decided to challenge and support one another through a weight loss competition – our very own Biggest Loser. I figured that I had better sign up because it was going to look weird if the fat girl didn't join! I started doing research on diets that I haven't tried, I had heard about the Paleo lifestyle and that is how I stumbled across the Whole30 website. I read through the program rules and thought – geez, this is going to be way to hard…there is no way that I can do this. And then I got to the tough love portion of the program rules! “Beating cancer is hard. Birthing a baby is hard. Losing a parent is hard.†Simple phrases but they made such a powerful impact. How many times had I told myself that it was too hard to stick to a diet or that it was too hard to eat healthy? I couldn't believe that I never put it into perspective the way Melissa and Dallas did. I felt a whole new feeling of encouragement, focus and drive. January 6th was Day One of Whole30. At my initial weigh in, I weighed 286 lbs. I couldn't believe how much I had let myself go. I stuck with the program and the first few days were a rough but I kept chugging along. I joined my local Gold's Gym my second week and started working out every morning - up at 4:30am and in the gym by 5am. I started to notice that my clothes were getting looser, my energy level was way up and I was wide awake throughout the day! I was no longer getting heartburn in the afternoons and I no longer felt groggy or tired by the time I got home. I was even sleeping through the night! I no longer was waking up to swollen ankles or joints and I stopped feeling puffy and marshmellowy. By the end of week 2, my husband commented that I had also stopped snoring at night. I had more energy than I ever had and I was in the gym every day. This was HUGE for me because I was that girl who would circle the parking lot of the mall until I found parking near the entrance! I started posting on my Facebook about my progress and how I was feeling and it inspired others to start their own Whole30 as well. A lot of people were asking questions and were curious about how the program works and what Paleo is. Being able to share with others about my progress, experience and information really helped me to stick to the program. Week 3 got tricky because I suddenly started to really crave and even DREAM about my favorite comfort foods. I can't even tell you how many times I was tempted to just drive through somewhere to just get a little something and before Whole30, I totally would have. This time was different. I told myself, “Beating cancer is hard. Birthing a baby is hard. Losing a parent is hardâ€. Today is February 5, 2014 and today is the end of my Whole30. I have lost 23.5 lbs since I started the Whole30 on January 6th. I feel great and I am going to continue on my path by following a Paleo lifestyle. I totally do not refer to Whole30 or Paleo as a diet anymore – it is a lifestyle.
  3. I have completed my whole30 but thought it would be much easier to cut and paste one of my early on successes from my journey. Since this post below I am bacterial pneumonia free after all is said and done. Off all meds, periods are regulated and not painful (PCOS person here), lots of energy, sleep through the night now and wake fully rested. There are so many amazing things this whole30 has done for me.....looking forward to continuing on. Thanks to everyone for there kind words of support along the way. It was extremely helpful and uplifting during my illness. Remember now ALL THINGS LISTED ARE HEALED COMPLETELY AND IM OFF ALL MEDS LISTED. And i'm back to work 2.5 weeks now. PRAISE GOD!!!!! Previous entry on stats and success. : Okay so it's been several days but I'm happy to report that I've remained perfectly compliant to my whole30. And today makes day 9!!!!! Wooo Hooo!!!!!! Some GREAT things to report .........several actually. So as you know I was on my second week of pneumonia recovering here at home when I started on LABOR DAY, well after only a few days I was able to 1) let go of the narcotic cough syrup at night (before I had to have it along with other things so I wouldn't end up with a half dozen coughing spasms during the night while trying to sleep) And now I'm as follows: 2) I'm on my 3rd day without the steroid pills and 3) no more antibiotics 4) no more Singulair at night (trying this week without it) 5) down to only taking the Advair only once a day 6) can walk my dog now ( couldn't because of going up and down the stairs) I would be shaking in my legs and wheezing and sweating profusly by the time I got to the top of JUST ONE flight of stairs, thank GOD I only have one to flight to contend with. 7) not back at work yet but the plan is to be next week. Which will be a full 2 weeks of being whole 30 by then. 8)starting to regain strength 9) no swelling in my ankles from eating any salt (olives pickles and the like ) which I'm shocked seeing as how I take bp meds and from taking all those prednisone pills And the last thing to add to the list...... Which I have to say is pretty incredible (okay two things) 10) my joints are feeling REALLY GOOD the finger that got the tip cut off of two months ago doesn't ache all the time like it used to AND I CAN ACTUALLY CLOSE MY HAND TO MAKE A FIST. it was my index finger that was cut so I haven't been able to curl it in to make a fist. AND AS A NEUROMUSCULAR MASSAGE THERAPIST THAT WAS HORRIBLE FOR ME AND MY WORK. I had made adaptations to how I work, but now I'm able to close my hand and I don't have the nerve pain. Orthopedist expected me to have at three more months of nerve pain/issues. HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!!!! 11) and another MAJOR MAJOR least thus far......I started my menstrual cycle this morning and only knew that from having the need to go pee this morning) usually I am doubled over in pain abdominally and my lower back in so much pain I have to lay down for a couple days and get some major therapy done on myself to get the spasms to release. As for WHY I have so much trouble with my menses is because I have PCOS I have had cervical cancer twice. ( first time I was 19 yrs old and the second I was 30) so its been 11 years) but I had always been suffering with all the hormone issues along with it and the terrible bleeding. So Now what will be interesting is to see how long my cycle will last now that it's here. Anything less than 2 weeks will be fantastic and hopefully not painful like usual and well not to be graphic, but usually I pass these blood clots the size of silver dollars. Yes the big ones. Anyway, I am praying that this doesn't happen. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING AND A MIRACLE!!!!! Keep ya posted on this one for sure.