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Found 9 results

  1. OK folks, here's our new thread for continuing and/or reintroduction. Let's keep rockin'!
  2. Starting 1/8/17!!!

    Howdy!! I'll be starting my first round of Whole30 on 1/8/17!! I'm excited and nervous and am looking forward to all the positive changes to come!! I've got some serious sugar issues to combat so I'm shooting for at least a Whole45! Wish me luck!!
  3. Hi All, I am going to be finishing my first Whole30 next Monday on the 30th. My husband and I are considering continuing. I would like to take the 31st day "off"....not going to go crazy but have a couple end of the year parties and I'm sure there will be some non-compliant items. We were then going to start again to complete a Whole 45 and do the reintroduction phase for the 10 days leading up to a Europe trip. Does this sound like a good plan? Or will that one day just screw it up totally? I'm not totally committed yet to the Whole45 until I complete the 30 and see all the results. Thanks for any advice.
  4. Hi --- I think I had a reasonably successful Whole30 so far (this might be my 3rd... last one was about 2 1/2 to 3 years ago.) I don't find them too extra difficult....once I make up my mind to do all falls into place. I'm going to keep going because I'm still having some days where I'm just really tired. Like so tired I want to drop down and take a nap. I'm thinking the cause of this must be something I ate --- so I'm going to try to pay more attention to that & what the culprits might be. Today I had one of those crashes ... and I am attributing it, I think, to cacao. I just bought Crio Bru and had some of that this morning --- and I put the cacao in a green smoothie (which, I know Smoothies aren't ideal or endorsed per se, however I don't do them very often -- for that very reason.) It had some blueberries and avocado in it as well. It might be the carbs in these items that made me feel so tired...? Also, I did do something I wasn't supposed to do in the first 30 days... which was track what I ate in a calorie tracker.... so I'm not going to do that for the next 30 days. I did that because I wanted to have a general awareness & consciousness of what I was consuming. Actually, I might still need to do this... b/c I want to know what makes me crash. Last week I had to take a nap after eating a sweet potato and dehydrated apples (there was protein & broccoli there too... but I think the sweet potato and apples knocked me out.) I'm hoping with the completion of a Whole60... that I will feel greater energy levels.... and more consistent energy.... and avoiding the days where I "crash." They're pretty bad. I have to lay down and sleep for a couple hours. Otherwise... the positive results of the Whole30 thus far has been -- my skin looks better, brighter & better texture; better moods overall (I battle depression and I believe diet is a large part of it), better energy levels & better sleep (I feel like I sleep more deeply & less tossing and turning that I felt I was experiencing.) I traded in coffee for tea and that generally makes me feel better... I don't like it when I feel like I need coffee, and I also think coffee might make me crash and make me tired in the afternoon. I think I've heard it spikes insulin levels. Also I think the acid is bad for me. Not sure all the specifics, but I like giving up coffee. Thanks for reading & any thoughts.
  5. Well it's day 29 and although things are looking pretty darn good my husband and I have decided to proceed with a Whole45 before reintro, cause dang, it's been pretty easy. I'm still having some issues though and I'm hoping that a few more days will help with that. One of then is that my ezcema is just going crazy, bonkers instead of clearing like I was hoping it would, and I'm still having low energy days but I am still recovering from a bout of active Ebstein Barr virus. And I just found out that I'm severly Vitamin D defiencent. Obviously I still have some things to clear up. That said there have been some major benefits. * I'm not sure that my clothes are looser yet, but I know i've lost some weight, I just dont know how much. (I rode with my husband yesterday on his daily work run, that involves taking the truck over the scale to weigh the load of logs and lumber he was the one who said I'd lost.) * My sleep is getting better if the amount of drool is any indication * I am having more energy, enough so that I'm starting yoga next week * I'm not needing to have 2-3 hour naps in the middle of the day and if I need a nap I can actually pull off a 20-30 minute nap and feel good after. * I'm actually able to get up in the mornings and getting up earlier without feeling like I have to go back to bed because I'm so tired. * My libido is creeping back. I'm assuming that that might mean my hormones are starting to get back into gear all the way around. I'm sure there are probably more things that I cant see but since what I was hoping to see was my ezema clear up and it hasnt at all, I feel kinda torn but again I'm just starting on this journey and I'm sure we'll get it figured out. On my husbands side of things, the changes are pretty AMAZING. This is what he posted on FB the other day: By Monday I will have lost thirty pounds in thirty days and I'm eating like a horse. I used to need a handful of pain pills and a cane to walk. I haven't used either in a almost a month. A month ago it was fairly common for me to take two five hour energy shots to get through my work day. I've had a grand total of one in the last 27 days. Thanks to my awesome wife, Felica Tortorici for getting me hooked on a better way to eat. But it's more than that. He's blown out one of his knees, has flat feet with arthritis in the foot joints and is pretty heavy. He'd fallen off a ladder (On his truck bed to the ground) caught his foot in a rung on the way down and broke his leg at his ankle joint 5 years ago. He ended up with a pretty severe break, surgery(15 days after the incident due to the remoteness of where he was), rods and screws in is leg, six months in a wheelchair, then crutches. The biggest issue has been the inflammation from the injury. It's not ever completely gone down and he's still been having to elevate and ice a couple time a week if its bad. It makes mobility a bit of an issue. Friday after he came home, for the first time since before the accident, he has ZERO swelling. No swelling in either is leg or his knees. This is the first time in 5 years. He's sleeping better, he's been able to work standing on his feet and can actually walk after because the pain and swelling is so much less, and you can tell he's losing weight just by looking at his face. It's pretty amazing. I'm not sure what other positive benefits he's got going on but I'm sure he has them. Now he's not planing a hiking trip to the Lost Coast yet but he's thinking if this continues he might actually get to do that down the road. He couldnt even consider it with all the swelling and pain he had going on before. I asked if he was ready to go back to his old way of eating and he looked at me like I'd grown two heads. So we'll continue for 15 more days then start reintro and start looking into riding our own bikes.
  6. Hey ladies and gents, I succesfully finished a whole30 recently and just can't get enough. I pre-ordered the new book and it has arrived so I'm ready to dive in again. I have the feeling that 30 days isn't enough for me though. This time around I'm planning to see how far I can go still feeling happy, and listening to my body to see what it tells me. If my whole30 goes well and I don't feel like stopping, I'll go for a whole45, who knows I'll end up at my ultimate reset goal: to complete a whole100. Who's in for May 20th, should give us enough time to prepare!
  7. Even though it's day 30, I'm preparing myself and anyone who wants to join me for another 15 days from our January 5th start date. I know for me I have some issues I want to work on, as well as see some of the benefits I've just started taking note of this last week. Feel free to join me here any of you who would like to carry on to Day 31-45 with me!
  8. Best I have ever felt!

    To say I'm ecstatic is a total understatement. 9.2 pounds is fabulous, but honestly is just the icing to how I feel. Some days it was hard to find time to cook, heck, or even find the desire to cook- but it was all worth it. My parents both lost over 10 pounds and my fiance Bryan lost 18 POUNDS....seriously, I could not be more proud of my family! I'm so proud of myself for never cheating. There was one day I wanted to cry and eat the world, but I didn't- and that is AWESOME! Bryan was a HUGE support and would talk me off my cravings ledge Thank you! I think I could have pushed my self harder in the beginning as far as my workouts go, I didn't feel great the first week and I definitely used that as an excuse. The pounds and inches lost are great...but nothing can top how I feel energy wise and with my sleep habits. I always had issues sleeping, would wake up every few hours or not sleep at all. Never was a hard sleeper. The last 30 days completely changed that. I sleep HARD and sound, not waking up like crazy. And when I wake up- I'm ready to take on the world!! Energy is hands down the best that I experienced over the last 30 days. I was a 6 cups of coffee, pre-workout, at least one redbull per day drinkin fool- now maybe 2 cups of coffee per day and I'm fantastic. I have energy for my 4 am workouts and energy to do it again when I get off work. I would suggest this to anyone And here is to Whole30 DAY 31!! I'm going to day 45! Bring it on!
  9. Found It Starts with Food over the holidays, jumped into a Whole30 on January 2nd, only somewhat prepared. Have been reading, reading, reading. I have been adhering pretty well to the food side of things, I think I know that I am still not feeling the magic because I am still stressed and not making sleep a priority. At about day 25, decided to stop dreaming of how to sweeten my coffee on day 31 and instead go to 45 days, hoping for some magic. I don't know. I just want to whine. I hurt everywhere, as badly as before Whole30, actually worse. Thursday/Friday I cooked with some tapioca flour and I think I had a huge reaction to it (who knew?). All weekend, had to run run run and had such a stomach ache, bloating, gas, and stiff neck and pain between my shoulder blades. I just wanted to sleep. Brain fog doubled. Ok, I have been craving less, snacking less. By day 31 I was down 9lbs. That's all good. I have only had a couple of days in the past 40 that were happy energetic days. Otherwise, I am my usual sluggish self. Most days I am in bed by 11 and up at 6:30 (not enough). 45 min drive to work. Sit at my desk all day. Speed home at 5:30 (45 min drive) try to get the kids to finish up their stuff and spend a bit of time with them. Get DD in bed 8:30-sh and DS in bed 9-ish. Walk the dogs. Do some chores. Try to hang with my hubby a bit, though we are usually both on the computers and watch a tv show. So, whoo hoo, big quality time there. He's a teacher/tech specialist doing 3 jobs for the price of one now due to budget cuts. I don't bring my actual work home but do volunteer stuff for the PTA, coach an Odyssey of the Mind team, and a bit of freelance work when I can, so I usually have something to do. Or, reading blogs. Screwing around on Facebook or Pinterest. I am good at wasting time. I haven't exercised since, like, August. I am so frigging tired all the time. I hoped getting the nutrition in order would give me the energy for something else besides the couch by now. I suppose I just have to require it from myself and be strict about it, like I dove into Whole30. As hard as it is prepping all the food and giving up so much stuff, it takes less energy than finding time to exercise. Or energy, rather. My anxiety/depression is pretty much the same. Slightly less moody I guess. Every time I try to improve myself, I poop out around the 8 week mark. I am feeling that slip like I am going to stop trying. I have so far to go. I have to lose at least 50lbs to look/feel normal and more like 80 to have a "healthy BMI". February is jam packed with kid stuff (Odyssey mostly, almost tournament time). March-May will be crazy at work. Feeling overwhelmed. (Playing the "world's smallest violin" as my mom would have for the self pity train.) (Mom would have been 75 on Wednesday, but died at 52 from lung cancer. Add that to the self pity.)