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Found 23 results

  1. Continuing On - The Next 30

    For the lovely ladies who have chosen to continue on with their Whole 30 (60? 90? 120?) Journeys! Mine started April 24, 2017, and will go for 120 days til August 21st. @EKuhl @aussiegal @Potion One ... Let's do this! Anyone else who is continuing their journey, no matter where you're at, please join!
  2. OK folks, here's our new thread for continuing and/or reintroduction. Let's keep rockin'!
  3. Beyond Frustrated (Success?)

    I just finished my Whole60 (we did it as a family effort) and I'm beyond frustrated. My brother lost 20lbs, my mom lost 15 and I lost... 3lbs. 100% completely and totally compliant for 60 days... and I could just sob with disappointment. And what is worse of all, this is bringing up a lot of old eating disorder feelings and I now have an overwhelming urge to restrict which I haven't had in years. And I had almost no non scale victories--I still have a 4pm energy slump, I'm not sleeping better through the night, my skin isn't clearer, and my mood isn't any more even. I still have bloating, gas, constipation, and other gastrointestinal issues. Basically--this Whole60 was a total flop. *sob*
  4. Hi All, Excited to announce I finished my 61st day today. I plan to start a slow reintroduction later this weekend. I'm interested in testing out dairy...greek yogurt vs. heavy cream vs. ice cream. I will eventually include natural sweeteners and chocolates back into my diet but I'll try to hold off as much as possible now. Trying to see if other foods trigger the sugar dragon first. My long term goal is to stick to a whole30-ish at home plan and just ease up when I'm out. Last time I experienced some strange throat dryness and swelling when reintroducing foods so I'll be paying closer attention now. Some things I'm surprised to have learned.. It's easier than I thought to give yourself more sleep every night - just do it I don't miss cheese I can go two months without drinking alcohol Coffee was my friend (albeit crutch) this time around I've kicked most of my mindless eating habits except for when I'm food prepping I'm a lot nicer and more patient when I'm not 'on sugar' - my coworkers will attest The 'fish and broccoli' test is a great way to decipher hunger v. cravings...use it I didn't really lose much weight (maybe 8 lbs) after two months of strict eating - and that is totally okay - I feel and look great! Keeping a journal not only kept me accountable but helped me be more mindful of when/how often I eat/poo My bowels still aren't sorted out entirely but they aren't as bad as they were before either My sugar dragon is still sleeping in a cave somewhere but I really hope my magical cat and unicorn duo can keep him at bay
  5. Dear Community/Moderators/Success Stories, I'm on Day 30 and should be on top of the world but am in tears instead. I have been following the program religiously for 30 days, sticking to the meal template, increasing my physical activity, even having my birthday party at my house SO I COULD STAY ON THE PROGRAM ON MY BIRTHDAY! I just turned 46 so am in perimenopause, had two periods in a two week span while on Whole30, suffered vicious pms for both of those periods and STILL managed to stay strong and compliant. I knew it would take me longer to see the full benefits due to my hormonal and health issues, so I planned for a Whole45 and would even do a Whole60 except I have a two-week work trip in June that will make that impossible. I was starting to see progress, slowly but surely, had a few days here and there when I felt better, and then on Friday (my bday) I felt really great! I was so excited! I thought finally, on Day 25, I was starting to feel that great Tiger Blood everyone was talking about. Then woke up Saturday morning with a UTI, feeling just awful. Started a 7-day course of antibiotics that day and have felt pretty crappy ever since. Fatigued, hard to get out of bed, and really depressed. The change in mood was one of the first and best NSV's I experienced, as I have struggled with depression my whole life, and the mood swings during perimenopause have been awful. So to lose that progress and momentum in steadier and better mood just feels soul crushing (sorry to be overly dramatic, but there you go. Part and parcel of my challenge). Having read the forums a lot, I know there are some people who have faced similar challenges. In my head, I know that this is probably because of the antibiotics and I will probably feel better once I'm off them. In my heart, I am just crushed that on Day 30 I feel this bad. It feels like all of this hard work is for nothing. I KNOW this is not true, and keep reminding myself that when I went to the doc in a box on Saturday, my blood pressure was down 20 POINTS!!! (from 120/80 to 100/70) That is incredible, right?! But please, I think I just need some support, an e-hug, and some shared experiences from others who have seen great results that took longer to achieve. Thanks, Whole30 community! You are very appreciated!
  6. Hi --- I think I had a reasonably successful Whole30 so far (this might be my 3rd... last one was about 2 1/2 to 3 years ago.) I don't find them too extra difficult....once I make up my mind to do all falls into place. I'm going to keep going because I'm still having some days where I'm just really tired. Like so tired I want to drop down and take a nap. I'm thinking the cause of this must be something I ate --- so I'm going to try to pay more attention to that & what the culprits might be. Today I had one of those crashes ... and I am attributing it, I think, to cacao. I just bought Crio Bru and had some of that this morning --- and I put the cacao in a green smoothie (which, I know Smoothies aren't ideal or endorsed per se, however I don't do them very often -- for that very reason.) It had some blueberries and avocado in it as well. It might be the carbs in these items that made me feel so tired...? Also, I did do something I wasn't supposed to do in the first 30 days... which was track what I ate in a calorie tracker.... so I'm not going to do that for the next 30 days. I did that because I wanted to have a general awareness & consciousness of what I was consuming. Actually, I might still need to do this... b/c I want to know what makes me crash. Last week I had to take a nap after eating a sweet potato and dehydrated apples (there was protein & broccoli there too... but I think the sweet potato and apples knocked me out.) I'm hoping with the completion of a Whole60... that I will feel greater energy levels.... and more consistent energy.... and avoiding the days where I "crash." They're pretty bad. I have to lay down and sleep for a couple hours. Otherwise... the positive results of the Whole30 thus far has been -- my skin looks better, brighter & better texture; better moods overall (I battle depression and I believe diet is a large part of it), better energy levels & better sleep (I feel like I sleep more deeply & less tossing and turning that I felt I was experiencing.) I traded in coffee for tea and that generally makes me feel better... I don't like it when I feel like I need coffee, and I also think coffee might make me crash and make me tired in the afternoon. I think I've heard it spikes insulin levels. Also I think the acid is bad for me. Not sure all the specifics, but I like giving up coffee. Thanks for reading & any thoughts.
  7. Hi There. I'm almost finished with my Whole60 (first Whole30 and 60). I'm on day 54 and am suddenly very bloated, my pants feel a bit tighter and I feel as if I have gained 5 pounds in water weight. I had a small amount of bloating in the middle of my whole30 that went away on it's own. I haven't changed what I have been eating and just completed my time of the month. I drink lots of water. I have been taking magnesium. I have been pooping less than normal. I'm thinking about trying digestive enzymes but I think this would have come up before day 54. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? I want to go on and do a Whole90.....but not if this continues and if I'm not going to see any results. Thanks much!!
  8. In the past, I have completed two Whole30s before and I absolutely loved them. I felt incredible and lost 4kg (8.8lbs) both times. However, I got very off-track after completing my second Whole30 and gained back the 8kg I had lost, plus a few extra kilograms to put me at my highest weight in a long time. I was feeling awful so I decided to do the programme again. Because I wanted to shed quite a bit of weight, I decided to do a Whole60 this time. I knew at the start that I shouldn't expect to lose 8kg in 60 days (even though I lost 4kg in 30 days) but I was hoping to lose about 6kg during my Whole60. Well, I've just finished and I lost a measly 3kg. I know it's not about weight and I should be focusing on non scale victories but I can't help feeling despondent, disappointed and confused. How could I lose less weight in 60 days than I did in 30 days? I have maintained the same exercise routine and ate the same foods as I did before. I have PCOS so I know that losing weight will always be challenging for me, but it really seems like something went wrong here. I'm feeling very down and wondering if anyone has any advice? Would really appreciate it!
  9. Started Feb 1 considering Whole60?

    Hi everyone, Today is day 14 for me and so far things are going really well. I've been surprised that I'm not hungry all the time like I thought I would be. I'm generally satisfied most of the time. If I find I'm not making it to my next meal I adjust my previous meals. I have had a lot of emotional stress lately so that has been my 1st big test - not running to sweets for comfort. Thankfully my hubby is doing this with me so I have support to stick with this. My hubby has already noticed an amazing benefit. He has 2 bad knees in need of replacements. Went skiing 6 days in a row last week and normally that would cause excruciating pain for him that would last days after stopping. He was so surprised how relatively good they felt. Still had pain but he said nothing in comparison to how it used to be. I haven't really noticed any changes yet. My goals are more energy and to see if there are any foods making my anxiety disorder with panic attacks, bi-polar and major depression worse. Before starting whole30 those 3 all reared their ugly heads again, all together. I have also suffered from acne as long as I can remember even now into my 40's. So very interested if I'll see any skin changes. Some of these are complex issues and so I'm thinking of extending this out to a whole60 to give my body more time to adjust, detox and reset so to speak. I think things like mental illnesses are so complex it just may take more time. Plus I went on new meds right before starting this and want to know what improvement is that and what is food related. Anyone else out there start and do longer than 30 days? I don't think there's any harm in it - such a healthy way of eating. Thank you everyone
  10. Hey all, So today is day 1 of what I hope will be a Whole 60. I've done two past Whole 30's - the first one I ended up doing something a bit more like a Whole 40 because I messed up and had to restart but I saw much better results that time around so I'm thinking that my system might need a bit longer to really do well with the changes. I'm still deciding whether to do a Whole 45 or a Whole 60 but I'm wondering what to expect. I reference the symptoms timeline frequently so that I can know if what I'm feeling is normal or not and so I can plan around various expected symptoms etc. My question is for all those Whole 60ers (or more) out there - What is the next 30 days like? Do you just continue feeling great and high energy or do you go through more symptoms? Is the biggest challenge just not getting bored with the food? Thanks for any insights you can offer! I'm worried about how hard this might be because unlike other times, I'm doing this on my own this time. So I want to make sure I'm mentally prepared for whats coming up so that I can be successful.
  11. Hey everyone! I started my Whole30 on 10/19/15 and will be successfully completing it tomorrow! However, I am one of those folks who had terrible habits and a nasty carb addiction going in, and despite total commitment to the program and tweaks along the way suggested by members and moderators, I have not really "felt the magic" yet. I actually had planned a doing a Whole60 even before realized that my body was going to need more time to metabolically heal, but now I know it's a necessity! Anyone with me for 11/18? I have had a great group of members who have supported me and each other through our Whole30, and I would love to keep that going for my Whole60!
  12. Whole60 Progress/Update

    I haven't been here in a long time, but I'm about to start another Whole30, so I'll post about my first one, which was in fact, a Whole60. Weight: I ended my Whole60 on March 19th. I lost 18.3 lbs. then, and I felt alot better. I had more energy and I didn't reintroduce everything. I started exercising and kepy on feeling good and I lost even more weight- another 5.8 lbs. (in July), putting me at my lowest weight since my 20's. Foods: Since then, I eventually added back some foods that add unwanted weight onto my body, and I slid down that sugar slope again. I didn't put sugar in my coffee or add any sugar to anything more than twice a month. I dropped fruit out entirely, save for some raisins in curry and some berries on occasion. I did end up having a treat at night, quite regularly, that contains sugar in it, and I've also been drinking more mixed drinks than I'd like to. I believe that these factors, along with reintroducing some grains (gluten-free, non-GMO, but still grains) have contributed to my recent weight gain -8.4 lbs. packed back on since July. Health: I recently had my cholesterol levels checked, and my bad cholesterol went up a bit from December. My triglycerides are steadily coming down, though, and my good cholesterol is up a bit. My bad to good ratio improved a bit as well. Blood sugar, liver, and kidneys all good. All blood cells good. New Goals: I don't want to be put on statins, and also, losing more weight will also help my bad cholesterol, so I'm going to do a Whole30 again; this time, I'm going to try to use only coconut oil, no bacon at all (even the sugar free kind), and to also incorporate more fish. I'll be coming here from time to time to see what others are doing that I might like to do as well. My husband will also be doing this with me, because, he hasn't gained weight at all, but he has had other ill health effects from going off-plan. He feels lethargic, has more aches and pains, and has been breaking out on his face and chest.
  13. I am currently on day 67, and I just know I've gained weight. At my weigh-in last week (day 61), I had gained about 2 kilos. I went on the whole30 in hopes of losing weight healthily. I am now 4 kilos away from my goal weight. I have followed the whole30 meal template as much as possible, and just eaten whenever hungry. Should I be counting calories again? Why am I gaining weight?! I am aiming for a whole90, but this process is very discouraging.
  14. Hi everyone!! Hope we have some people join the topic that aren't afraid to write about your ups and downs in the Whole30. I just completed my first on July 22nd with my husband. I did the reintroduction and now I want to get back on track. If I want to be completely honest I did not give up Truvia. I have been strictly adding it only to tea but that has been all I drink with water, of coarse. I know this is off plan BUT I wanted to be honest AND I still truly had leaps and bounds of improvements all around. I do/did not have many lbs to lose but was able to lose 6.2 on my first go. This most exciting part of this blogging is seeing how my fellow participants are succeeding too and with that sometimes we have some issues that makes it nice to have others to talk to about. I really hope we have some peeps join our group so we can do this together and share our experience, strength and hopes here. I look so forward to meeting everyone! Let's start today!! All emotions are welcome!!
  15. Background: First W30 completed July 21. Weaned my 14 month old towards the end of June. Began training for a marathon June 28th. Life Before Whole 30: I ate what I thought was healthy...a lot of fruits and veggies but also relied heavily on grains! I was a carb addict, partly because I thought that was what I needed to improve my running performance. I ran my first half-marathon in April and averaged 15-20 miles per week. Problem: During the W30 challenge I noticed my pants were falling off of me..woohoo a NSV! However, I seemed to have developed a "mummy tummy" and almost look like I'm 3 months pregnant again. I did full body measurements and there was really no change there either, which seemed odd. Full disclosure--I have not done well with the no snacking and have found myself reaching for the nuts and raisins a little too often. Typical day: 6-8h of sleep. I run early in the morning, usually by 7:00am, averaging 15-20 miles per week. M1: 3 eggs unless it's a long run day, I usually eat a hard boiled egg with some guac. Post run I'll have protein and sweet potato or butternut squash. M2: a salad filled with veggies and some form of protein, M3: protein and veggies Has anyone had a similar experience? I'm not sure whether to attribute the weight gain to weaning, or diastis recti, or training, or snacking or if I need to shoot for a Whole 60 instead.
  16. I just finished my first Whole30. Before Whole30, I ate very healthy, very little processed foods, mostly home made everything, little to no salt, a lot of veggies and fruit, lean meat and whole grains. I did the Whole30 to support my husband who has chronic sinus issues. Now that its over, I feel like I am not sure if I notice any real changes. I am nursing a 5 month old and my weight loss (2.4lbs) was a bit less than what I was losing the few months (about .75 to 1 lb a week) before but consistent enough. I am almost back at my pre-pregnancy weight (3 lbs away) so I think its partially because there is less weight to lose at this point. My goal is to get back down to 122 and stay there without counting calories and feeling deprived. I also feel like life with 2 kids under 2.5 kinda made it more challenging for us to see the real differences like tons and tons of energy and sleeping like a baby etc. My husband wants to extend the Whole30 longer to see if it helps with his chronic sinus problems but I don't know if its worth it. I feel basically the same as I did before and although I am definitely consuming more calories, I am not feeling like I am flowing with Tiger Blood and I am not the skinniest ever so I don't know, is it worth it to extend this longer. I know I probably ate too many nuts weeks 2 and 1/2 of week 3 but I have tried to keep my nuts to a minimum but it's hard to find easy foods to eat on the go. I have definitely changed, less snacking (although with nursing, the afternoon snacking has been impossible to give up) and I can enjoy black coffee now, which is huge but I feel like I still can't grasp the use fat as energy concept. I really need someone to help make a suggestion as to whether its all worth it for someone who really didn't have any issues with dairy or gluten before hand. I guess reintroduction may tell me otherwise but I think I tolerated everything pretty well before. Thanks so much!
  17. Hey ladies and gents, I succesfully finished a whole30 recently and just can't get enough. I pre-ordered the new book and it has arrived so I'm ready to dive in again. I have the feeling that 30 days isn't enough for me though. This time around I'm planning to see how far I can go still feeling happy, and listening to my body to see what it tells me. If my whole30 goes well and I don't feel like stopping, I'll go for a whole45, who knows I'll end up at my ultimate reset goal: to complete a whole100. Who's in for May 20th, should give us enough time to prepare!
  18. Keeping it going

    I started January 1st and really do feel great. I have changed the way I look at food and eat my meals and even got my wife to join along. She has had great results with her Rheumatoid arthritis since following this plan and both of us have dropped Dairy. Last night she broke down and had a slice of cheese and said it tasted horrible. When I told her today was the last day she pleaded for me to keep going so she could benefit. I read the email about continuing on and based on not really losing weight or inches and her feeling better I decided to keep going on for another 30 day. Maybe I need t tweak my food an add some more exercise as I did little cardio save Kettlebell Swings and burpees at class. Keeping on - Anthony
  19. Jan. 3 Start Date--Whole60

    Happy New Year! This will be my third ride on the Whole30 carousel. My first two were markedly different from each other--the second time around I really felt the "tiger blood" and everything seemed like second nature (except the no booze, that is never easy). I started my last Whole30 the day after a half marathon, and felt so good throughout the 30 days that I wished I had done this during my half marathon training. Well, fast forward to this spring, when I'll be running a nine miler, half marathon, and ten miler before April. I thought a good way to see if I could change my time. Also, I turn 30 this year (ugh, now I have to say "this year") and it's time to tame the sugar dragon once and for all and take care of myself. So, we're trying this thing for 60 days, which will take me up to just before my half marathon (and honestly, it'll probably become a Whole70 at that point). Looking forward to seeing what happens!
  20. Any Europeans out there?

    Hi, I'm planning to start my 2nd whole30 round on February 13th. Actually I will try for a whole60 I finished my 1st whole35(!) 4 days ago. All went according to plan, I felt great, planned to continue eating according to the template apart from some small adjustments. However... The sugar dragon caught up with me postwhole35 day 3. Anyone willing to go along?
  21. March 10 Start - Whole 60!

    Hello all! Mamaellen here, back again! This will be my 3rd Whole 30 and I'm going to go for 60 days this time. I have been paleo since October 2012 but without the regiment of Whole30, I enjoy tooo much sugar! Hoping the extra month will help me vanquish its hold on me once and for all! Who's with me? You don't have to do 60 days, just join me for the first 30! Here's a URL of the meals I made while on my first Whole30: Super stoked to have Michelle Tam's NomNomPaleo book by my side for this go around! (Seeing her live next Thursday! Stoked!) Live Fit and Be Well!
  22. I am on Day 28 of my first Whole30. I have not cheated outside of making refinements week one for some items with sneaky sugars, preservatives, etc- and even those are minimal. As a result of a long-time coming Celiac diagnosis, I have eaten a majority clean diet for the past three years but this was a chance to kick it up a notch and remove some of the food on the margins that had become "no brakes." I timed my whole30 to end the day before a significant gathering of my friends in advance of my wedding. I also plan to start another Whole 30 (equally ore more villigant) on the Monday after. This would give me Sat and Sun as days off before I start again. My baseline is from former restricted eating where the goal was ketosis and after a certain point one "cheat/off plan" meal could actually break through a plateau. This type of plan is obviously not for health, but is my only real understanding. I am curious about a few things. First, I am feeling amazing and for me weight loss was a goal, and that seems to be happening. Will one/two days (max) off program be a huge set back to the progress I am making to being my best self? For fat adaptation, does the one/two days off mean the process has to start from scratch? Thanks!
  23. Ok so I am on day 52 of my whoel30 and for the last two days I have noticed that I am feeling very hungry before my second meal and even seeing spots and feeling lightheaded (which reminds of me my "hypoglycemia" that I experienced before whole30-i have not experienced it since then, even remarked that my "hypoglycemia" was cured a couple days ago!) and also a slight headache. I am curious is anyone else has dealt with a return in similar symptoms, what could be causing it etc. stats: I lift weights 5x week (heavy weights), light cardio once or twice a week. I'm 5'3 and 134 lbs at last weigh in 22 days ago. I drink close to a gallon of water a day... I drink at least 50 ounces by 3 pm each day and the rest the rest of the day. Meals: Breakfast 7:15-7:30 am (but I eat it slowly while I'm working so I generally finish it between 8 and 8:30) -ground beef with scrambled eggs and fried (in CO) red and sweet potatoes (ground beef, egg and potatoes equal about 1 cup, maybe 1.5 cups) over a cup and a half of baby spinach and a cup and a half of romaine (possibly more not sure, its a big 'ol pile of greens) and 1/2 an avocado on top. 1 cup of fruit (watermelon, grapes, strawberries) with 1 cup of coffee with cinnamon Lunch 1:00 pm ( I try to wait until this time and last two days I have had the awful spots, lightheaded and headache starting around 11 am, but I try to wait until one to eat) 4-6 oz sb chicken breast, cup of broccoli, 1/4 large sweet potato, 2 hard boiled eggs, 1/2 avo and 1 cup of fruit Then I have a preworkout minimeal and post workout minimeal and dinner.. but my lightheaded ness has been coming around 11 am and around 4 pm... about 3 hrs after I eat each meal. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.