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Found 10 results

  1. So, new year mean's it's a good time to have a new focus on the various factors that make up the "Whole 9". Here's what the bosses have to say: We've done it a couple years now so let's keep it going! 2015 thread: 2016 thread:
  2. Who is in for a 9 month Whole 9 Challenge? The Whole9 lists 9 factors that "lead to a healthy, vibrant, balanced life". This challenge will dedicate one month per topic, starting with an Official Whole30 Nutrition Challenge in January. Here's some ideas I have for the year. If you want to do something different, join us later in the year, join for only a few months, or have unique personal goals, please feel free to do so. At the end of the prior month, let's share relevant reading and experiences so we can learn about it and set personal goals. Then as the month starts, share your goals for a Before & After personal summary at the end of the month. Check in as much or as little as you like. If you like, please share your personal goals, brief history, and something else interesting about yourself in an introductory post -- favorite food, pet peeve, Whole30 funny story, anything! Here are the 9 months, using great suggestions so far. February is a flexible month, It can be used for an extended Whole30, re-introductions, and/or establishing great eating habits now that you have foods figured out, or something else relating to Personal Growth. Jan: Nutrition & Whole30 Feb: Personal Growth - including Reintroductions & Healthy Eating Habits Mar: Sleep April: Stress May: Training & Healthy Movement June: Natural Environment & Getting Outside July: Fun and Play Aug: Socialization & Connecting with Others Sep: Temperance Oct: Refining and Reflecting- an additional synthesis, troubleshooting, etc.
  3. I just found out what whole 9 is and I want in! I'm doing this for arthritis so I'm in for the long haul...that and I have around 40 - 50 pounds went disappear in thirty days!
  4. I was thinking about doing a Whole9 challenge, where I take 30 days to focus on each of Whole9's 9 factors for optimal health. For example, March would focus on nutrition, or a Whole30. April would focus on sleep. May would focus on stress management and so on. Do I have anyone that would like to join me?
  5. I have just accepted a position downtown I am located in River North. I am finding it difficult to dial in a whole30 compliant habit here (there is SO much good food and restaurants everywhere!) Just want to put my foot out and introduce myself to anyone who might be in the area who is pursuing this program and want to successfully get through the program, and maybe offer some tips.
  6. Hey all I was out at the CanFitPro conference and trade show this weekend and the show also included the SweatRX Crossfit Championship. It was impressive. SweatRX is a Canadian crossfit magazine and I was pleasantly surprised when I visited their booth to preview their latest edition (July/August) of the magazine and a feature article was called "Primal Nutrition - Get the Whole 9". The article has nice shots of Dallas and Melissa plus details about Whole 9 and the Whole 30 nutritional workshops. The article describes Dallas and Melissa as the "undisputed power couple of Paleo"! Check it out if you wish: Cheers DJ P.S. Excited to be attending the Toronto (Canada) Whole 30 workshop on September 7th, 2013!!!
  7. So.....I started the 30 day challenge yesterday.....I'm on day 2 then I think I want a smoothie...when I go to Smoothie King I ask them if they have any sweetners in them, they say the orange juice is regular I get mangosteen extract, mango fruit, strawberry fruit, papya fruit, and kiwi fruit thinking I'm ok but it was so sweet it HAD to have sugar in it....right? So, I figured I fell off the bandwagon and tossed out my unfinished smoothie. Next, I go to Texas Roadhouse and order veggies, baked potato, and filet mignon....NOT BUTTER OR SEASONINGS......veggies and sweet potato were ok but the steak had a salty seasoning.....BOO! Do these 2 slips mean I have to start over? No clue.......eating and traveling is so hard
  8. I have a question for anyone out there who camps. I am going to be leaving on a 6 week cross country RV trip and will be cooking for 4 people. My husband and I have done the Whole30 and have for the most part adopted this eating style for good. My in-laws who will be going with us want to "try" our way of eating. I will be cooking in the RV as well as grilling. Oh and I have a crockpot and a large electric fry pan also. I have some Paleo cookbooks and my ISWF book, but I'm really looking for a variety of simple, quick easy to prepare recipes for the road. Any ideas? Thanks so much!!
  9. Added sugars, what a demon! The quote from the article below really hit me. The day before yesterday, I had some "mango salsa" and it wasn't until afterwards that I read the label and saw that it included some form of sugar. It didn't even occur to me that they would add sugar to something so amazing by itself! Prior to that, I found out my "uncured" bacon has added sugar. For some reason, I thought "uncured" equaled preservative and sugar free. Added sugar is everywhere - ugh! Luckily for me, I've signed up for the Whole30 Daily. I was reading my "Day 7" Whole30 Daily email and found this through the links provided. (A link off a link, to be precise!) This is from Whole9 Life post by Melissa and Dallas: “…because the Whole30 done with 80% compliance will mean your members will see (you know what's coming…) 20% of the results…† I don't want 20% results. I want 100% results. From this day forward, I am going to be more diligent, more aware. For me. Because I'm worth it. PS ~ I'll let you know how the homemade Mango Salsa turns out!
  10. I've had high cholesterol for years now (my dad has it too). I was so excited to see the results! Even though my HDL decreased a tiny bit my LDL dropped significantly! My triglyceride and VLDL levels have increased - need to see about lowering them but otherwise I'm happy! July 2012 Cholesterol/HDL Cholesterol PLASMA 3.2 HDL Cholesterol PLASMA 78 mg/dL LDL Cholesterol PLASMA 146 (H) mg/dL Cholesterol PLASMA 249 (H) < i> mg/dL Triglyceride PLASMA 127 mg/dL VLDL Cholesterol PLASMA 25 mg/dL December 2012 Cholesterol/HDL Cholesterol PLASMA 3.0 HDL Cholesterol PLASMA 75 mg/dL LDL Cholesterol PLASMA 115 (H) mg/dL Cholesterol PLASMA 224 (H) < i> mg/dL Triglyceride PLASMA 171 (H) mg/dL VLDL Cholesterol PLASMA 34 mg/dL