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Found 2 results

  1. CrazyCow

    Food for Lucky 13!

    So I'll be prepping a few things in anticipation this weekend. They are: mayo ghee bone broth chopped veggies emergency meat No doubt there will be more. Those are the things I KNOW I will want to have straight out of the gate...
  2. CrazyCow

    Jan 1 is Lucky #13!

    Here we go...lucky number 13 for Whole30s since 2013. I'm ready and excited to make this one the best yet. I may have a husband and college daughter joining in as well, or I may not. Either way they will join in the food prep aspect, and will no doubt be supportive as well. 2 things I LOVE about Whole30: reconnecting with food I get out of the habit of healthy food prep, and then I get out of the habit of food prep at all...and then the less healthy choices run rampant. I love remembering that I really ENJOY food prep and finding new recipes (or rediscovering old ones I forgot about). I post to pinterest throughout, too and it's fun looking through past boards etc. feeling invincible There comes a point in each W30 I've done where I find myself thinking I can do a bunch of pushups, right there and then. I hate pushups. I mean, seething, hot hatred of those awful things. But W30 EVERY time short circuits me to where I'm like "yeah I can do that. Yeah let's do that right now." It's weird, and it doesn't happen at the same time for me in the W30, but it does, invariably, happen. It makes me giggle--which is probably alarming to those around me at the time 2 things I am challenged by in Whole30: I've done this. Do I really have to do ALL of this? That's a conversation I've had with myself over a number of subsequent W30s...sometimes multiple times throughout the 30 days. I don't expect that to happen this time, but I need to be aware of it. I don't get to skip steps or rules just because I've been here before. I'm missing out. This is a hard pill to swallow. I have to be honest about it though; I DO feel like I'm missing out...and often. It's a feeling that passes quickly, but I'm just going to acknowledge it right here to start. I expect to have those flashes. I'm also looking at this W30 as the jump off for an exploration in 2020 into the facets of Whole9: Nutrition (Whole30 and beyond) Sleep (errr...what's that?) Healthy movement (more please) Fun & Play (let's finally make some time for this) Stress Management (looking for some balance) Socialization (connections and connecting in new ways) Natural Environment (surrounded by mountains and the ocean currently...take advantage of this!) Personal Growth (and now for something completely different...) Temperance (learn what it actually means to be "moderately immoderate"...) I'm looking forward to this added side of what Whole30 is about for me this time. Now let's do this!