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Found 36 results

  1. Dealcoholized Wine

    Is dealcoholized wine allowed as an occasional drink? I recognize that drinking it all the time would definitely not be in the spirit of Whole30 but as an every now and then thing is it allowed? Looking at the ingredient list, it seems technically compliant.
  2. In my Life After Whole 30, I am mainly eating Whole30-ish, making conscious decisions on deviations. I have been wondering about cooking with wine.... Some recipes just don't taste the same with the wine substitutes I have experimented with using. My understanding is the alcohol burns off so it is not like drinking alcohol.... is that right? My guess is maybe my recipe would have some added sugar due to the wine in the recipe? Does anyone know more about the science of cooking with wine (what is left after the alcohol burns off if indeed it does)? Anyone who has added back cooking with wine experience any issues/problems regarding how they feel?
  3. Miss my wine

    I've been on this plan for 6 days. It was a little hard giving up my cereal in the morning. But the worst has been wine. I know this makes me seem like an alcoholic, but the process of grabbing a good bottle, and the calm from that or just having a glass on my porch after a long day. I miss it! Im going to push on. Trader Joe's and I are becoming very well acquainted when it comes to hot tea. Any helpful suggestions on passing this stage? Or send me a good thought or two.
  4. Hi, I need some help......I am a serious chardonnay drinker (20+) years. I quit drinking 30 days prior to starting the W30, but I wanted to know if this program is harder for those that are addicted to alcohol. I am on day 25 and I'm really struggling with depression, lethargy crankiness and stomach upset. Is my body still trying to detox from the wine as well as foods with sugar? I don't want to quit since I'm so close, but this has been going on for several days now and want to know if it's normal. Thank you.
  5. mega proud of myself

    yesterday I went to see a wedding venue, fell in love with it and put a deposit down. I then started to freak out about how much I would have to save money-wise and the changes to be made. More than ever I wanted a glass of wine to relax the anxiety and nerves so my head would quieten down (I was on day 8), I was so close to just giving up my whole30 (not feeling the magic yet, obviously to be expected on day 8) I also gave up caffeine 2 days ago to help with my migraine headaches so yesterday I was really feeling it. I even asked my OH if we could go via my house first so he could drive us to dinner then I could drink. BUT when the waitress came to take my order and asked what drink I would like, I imagined Melissa next to me saying "you're not going down like this" and I ordered a sparkling water
  6. Wine as first intro?

    Hi! So I'm a week away from my reintro..... I'm gonna to go back to eating whole 30 right after, but would like to see what foods affects me...... the only thing I'm truly missing is the occasional glass of wine. Has anyone used wine as their first reintro food. Would it be considered sugar, or is alcohol its own category? Obviously all alcohol has sugar. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions, or has done this.
  7. I waited until day 39 to start my reintro because I was very stressed at work and wanted to let that die down a bit. My NSVs include reduced anxiety, more energy, and better sleep - even with all the stress at work. So, I waited until everything calmed at work and decided to reintro the only thing I really missed - dry, white wine. My husband bought a very nice dry sav blanc, and I had 1.5 glasses with dinner last night. Except for that wine, I have been completely compliant and am eating that way today. I drank the 1.5 glasses over a period of three hours. By 10:30, I had to go lay down because I felt terrible. Today, my joints are aching, my muscles are tight, and I have a killer headache. I am shocked that I am hungover. What's interesting to me is that I have had 1-2 glasses of wine with dinner for years, have given up wine (and all other alcohol) for Lent several times, and have always been able to go back to drinking it without these problems. Although I enjoyed the wine last night, it is not worth the pain I'm feeling today. As far as the rest of my reintro, I am re-thinking that plan now due to having such a strong reaction to the wine. I don't care for corn/grains/rice and rarely ate bread anyway. I have always drunk my coffee black and don't have a strong attachment to desserts. I like cheese, but I am ok without it. My question now is should I delay further attemps at reintro? I'm nervous because I could not go to work in the condition I'm in today (lucky it's Sunday!). Should I only try and reintro on the weekends? Would it be ok just to stay on Whole30? Thank you to all for feedback/suggestions.
  8. Wine & Champagne

    I've planned my Whole30 so I could reintroduce wine on my birthday. I'd planned to pair a delicious Cabernet with a perfectly cooked medium rare filet... My hubby surprised me by buying my favorite champagne so we could do a champagne brunch that day. So my question is can I reintroduce both red wine and champagne on the same day? Isn't champagne essentially sparkling wine? Yes, I'm aware that I sound overally excited about my fermented grapes, but they just make birthdays so much more palatable
  9. I am thrilled with my Whole30 results and am excited about this new lifestyle with more energy, better mood and a healthier body. Here are my results: able to lower all medication dosages clear skin more outgoing happier/less irritable no sugar cravings everything tastes better/more flavorful kicked my Splenda "addiction" no arthritis pain never got sick (even though everyone else in my family did) lost 10 pounds (and never felt hungry after the first few days of sugar withdrawal) I like people - lol! Last night I started my reintro with a half glass of red wine. To my chagrin and disappointment, I woke up in the middle of the night with a splitting headache. I didn't have a single headache throughout the entire Whole30. Anyone else experience this? What did you do? I have a huge wine cellar - this is NOT good me through this...Do I try again?
  10. I was in a bad place when I started the Whole 30. It was 8 months after giving birth to my second child. I was still 22 lbs overweight despite working out several times a week and choosing “healthy” foods (not much meat, lots of grains and beans). I ate zero packaged junk food, but I had delicious high quality pastries a couple times a week and thought nothing of it. Oh, and I regularly had 2-3 glasses of wine per night just to “wind down.” My childhood asthma had returned. My skin was on a hormonal rollercoaster; besides breakouts I had eczema and keratosis pilaris (chicken skin bumps on back of my arms). I was always hungry and always eating. I tried calorie counting. I tried Weight Watchers when the calorie counting got demoralizing. I tried weighing all my food when WW didn’t work. All that micromanaging sucked the joy out of living, and I still couldn’t lose the weight. My mantra was that I deserved that pastry/glass of wine/bowl of tortilla chips because I had been “so good” all day. I’d pile on the calories after the kids were in bed. But then I simply turned a corner, and decided that I deserved to feel healthy, to feel like I did before my pregnancy. Heck, why not feel even better than that? So I decided to give W30 a try. What did I have to lose? Which begs the question, 30 days later, what did I lose? As it turns out I lost ZERO pounds. 30 days of total compliance, and I weigh exactly the same. Yep, I’m one of those. (At this moment in time, while nursing, anyway.) I gave myself an hour or so to feel really down about it. But then I took at the NSVs I drafted yesterday before I weighed in. I weigh the same, but I’m not the same. I GAINED: - the ability to breathe freely without asthma. This is truly priceless. I have not touched my inhalers in one month. - a peaceful relationship with food. I’m not battling it any longer. I know what makes me feel good. And once I finish the reintros I’ll know what doesn’t! - knowledge and acceptance. I know my body is holding on to this weight because it needs it for nursing. Sure, I can tweak things here or there, but by and large I’ve proved to myself that it just doesn’t want to let go of it right now. I’m going to have to be patient. I am ready to stop nursing for a variety of reasons, but it may take a while for my hormones to catch up. So, what next? I’m going to do reintroductions to see which food group(s) were exacerbating the asthma. I'll have the occasional glass of wine over the next week or so (we’re traveling). I also had bloodwork done on Day 25. In two weeks I will meet with my chiropractor who has nutritional training to review that. Perhaps there are hormonal factors at play that can be worked on. Once I know the bloodwork results, I’ll decide whether to jump into another Whole30. For now, I will stay compliant while at home, avoid whatever it is that’s causing the asthma even when out, and have the occasional glass of wine. But mostly, I am going to enjoy the calm Whole30 has brought to my life and give my body some grace. Read on for details if you’d like. As always, I’m open to any feedback on how to move forward. These forums were an amazing resource through the whole process. NSVs: - Asthma GONE without the use of steroid inhalers - Skin clearer - Nails growing like crazy - Eczema gone - Keratosis pilaris (chicken skin on arms) drastically reduced - On the rare occasions where my alarm goes off before the kids are up, I only press snooze once instead of three or four times - I can see my waist again! hallelujah! - Clothes fit better and I can get into some I couldn’t a month ago - Even energy all day long - More time between meals means more efficient work - Free from cravings. I no longer struggle with food choices. - Not tempted to eat after dinner - I don’t “need” wine to relax anymore - I don’t need to weigh myself every day as I used to What went well: - I rocked it with the homemade condiments: mayo, ketchup, ranch dip and Nom Nom Paleo’s “magic mushroom” seasoning were my favorites - Egg bakes saved my bacon for breakfast - such a time saver, and great to start the day without having to “think” about the meal - Kombucha was the perfect treat instead of wine/beer/cocktails - I made it through Easter with flying colors - I cooked many compliant meals for my extended family (we’re talking large groups of 12-20 people, and they all loved them) - I did NOT evangelize to my family, which is something I’d done in the past, but tried to set a quiet example What could have gone better: - I ate more frequently and had more fruit and potatoes than necessary in the beginning. I was still breastfeeding heavily then (I’m down to one nursing session a day now), so I was nervous about my supply and likely overdid it. All compliant, so no harm done, but once I got down to 3 (large, by my previous standards) meals per day, which was about two weeks in, I felt much better. - Some days I ate 1/2 an avocado at every meal. Maybe I need to dial that back to 1/3. - Still having some skin breakouts but then again I’m in a transitional place hormonally as I slowly stop breastfeeding - Sleep is not a long or solid as I would like, mostly due to kids waking me up - if fact, SLEEP could be the largest factor in the weight hanging on. - I need to drink more water. 62 oz/day isn’t cutting it. What I’ll do in the future, to keep doing better: - Make fruit and potatoes a once a day thing, not an every meal thing - Aim to be in bed by 8 and asleep by 9 - Read for 1hr before bed instead of watching tv - Dial coffee back to one cup per day, replace second cup with matcha - Aim to drink 3 32-oz bottle of water/day - Keep working with my preschooler on not waking us at night when he goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night. He can do it, but it helps when we prep him by talking about it before bedtime. - Let my husband take over the 5:30 feedings when he is home so I can sleep longer - Take measurements to track inches lost, not just weight - Stay on whole 30 at home. I rarely eat out (maybe once a week) so that would be a pretty complaint lifestyle, and I find it easy to do at home. - I won’t go back to having stevia in my coffee. That was the hardest thing to give up, and I think it was triggering a cycle of sugar cravings. In fact I may even give up my almond milk. I think I’m ready to enjoy coffee black, and I like the simplicity of that.
  11. I have a few seeming remedial issues/questions to throw out on this forum. Here goes: I'm on Whole30 (Day 11 wrapping up) and I'm just wondering what the basis is for not having alcohol--as in a glass of dry white wine, which according to my research, has 4 grams of carbs and less than 8 grams of sugar in a glass and 100 calories. I'm fine not having it for 30 days but when I go back to "normal" I'm thinking of what I may want to add back in and wine is definitely at the top of the list. So it got me questioning what is wrong with it in the first place? Is it bad for you if you have 1 glass a few times a week, generally speaking? I thought it had tons of sugar in it, but apparently most dry whites don't. And I have a local wine store that I shop at where they pretty much know the vintage, etc, so I can get some personalized service when I am done with Whole30. I guess it can depend on a lot of factors, which is why knowing the vineyard, vintage, etc (via the wine store owners) is key. My other question is bread. Without it I am hungry all the time. Which is a different issue (below), but my question is, why is bread the devil lately? I know so many people who are gluten free, but bread has been around for the ages. Do we just eat more than our ancestors did? Or do our bodies just not process it the right way anymore? I was thinking, once Whole30 is over, I would start making my own bread. Is that a better option? Is everyone anti-bread because it's so processed these days? My kids love their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and it's one of the staples for their lunch. So before I go giving up on bread in my house, I want to know the reasons why everyone is on the gluten-free bandwagon, even if you don't have gluten intolerance issues? No one in my family has gut or gluten issues. We have pretty iron stomachs. I'm happy to make my own if it's bad because of over processing. And pasta that is whole wheat and organic? Is that "bad" now? Because in Italy I'm guessing most kids still eat that every day (probably not even whole wheat) and it is another staple in our diet. I'm trying to sort out which foods my family should avoid. I know with weight loss bread is a big one to avoid, but if the rest of us (not including my husband) digest things fine, then is it wrong to eat it? If not, then how many servings are okay a day? Now onto my hunger: I'm doing this because, while I eat pretty well, I think I could eat healthier. But the main reason is to support my husband because he wants to loose some pounds (like 10-15). But I don't want to lose any. I'm already on the thin side. Today I had Chia Pudding, 2 eggs and sweet potato cakes for breakfast and was still hungry. I ate a big lunch, a huge chicken salad (Whole30 approved), charred zucchini, then a cashew-banana-vegan smoothie, then had a spoonful of cashew butter and while at the gym, I still bonked. Total sugar shakes, etc. Luckily I had a Lara bar with me but that barely did the trick. I felt like I was going to pass out. I'm feeling worse by the day on Whole30. Is it possible my body just doesn't have the reserves to do this? I have always had a very high metabolism so I'm wondering if i'm burning through everything too fast, and if so, how to fix it? I know I threw out a lot here so thanks in advance for anyone who wants to take on my questions!
  12. I am proud to now be more than 1/3 the way through my Whole30 experience...and although this isn't hard, it truly is challenging! Today was the day I thought I was going to give up. Seriously. For whatever reason, I've been super cranky pretty much all day. I talked like a sailor and really just wanted to curl up in a hole so everything and everyone would just leave me alone. More than anything, I wanted a glass of wine! Then I went to the grocery store for mostly Whole30-compliant foods (my sons and husband aren't on the program; just myself). I bought bananas, apples, apricots, avocado oil, pork, tomatoes, cashews... Also on my list were milk, bread, and beer (obviously not for my consumption). I almost broke down. Literally. Right there in the grocery store! The last 10 days have been okay. Ups and downs, but for the most part doable. Today has been the hardest day EVER! I got home from the grocery store and my husband sensed the tension. Well, either he sensed it or flat-out knew by my every word just dripping with disdain. He lovingly took over unpacking the groceries and cooking dinner, being careful to follow the cheat sheets that I have posted on the refrigerator, and he shooed me into another room. I opened up my laptop and pulled up the Whole30 website. I was determined to find that I've screwed up somehow and that's why I feel the way that I do. Convinced I was off-track without knowing it, the first thing I looked up was the timeline of what to expect during the Whole30. Then I realized: Nope, it's expected that I feel THIS way and on THIS day. I was both relieved and disappointed. I was relieved that I'm on track, but I was disappointed that I didn't have an excuse to run to the corner store for a bottle of merlot. So here I sit now, seeking support and reassurance. I thought I was stronger than this. Now I'm just hoping I can last the remaining 19 days. To boot, we're going to my in-laws this weekend for two days. My MIL is the most difficult woman I've ever known in my life (my husband says this about his own mother, so don't think I'm one of "those" daughter-in-laws). She's negative, nit-picky, rude, and downright mean. My husband has informed her ahead of time that we (yes, he said "we" so hopefully she'll actually listen and respect my new eating habits, despite he's not doing the program but will for my sake this weekend) are doing a 30-day detox diet of sorts and are not eating sweets, dairy, or breads nor are we drinking any alcohol (they always have wines, ports, etc.). I have NO idea how I'm going to survive the weekend when visits to their condo are some of the most stressful that I ever have all year long... HELP!
  13. Hello everyone! Looking for some support/information here. I just completed my first Whole30 on 3/15/16. During the program I felt wonderful and so in control/confident in what I was doing. My first day off plan for reintro I had some Boar's Head Black Forest ham mixed into my eggs and veggies for breakfast. I didn't think much of it, other than some added sugar and possibly carrageenan or sulphites. I had some of this same ham with my lunch. I started noticing that I was feeling itchy in the afternoon, but no rash. Just a skin crawling type of itch that moves around my body (mostly chest, arms, inside my ears?!). That night I also celebrated with half a glass of Cabernet with my otherwise whole30 compliant dinner. When I went to bed I could not stay asleep because of the itching. I've had 2 complete whole30 days since, and I'm still itching. Could three slices of deli ham have caused this? I don't think it's the wine, because I was already having the problem before drinking it. Anyone else experience anything like this?
  14. This is my first Whole30. I've never been able to stick with a strict plan due to my mood becoming affected (irritable, mostly). It was helpful to read in the Whole30 book that cravings, on average, last between 3-5 minutes. I've been tracking this and so far it rings true for me. My biggest challenge in all of 2 days is finding the time to get food on the fly. I haven't found one prepared food without sugar, which is eye-opening. I gave up wine a week prior and sleep so much better. Anyway, looking forward to the challenge!
  15. I chose to have a glass and a half of white wine last night for reintroduction. I woke at 4:30am terribly nauseated. WARNING! TMI on the way....I have severe diarrhea and vomiting. I am having some soreness and aches, but that could be attributed to two days of heavy workouts. Do I attribute my sickness to the wine or is it possibly just bad timing and maybe I have a stomach bug? I did notice (too late) that the label reads "contains sulfites." Also, I thought I ate whole 30 but my lunch companion believes their was soy in the dressing and I thoughtlessly took a bite of my daughters turkey sub. What are the signs of a bad reaction to alcohol? I read that a sulphate sensitivity is similar to an allergic reaction with stuffy nose and wheezing. I have no symptoms of this nature. I'm sitting on the sofa all day. Blah. Note, I was unaware of any food sensitivities prior to the Whole30.
  16. Trouble starting

    HELP!!! I am trying desperately to get this going, but I don't feel my heart is entirely into it. Not to mention, I have a VERY stressful job and the one thing I love to do each night after a long day is have a nice glass (or two) of wine. I can, for the most part, stay away from breads, which I LOVE, but I need my cheese. It can also be very expensive to eat this way. Not to mention TIME! I don't have time to wake up and make breakfasts and I am not a huge dinner maker during the week..... Yes, I know these are all excuses that can be debunked, but .... maybe I am just not cut out for this and am not that strong?
  17. This is my 3rd start in over a month. There always seems to be party, book club or dinner out. My downfall is definitely the wine before dinner, with dinner and after dinner. I'm so used to coming home from work and walking in the door and pouring a glass to relax before I start dinner. Trying to find a new course of action. I'm trying to come up with ways to change my habit. Taking the dogs for a walk, yoga? Okay have to be sensible, my habit is a long time part of my day, the release of working a very stressful job and a very long commute. Any suggestions?
  18. I'm pretty sure I've just done the worst reintroduction ever. I had family visit the day after my W30. It was all good the first day, but the next two were far as food goes. We spent those days snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef and touring the Daintree World Heritage Rain Forest. I was so excited I lost my mind and ingested Wine, Icecream, Pizza, Milk and Cake. A lot of those foods i hadn't touched in 6 mths of doing Paleo. I thought I was so much stronger than that and now I feel like I've ruined all that good work I put in doing my W30
  19. Days 1 and 2 have gone well, although I do miss my glass of wine. Actually, that is not true. I am primed to think I miss my glass of wine. Last night I went out to my bookclub, and everyone else was drinking wine, and I happily drank water. In fact, I found the smell of the wine slightly repulsive.
  20. So, I'm about to embark on my second Whole 30..knowing in the back of my mind that I will eventually likely have to give up wine and sugary treats for good. Has anyone done this? I think I was lying to myself thinking that I could continue to drink wine. But, I realize that wine makes me feel just as bad as sugar treats. I get cloudy and have headaches and it probably needs to eventually go permanently. I feel AMAZING when I'm doing a Whole 30 and would think that I would just be excited about it. I am able to focus on friends and family during gatherings rather than where my next treat is coming from. I get up at 5:30am each morning and get soooo much done. When I am eating sugar, I can barely get out of bed by 8 in the morning and slog through the morning before heading to work around noon. You would think with the way my life and body changes with the Whole 30, it would be a no brainer that I would want to eat like this forever. Why is it soooo hard to let go of some of these things for good?
  21. Booze and sugar?

    There are lots of threads on this, but few have reached any conclusion. I would like to reintroduce alcohol for occasional consumption. Because I enjoy both beer and mixed drinks, I am totally confused on how to do this. Both beer and booze contain alcohol AND sugars. Beer also contains gluten. So, how to reintroduce when there is more than one verboten food group in each item? (Also, the reintro protocol says nothing about reintroducing sugar. Not that I want to eat mounds and mounds of sugar (I like fruit just fine as a treat) but I am worried about added sugar.
  22. Reintroduction of alcohol

    I'm on day 31 (partly out of fear/laziness regarding the reintroduction process) and face a happy hour tomorrow and some alcohol-centered events over the weekend. I'd love to have a glass of wine and wondered how that fits into the reintroduction schedule. I think tomorrow will be my dairy reintroduction day, but does the alcohol/wine factor in at all?
  23. One week in and what a week it has been. Started my whole 30 last Monday, on Wednesday my 21 day old grandson was hospitalized with strep B-a very bad bug esp. in newborns...scared us silly.....leaving me to bring home the older three, ages 7, 5, and 2. Wow, Fear, stress, feeling helpless... But at the core of it all I know real life Will Happen every day, and I stayed committed to the whole 30. Having my sister as companion in my journey helped me stay accountable, too....The baby is doing great but had to suffer through a spinal tap, catheterization, multiple blood draws... Thank God the bacteria had not entered into his blood stream or spinal fluid.. Actually it started as a "weird" diaper rash my daughter did not like the looks of... Mother's intuition... And it is turning into a 10 day hospital stay. So I feel like a champ having nearly succumbed to coming home and cracking open a bottle of wine... And I think that is what So far I have missed this past week- booze! A glass of wine; beer or two on the 4th of July. But since I am being honest with myself, it is never a glass of wine. it is always half the bottle. It is always three pale ales or chocolate stouts. I will miss you beer, now that I am giving up grains ..... I just got the Nom Nom paleo app with tons of whole 30 recipes, have ordered well fed 1 and 2, and liked several paleo sites on facebook for recipes and inspiration. I like to cook but not so great at the clean up part.... I am not much of a grocery shopper either, and this is forcing me to get back to what is important!,,,I thought after raising and cooking for four kids, their buddies, & my husband all those years I could coast... But cooking and feeding yourself is a life-long thing....and I need to rekindle some kind of passion for it.... Hoping the inspiring things ordered will help. Right now, I've got nothing!
  24. Pre-Whole 30, I would drink wine a few days per week. I really enjoy wine- trying new varietals, visiting local wineries, etc. Of course, I also enjoyed the feeling of relaxation that came along with a couple of glasses, especially after a hard day at work. I noticed that my emotional pull towards wine was getting stronger, so that was one of the catalysts for me to do a Whole30- I want to break that cycle and go back to being more of a connoisseur than someone who will just have a glass, just because. I'm now 15 days in to my Whole30, and have only had a couple of days where I really, really missed wine. I've turned to kombucha as my nightly beverage when I feel like I need something other than water (maybe once or twice per week). At social gatherings over the holiday weekend, I drank kombucha out of a wine glass and didn't feel deprived at all. But yesterday, I noticed something. I was setting up my very first kombucha home-brew system, when something went wrong and I got stressed out. My immediate response was "I need a glass of kombucha!" just like in my pre-Whole30 days I would have reached for a glass of wine. After drinking my kombucha, I also got a case of the munchies...just like wine used to do to me! My emotional dependence on wine seems to have transferred over to kombucha. Has anyone had that happen before? I know reaching for kombucha is healthier than reaching for wine, but I don't want my emotional eating to transfer along for the ride.
  25. Boy this Whole 30 went fast for me! I have had a couple random observations during this Whole30 that did not seem to fit elsewhere... Cravings: I lost my appetite over a week ago and at first I was concerned. I do eat my meals, but I do not wake up hungry, nor do I look forward to them. It occurred to me last night that maybe this is what it feels like when you don't have cravings! It's all about interpretation. (Don't worry! I have not lost any weight this month (I don't think) so I know I am getting enough food). But, as someone who lived on carbs (anything baked! Preferable homemade bread and cheese) fo 40+ years, having a "clean, clean" running machine may just be something I was completely unfamiliar with, ha ha ha! Alcohol: I feel great and although what I have missed most is having wine when out with friends, I have to say I feel dramatically better and I know that alcoholic drinks do not agree with my body. When out, I have been having bubble water with lemon or lime and I have to say that getting the extra makes my body happy and I feel very pleased at the end of the evening. Reintroduction: I have not decided what to introduce later this week. Nothing I gave up is calling to me! I might try non-gluten grains (rice) just to have variety in my meals if I go out to eat, at home my cauliflower rice is satisfying. Dairy, okay, I do LOVE dairy (yogurt, cream and kerrygold is calling to me!) Unfortunately, I think yogurt is the culpret and why I started this whole thing in the first place. I guess we will find out next week. That's it, thank you! So grateful for everyone who posts here, it has been great to learn about other Whole30 experiences!