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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, Weird question--what can I bring for lunch that is physically compact? We have tiny shared work fridge. Today I brought a sandwich sized container and a mason jar sized container and they barely fit. Thanks!
  2. About to start my first Whole30 starting April 2nd and trying to get prepared. The thing I keep fearing is I work in a casual restaurant. Snacking has been a huge problem for me. Anyone in the same boat have any tips?
  3. Hi everyone! This is my second time around doing a Whole30, almost a year apart! I'm on Day 9 and feeling great! However, an annoying situation is arising...I'm freaking out because I'm going on a 3.5 day trip to NYC in a little over a week for a work conference. The conference will have breakfasts and lunches catered. I'll be in a hotel with no access to a stove. I'm also a young professional and the draw of having free breakfast and lunches for a few days is quite tempting even though I know they won't be compliant. Any advice on what to do? Has anyone ever asked their work to provide a per diem so they can eat outside a conference rather than partaking in the catering? Thanks!!
  4. Hi all helpful Whole30 gurus! I am going on a three-day work trip to Las Vegas. I know Vegas has lots of food options but I want to pack some Whole30 back up supplies just in case. I will be working a conference and will have limited time for breakfast and lunch. Please share suggestions for a quick breakfast and/or lunch that I can buy now and take with me in my checked suitcase to have while at the conference. Right now, I am wondering about Whole30 compliant Rx Bars or Lara Bars for a quick breakfast if no other options are available. Also, is there a beef jerky option that could work for lunch along with fresh veggies or fruit? Can I pack fresh veggies in my checked suitcase on Southwest airlines? Thanks in advance for your advice! - JohnW
  5. I am going to Sundance Film Festival for 4 nights, I have to go for work, but I want to stay committed to my January Whole30 the whole time. I’ve never been to Sundance but have heard stories about it being a huge weeklong party: drinking and staying up late, shmoozing, eating out, drinking, drinking and more drinking. Ack! Anyone been to Sundance on Whole30? Anyone going to be there this weekend and want to check in with me? Would appreciate all the help I can get.
  6. Hi everyone, Looking for a little advice here. I completed my first whole30 last week, with great successes. I am taking a few weeks "off" (but not really- I had a gluten free cake tasting for my wedding over the weekend and am having some dark chocolate. That's about it) and am planning on doing another one starting next week up until my wedding in November. Speaking of my wedding.. I work for a private speech therapy clinic with 2 amazing bosses that treat us like family. I have worked there for a year and there are only 10 of us on staff. My bosses are hosting a bridal shower for me next week, they just planned it this week, and I got the invitation today. Turns out, they planned it at a local vegetarian restaurant and there are basically no options for me. They know I'm gluten and soy free as I have been for several years, but I'm not one to talk about the whole30 unless asked so nobody knows I'm also not eating dairy, gf grains, legumes, etc. The only thing I might be able to eat is guacamole with crudite, and a plain greens salad with olive oil and vinegar. My dilemma is whether or not to speak to my bosses and tell them the situation, or just eat what I can and be grateful. I really don't want to seem demanding or impossible and ungrateful, but at the same time I know if I planned a shower and turns out the guest of honor couldn't eat anything and didn't tell me, I would have wished she had so I could find a better restaurant option. Not sure what to do and would really appreciate your thoughts!
  7. Rkz220


    Hello all-- looking for advice...I work 3 12 hour shifts per week, and on a typical workday I usuall eat breakfast around 6am, lunch around 1-2pm, and dinner when I get off work at 8pm. Is it acceptable to have a snack between my breakfast and lunch since I go so long between those two meals?
  8. remybriscoe

    So much for support...

    Hi everyone! So a few weeks before I was scheduled to start my Whole30, I talked to a group of people at work to see if they would be interested in doing it together. I know that last time I did a Whole30, doing it with with friends made things a lot easier. Everyone seemed really interested and I linked them to all of the Whole30 "cheat sheets" and online documents and great blogs. Start day came (April 28) and only one person, out of a group of maybe 10, committed to doing it with me. I understand, I get it - some people just aren't ready to give up alcohol for a month. The no soda thing scares some people. And no more burritos at lunch, the horror! I think the thing that gets to me is the few people who say they're doing it, or actually "their version" of it. So they're eating sugary bacon, they're drinking on the weekends, they still eat the catered lunches every day without knowing what goes into that stuff. Well, if you're doing "your version" of a Whole30, then it's not really a Whole30, is it. It's frustrating that 2 of us are doing the hard work, and everyone else who isn't still thinks they can reap the benefits. I know myself and the one other committed person will see the best results and feel the best, mentally and physically. I KNOW that. It's just annoying to have someone say 'I love this program!' when they're not...actually doing it. And so I come here to vent my grievances and be with my people! Anyone else experience this in their workplace or inner circle?
  9. I'm kicking off my first Whole30 November 1st, and I know that work will be a minefield. I'm a creative at an advertising agency and typically work long, erratic hours. We have loads of cheese, bread and fruit in the kitchen at all times, but obviously that's out of bounds. I'm already in the habit of bringing lunch to work - typically leftovers from dinner. What I'm after are well-balanced, make ahead snacks/mini meals to keep on hand for when hanger strikes. As an aside I can see avoiding snacking being a major, major issue because I am hungry all. The. Goddamn. Time. Seriously, my fiance jokes that I have a bottomless stomach. This wasn't such an issue when I was younger and my weight hovered around 50-52kg at all times, but now I'm 30 and my weight has crept up to 61. Still a 'technically' healthy BMI, but a totally unacceptable weight gain regardless. I'm actually super anxious about dealing with my endless hunger during the Whole30.
  10. HELLOOOO all! Been checking out this site for pretty much the entire day and I keep finding more and more great stuff!!! Tomorrow will be day one. scared. I am a pretty healthy person. but I can already feel myself getting overwhelmed with the whole paleo thing. The idea of NONE of something freaks me out. I have been looking up tons of recipes which is why I think im overwhelmed. Im horrible at keeping things simple. im thinking for the first week I will just eat very basic meals. A few questions! I am training for a marathon. I read about the PWO meals. So does that mean on days I run 5 to 15 miles and or lift-Have an extra snack before AND after??? are we only supposed to have 3 meals no snacks?? Also- I work in a hospital and my days are LONG 7 am to 7 pm Im very worried about when to eat my meals, the times. and should I have snacks?? I leave my house at 630 am and get home around 8 pm Im sorry if these questions have been asked before. Theres so much info on this site I may not have stumbled upon it yet. But if you have any ANYTHING to tell me, offer me, guide me, its all welcomed!