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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, i started Whole 30 as a challenge through my yoga studio...30 yoga sessions in 30 days and complete Whole 30. We’re havin* weekly support meetingS and yoga sessions. So far I’m doing well in the program.
  2. Hello, I'm psyched to start my first whole30 in January. I am a member already at and I saw that a program was created to combine the two. I meant to start a whole30 for a long time and now I have no excuse. So nice I found this forum and happy to be here. So who is in for the January whole30+yoga program? Isabell
  3. I wake up at 5am and then practice yoga at 6am. For pre-workout I'm planning on having a fried egg or almonds. I need ideas for light post-workouts. I don't like sweet potatoes, besides I don't think I need starchy foods for post workout since yoga is not as intense as crossfit. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Can my post-workout be a coconut water (while I'm driving to the office)? And at around 8:30am I will be eating my egg muffins (w/veggies and chicken sausage) with some steamed broccolli.
  4. I started the Whole30 8 days ago - going great so far. I also restarted a low intensity core strength course and getting up at 5am. I get up, have a handful of nuts, and barely break a sweat for about 45 minutes. The problem starts after the workout. I need the morning to do school before my kids get up, so want to spend 5:45-7 doing school, not eating an intentional breakfast (I found myself reading and eating today, which is not ideal) I would like time to enjoy my coffee and read / do my coursework and have breakfast with my family. Could I bridge this gap with some coconut milk and collagen in my coffee? Any other ideas? I know I could scarf something down, but I'd rather not do that
  5. I am just wondering what some of you whole 30'ers out there like to do for your exercise. I JUST ran my first marathon, glad that's over with so I don't have to do it again, hah no I actually enjoyed it but man seriously who has time or wants to go for a 3 hour run on a sunday...NOT ME!! I love the results from lifting, as I want to lose fat and get some definition, but I always get overwhelmed at the gym and which muscles to workout and how to separate my workout days etc. thought about yoga since im rather tightly wound ( whole 30 should help though because I also decrease my caffeine consumption) but I am just wondering what other people out there like doing or what exercise routine they are in.
  6. Hey Whole 30'ers Say, questions for you: Does anyone suffer from anxiety and or depression and can share helpful lifestyle tweaks that have helped aleviate or benefitted them? I struggle with anxiety and have found the following to be helpful: Whole 30: no dairy, no grains Meditation Yoga Running Lighting Candles Good nights sleep deep breathing journaling
  7. UrbanePrimitive

    Whole30/Paleo and DDP Yoga

    So I was thinking of picking up DDP Yoga. A friend of mine who has always been a *big* dude started and he actually is seeing some changes. Here's the thing: I also want to do the Whole30. I know DDP has meal plans and a very particular diet you are meant to follow as part of the program, has anyone tried supplanting the DDP diet plan with the Whole30/Paleo?