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I am new to the forum and just starting the whole 30 program although I have been on a paleo type diet for 2 months restricting carbs to 20-30 grams. I have already eliminated grains and starchy vegetables, alcholol, sugars, and seed oils from my diet. I have lost almost 20 lbs but I am having real problems with my food allergies and sensitivities. I cannot digest Olive oil or coconut oil. I also react to milk products, artifical sweetners, spices and vinegar, I eat beef, lamb, and pork but I get an inflamation reaction and leg cramps from them. Can't tolerate nitrates, msg. Over the last week I eliminated milk and nuts from my diet. It seems every time I elimate another food group another sensitiveity pops up. Now chicken is giving me a problem. I read about leaky gut syndrome and my bowels are ok, the only symptom is food sensitivites. Many of these food issues and allergies I have dealt with for over 30 years. I have been allergy tested but it does not show up as an allergic reaction on test. I do not react to all foods the same way. Some I can't digest ant they just come back up. Others I get an inflamation in my legs, some foods cause itching. I have tried organic meats and I react the same as regular but I am willing to try all organic for 30 days and see if that makes a difference. I am trying Whole 30 because of the elimination portion of the diet. It is very fustrating because I am getting tired of eating the same foods and many of the recipies call for olive oil or coconut oil as the main fat. I use ghee and avacodo. I can't use salad dressing they usually are a problem either milk based or vinegar based. Salt and pepper is the safest seasoning for me. I am running out of things to eat. Has anyone else had problems food. Can anyone help or guide me to someone. It would be appreciated

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