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Lately I've been eating sliced cabbage sautéed in a skillet, either with whatever fat's in there from meat or CO. I've eaten it twice a day for the last week and I'm still digging it. I micro plane in some ginger (I freeze a knob a la Nom Nom--best cooking tip ever, it comes out just like ginger shave ice).

I really love cabbage.

The Nom Nom or Molly Stevens best braised cabbage is good, but maybe a little heavy for warmer weather? Lightly sautéed is soft but still a little crispy and fresh tasting. Esp with the ginger.

Used to do an asian peanut slaw and have been vaguely thinking about how to W30-ize that. Maybe with sunshine sauce? Haven't made that yet but I suspect it would be good if you salted the cabbage first to wilt it/release water

There are a bunch of slaws here. I have made the lime one a few times and it's very good. I have done with and without peanuts (obv no peanuts on W30) with happy results. Some are w30-able and some aren't.


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Tried Sunshine Sauce on cabbage tonight: yum.

It was my first time making the sauce. I'm weaning myself off nightshades so I only used a teeeeny pinch of cayenne and no red pepper flakes. I added some fresh cilantro and an extra pinch of ginger.

I love a good Thai peanut slaw, so this was delicious. (Especially with my Korean BBQ brisket a la nomnompaleo.)

I did salt the cabbage to release water. This also makes the cabbage a little softer. Perfect. Next time I'll add a few more veggies like carrots and cuke, and maybe a few pieces of pineapple or mango, more cilantro to make it like a Thai salad. :D

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