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So I'm due to have a surgical procedure tomorrow, & have to be nil by mouth from midnight tonight.

As my procedure isn't till 12:30pm, I was wondering what the best thing to do, in terms of eating today is? I had breakfast about 8:30ish (chicken apple sausage, 1/2 white sweet potato, 1/4 braised leek, 1 handful of baby spinach, all cooked in coconut oil & topped with an egg). I've just eaten lunch @1pm, (1/2 of the breakfast above minus the egg plus a thin slice of Johnny's meatloaf). Dinner will be some form of salmon & veggies (? Curry, poached...haven't decided yet) about 6-6:30pm.

So based on the above, should I eat my dinner & go to bed as per usual @9:30pm, Or do I add an extra meal & go to bed a little later? If I do the former, it'll be about 19hrs without food (or drink).

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