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Good morning everyone!! I am going to attempt...no...I am going to complete my second Whole 30!! Okay, that is somewhat of a lie. I attempted Whole30 back in Jan/Feb of this year and only lasted three weeks. In those three weeks, however, I gained so much energy, slept slightly better, and lost 12 lbs. Hubby did it with me and lost 20lbs!! So I figured it was time to do it again. I chose today to start simply because we had a "mother's day" lunch at work yesterday and I didn't want to be rude my turning it down. So today is the day! I do not have hubby this time though so I am going to need lots of motivation here!

So anywho, I started my morning off with 2 eggs fried over easy with 1 tbsl ghee, and some sautatued kale, mushrooms, and scallions to place on top of my eggs. Some might say that my breakfast was too small, but when you're not used to eating in the morning, you have to start slowly!

Good luck to everyone else, and here's to hoping I can pull it off this time!!

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I am starting today as well! I've tried before but never made it past 2 weeks. Social pressure is a you know what!!

I had eggs and bacon for breakfast, and lunch I had grassfed beef cinnamon burgers on a bed of locally grown spinach. I also had some butternut squash with ghee, and half an avocado! So far so good today!

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