Its my first friends are saying "you're doing what?!


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Hi Everyone!

It's my first day for Whole30 and posting on a forum...from what I see this is about the most encouraging and helpful group ever...makes this a little less daunting!

Funny thing about this is that I work in healthcare and the reactions I get are so funny! Hearing the excuses of why they can't pass on cheese or bread or sweets is almost as fun as watching their faces while trying to comprehend why I am doing this. Makes me want to succeed even more.

As a new person I would love any hind sight, advice or tips that are out there!

What are some absolute must haves, easy to make, easy to carry (bike trips, kayak trips, etc).

Thanks everyone!

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Welcome! I have a few tips. Are you trying to get over an addiction to sweets? If so, I'd recommend you stay away from fruit as much as possible, and dried fruit for sure. Also don't go nuts with nuts! I was so excited my first few weeks that nuts were allowed...I ate WAY too many and eventually had to stop buying them altogether. Same with nut butters. Otherwise I would just say follow the meal template as closely as you can, eat mini-meals if you need snacks, and come back here if you have more questions or problems...good luck!

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Hi, I'm on day 13 and loving Whole 30! My friends don't understand either, but I'm enjoying the results and carrying on.

I have been amazed by how easy it is to make homeade mayonnaise! I've used this to make some really great egg salad and a chicken salad too. You can make sandwiches with lettuce leaves or just eat it as a salad. With an ice pack, you can stick it in a bag for bike trips, etc.

Guacamole is a great and easy topping too that I'm using on meats, eggs, salads. Yum!

I've found some great recipes from Melissa Joulwan's blog, The Clothes Make the Girl, Melissa is the author of Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat.

Enjoy! -- Brett

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Don't buy nuts!

Don't buy Lara bars! ( I had one post whole 30 and "pecan pie" is miles and miles from tasting anything like pecan pie, but I''m guessing during whole 30 sugar dragons will try and convince you otherwise!)

Don't buy nut butters! ( they ARE delicious but UNNECESSARY... sunshine sauce is worth the wait!)

The ABOVE are an excuse to snack waiting to happen... And I've discovered post whole 30 that eating nuts make me feel kinda crappy, if its true for you, they may cause you to have a less then awesome 30 days.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND a nut free whole 30.

My favorite whole 30 drink is bulletproof coffee ( I give it a lot of credit for my ability to slay my sugar and coffee dragons, and become fat adapted... And it's delicious to boot!)

I finished my nut free whole 30 on April 30th and with the exception of some unclarified butter (fail), a piece of gum now and again, and a couple glasses of fresh squeezed OJ on mothers day I am still 99% (???) whole 30 14 days later, I don't need to drink coffee after 9 am, no sugar cravings, and I am a reformed grazer! ( IMO ...a very successful whole 30!!!)

A final bit of advice... Read every label..."they" put sugar and soy in pert near everything!

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Welcome! Nom Nom Paleo has some great Whole30 recipes. I agree wtih everyone on nuts. When I started the Whole30 I cut them out except ground almonds in my hamburger. I used to sit down and eat a large apple with a LARGE pile of almond butter. Not the best habit. I eat enough at each meal so I'm not hungry inbetween and never cranky at night for a snack. It is a welcome change! Embrace fat. Avocado's are a staple in my mid-day meal.

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Sparkling water can definitely be a savior!! It is perfect with lemon, lime or grapefruit juice squeezed in and it really helps you feel like you are drinking something different. Perfect for social situations or those nights when you really are having a tough time.

I'm only on Day 3 of this attempt, but I have failed 2 others in the past by letting too many outside factors (unsupportive friends/family) get in the way, so this time I am committed to finding support here! As for the nuts, they can definitely cause you to go overboard. I do a few nuts on my salads here and there, but I do not use for snacking, unless absolutely no other options are available. Definitely follow the meal template as best you can because it really does help you change your outlook on eating and "snacking" - I was definitely and all-day grazer.

Good luck, you can do it!!

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