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Suzanne's Whole 30 Log


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Today is day 2 of my whole 30. I am attempting this challenge for multiple reasons. My family has a huge history of diabetes and heart disease. Both of my parents have diabetes and my father died of CHF. I would love to be in good shape and healthy for my children...and someday my grandchildren. I have 6 kids, so I hope to have LOTS of grandchildren someday. I have had 3 babies in the last 4.5 years. The closest spacing of all my children. They have all been good sized and my last being almost a toddler....10lbs 11 ozs. He was my 1st c-section. I have been borderline diabetic during my last 3 pregnancies as well. If we were to be blessed with another baby in the future then I want to be in a better place nutrition-wise. I would love to have an "average" sized baby. Those are currently my reasons for this whole 30. I will be doing this alone, at least for a little while. My husband is totally not on board. He would be willing to give up dairy and grains....but not so much sugar. I hope to convince him that this isn't so bad. He needs this almost as much as I do. Luckily, since I'm the one that prepares and plans the meals...dinner will at least be whole 30-compliant. But I can't control what he eats while he is at work. So hopefully if he sees what it is doing for me, he will be more on board. His father had a heart attack at 38. I would love it if that didn't happen to my husband.

Anyway, yesterday I had:

M1: Zucchini and egg scramble with onion and avocado.

M2: Chicken salad - lettuce, bell peppers, tomato, avocado and olives and an apple/almond butter

M3: chicken and sweet potato casserole, broccoli and salad.

Snacks: a couple handfuls of nuts and a banana.

I am also nursing a 6 month old. So hopefully this sounds like enough food to sustain my milk supply.

Today so far I am having a zucchini, summer squash and egg scramble with avocado and onion and I will probably have a banana. I will update more as the day goes on.

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Welcome ! I have 6 kids, too, though they might be older than yours- I only had on1 in diapers at a time- you have your hands full !

Mine are now 11-14-16-19- 21 & 23.

My husband isn't totally on board for this, my 2nd whole30, but he eats what I make and pack him. Not sure how great his choices are when he goes to meetings where they eat.- but we can't get too hung up on it, and like you said- when he sees what this does for you- maybe he'll hop on board.

Best of luck- with the Whole30 and your (beautiful, I am sure) family !


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