Chicken Salad - How long does it keep?

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I made some homemade chicken salad Friday evening (just boiled chicken, homemade mayo and celery). How long do you think that will keep? We usually eat it in just a day or two, but I have some leftover today (Wednesday). Do you think it's still good?

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My only concern is if you have difficulty with any molds...any food starts to break down after 24 hours.

We had a daughter that had systemic yeast infection(all fungusi are yeasts/molds/etc.) and while many of the whole30 eliminated things were eliminated then because of the sugar, they were also eliminated because of the possibility of baceria/mold growth. If anything was left over...ANYTHING...we had to throw it out if we didn't use it within 24 hours.

My son-in-law has gone to some sort of hazardous waste training - and he states 3 days....

If in doubt, throw it out....better than getting sick, eh?

Just fyi, ymmv

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