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This is it... yesterday was day 30 of my whole30. What prompted me to do this is the fact that I am going through the changes in my life ... my doctor told me that my estrogen level was reducing ... and low and behold a couple of months later had my last period and to my horror I started having hot flushes....

The hot flushes did it... I tried a few traditional things but was not happy with it. I was buying some books on Amazon and came across "ISWF". I downloaded it and left it there for a couple of weeks. Then I decided... what have I got to lose... I started reading it and reading.. Light bulb moment. I could give this a go and see how I feel... it is only 30 days... I then announced to my hubby that I am going on yet another eating/diet change luckily he is very supportive as he has watched me over the decades yo yoing with my weight and if I am happy ..he is. It was not too bad... I had a bit of a headaches the first 2 weeks... I stuck with it and my friends call be "ah the one with the weird diet'. Declined to go to lunch at a pizzeria for mothers day.... I did go out to the pub and ordered steak and steam vegetable. NO SWEETS at all, for me THAT was the revelation. I am now confident that I can NOT have sweets or baking good without going nuts on them. After the first week ... no more hot flushes.. and they have not returned... SOOO!! HAPPY about that!!. I went to the gym regularly 3-4times a week. The energy level was dreadful I upped my sweet potato, and now I have enough energy for everything. The sleeping is still a bit off... I still wake up at 3.30 sometimes I manage to go back to sleep sometimes not. To top it all I have lost 2.6kgs, my clothes are a lot looser.

I did an 8kms run on Sunday 12May for the Mothers Day Classic to raise money for breast cancer. I did this in 50 mins... I was happy to finish it....

I feel elated that I have done this and it is a success for me, it has taught me that I am not at the mercy of food anymore, I am in control, it does not control me, which happened in the past . To LOVE fat and not be afraid of it. It is not over for me. Now that I know what I know what these particular food group does to me. I will be re introducing milk (I missed my latte). Sugar I will give a miss. Grain I will give a miss. Alcohol had never been a problem. Legume I will have it but ... it can wait...

Thank you Melissa for changing my life!!!

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I have reintroduced dairy... milk is fine I found out.... I had a reaction to cheese. It was not pleasant, I felt ill after 1 hour I thought I was going to faint. Then after moving around a bit, I got really "burpy". It was gross. I will give cheese a miss. Cafe Latte is fine. Tomorrow I will have a bit of gluten free bread and see what happens!!

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