Desdemona's 30 days

Deborah Brommer

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Day one:

Meal 1- 2 fried eggs over avocado, pear, coffee w coconut milk

Meal 2- egg, mushroom, ground turkey, spinach frittata and apple w cashew butter

Snack- raspberries

Meal 3- Mexican beef stew, greens, 1/2 avocado

Day two:

Meal 1- 2 fried eggs, greens, slice avocado, coffee w coconut milk

Snack- banana

Meal 2- tuna w failed mayo, celery, and avocado. Kale, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, almond, raisin salad w dressing made of failed mayo, rice wine vinegar, and pineapple juice.

I'm finding it difficult to eat 3 meals! Hoping to work my way up to that.

Evening sugar urges have been settled with a cup of mint tea.

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If you must have a snack make it a mini meal that includes both fat and protein. Snacking on fruit alone is not recommended. You might try adding some more food to your meal 1. Either a couple more eggs or another protein source. I find getting enough fat and protein at meal 1 is critical to my making it through the day.

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Hi Physibeth, I'm having trouble eating that much breakfast as it is, no way could I add more. I'm one of those who never eats breakfast regularly, and when I do, it's usually more of a brunch :) I have an irratic schedule and I think I need to work harder at having my meals at more regular intervals.

Day three:

Meal 1- Fritatta, avocado, coffee w coconut milk

Meal 2- Smoothie (KALE, w cucumber, lemon, banana), apple w almond butter

Meal 3- Meatloaf (lamb, beef, mushroom, onion, parsley), collard greens, salad w orange segments, raspberries

I felt very lathargic and sleepy today. Completely unmotivated, except to fix my food!

I made a large meatloaf so we'll have plenty of leftovers, and I put 8 1/2 pounds of pork butt in the slow cooker to make Kalua Pork (nom nom paleo app).

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Day Four:

Meal 1: Mashed Banana and Egg Scramble (I know! Sounds so weird, but it was pretty good and helped change up the "eggs for breakfast everyday"), tangerine, spoon of cashew butter, coffee w coconut milk

Meal 2: Chopped Salad w Shredded Pork (broccoli, cauliflower, celery, kale, orange, almonds, raisins) topped with failed Mayo pineapple salad dressing

Meal 3: Kalua Pork (from nom nom paleo ipad app), roasted veg (red pepper, yellow beet, yams, carrot, onion, garlic), and some homemade probiotic carrot-fennel-cucumber-ginger kraut. Grapefruit Perrier.

Today was really pretty easy!

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Day Five:

I really need to work on the timing of my meals! I didn't have breakfast until 3 hours after waking, but I'm just not hungry in the morning. I'll try to do better.

Meal 1: Frittata, Sliced 1/2 Avacado and sliced tomato, hot sauce, coffee w coconut milk

Meal 2: Sliced pear w almond butter and procsiutto

Meal 3: Mexican beef stew, 1/2 sweet potato, roasted veggies.

Late snack: Raspberries (I definitely looked at these as dessert, I know, bad.)

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Day six:

Meal 1- fried bananas, 2 fried eggs, half a mango

Meal 2- lettuce cups w tuna salad (failed mayo dressing, avocado, celery, can of tuna) and pickle spear, 1/2 apple w cashew butter.

Meal 3- large salad w failed mayo dressing, sunflower seeds, apple, and a side of lamb/beef meatloaf. Pistachios. Perrier.

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Wow! Has it really been 7 days? It's actually been very easy.

Day seven:

Meal 1- (More than 2 hrs after waking btw, I know bad!) Mexican beef stew w roasted veggies, half a mango, coffee w coconut milk

Meal 2- Lamb/beef meatloaf, 1/3 avocado, ...... (uh-oh! I can't remember what else!)


Meal 3- Broccoli, cauliflower, celery, raisins, almonds, and Kalua Pork with failed mayo dressing and strawberries and a spoon of coconut butter.

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