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Sleeping with the Sugar Dragon


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I completed my first Whole30 Feb 1 2013. I felt amazing! My energy was incredible, my skin was 100% clear, I didn't even have bad hair days. My old clothes were falling off. It was freaking awesome!!!

Fast forward to April. I'm trying to stick paleo, my husband is away for 5 weeks for training, I'm still going strong. Occasional non-paleo treats, maybe once a week. I was still reaping the benefits of what I had learned, toning up, work outs were much more intense with no soreness, like none. Also I'd lost 3 more lbs, making me the lightest I'd been in over 13 years. And then my husband came home, and with him the Sugar Dragon.

I've tried to re-start a Whole30 5 or 6 times and never made it past day 3. I'm incredibly frustrated. I've gained back the weight I'd lost previously. My skin is broken out and dry. My hair is a frizzy mess. And I still can't climb back on the wagon!

I've come to the realization that I'm using my husband and his poor food choices as an excuse. I also fell into the trap of "I succeeded before, this'll be easy again". But it's not that easy. I have to plan my meals, struggle through the cravings and fight through that first tough week. I know from experience that the first week is uphill and grueling. This is war! I can't stumble into this. There's a strategy, damn it!

I've signed up for the Whole30 emails from the Hartwig folks, I didn't use them for my first one but clearly I really need the extra kick in the ass this time! The website is so supportive and wicked informative. I may even choke on my cheapness and buy It Starts With Food. My new internal mantra will be: it starts with you, it starts with food...

I've printed my quick start guides, I'm determined to not only beat the Sugar Dragon but kick its ass so thoroughly it slinks back to its poisonous cotton candy cave, tail between its cellulitis thighs, knowing not to mess with me again.

Day 1 starts tomorrow, which means a cook up tonight. Chili, stir fry veggies with left over chicken, no sugar applesauce made in my rice cooker, cut up crudités, homemade mayo and some deviled eggs.

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Thank you ladies! Day 1 is wrapping up and I'll be able to click the "I did it!" Link on my daily Whole30 email. I also shared the links with some ladies at work in the hopes of having an accountability partner. And I'll definitely be picking up ISWF this weekend :)

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