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Day 26 - frustrated

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Hi all-

First, some background. I'm male, 26, with no health problems. Last time I checked, all blood work was fine.

I'm on day 26 of my whole 30 and I'm a little frustrated. I have seen little to no body composition changes. Previously, sleep, energy, skin, etc. were all good. I mainly wanted to go through a whole 30 for body fat loss. I'm somewhere between 20 - 25% bodyfat just going off some pictures on the internet.

Food - mostly organic vegetables, stuck to the buyers guide in selecting what to buy organic. Most of my meat was grassfed/pastured. Generally stuck to the template. Fruit on occasion, with notes below.

Exercise - sprints 1 - 2 times a week, wendler 5/3/1, soccer once a week, walk quite a bit

So, what could have gone wrong for me? Here are some thoughts?

  • I discovered there was soy lecithin in the tea I was drinking. I probably had 5 - 10 cups of this spread out over a week or so.
  • about a quarter size of sour cream got into my salad bowl at chipotle
  • reaching now, but had more than a serving of fruit on 3 nights. Definitely closer to 2 portions.
  • protein portion - usually eyeballed it, but maybe a had some servings more than 2 palms? but i also definitely had some on the lower end as well

Could any of those really have caused me not to see some changes? Even just a litte? Do I need a whole 60 or something?

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Some of us lose fat slowly. I lost 2 pounds per month. You probably can't see a change of 2 pounds.

So you are guessing you are in the 20-25 percent body fat range based upon pictures you've seen. That is a pretty loose measure. Maybe you are in the range, but maybe you are not. If you are leaner, losing fat may be more difficult.

The Whole30 problems you list would not stop fat loss.

You report what you ate in a general way, but the specifics can matter. Fattiness of meats you eat, amount of carbs, fat servings, etc.

There is more to fat loss than what you eat. Your stress levels, sleep quality and quantity, training history and intensity all matter.

I don't mean to frustrate you more, but I don't have any advice at this point.

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