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Crossfit "competition" day before and day of meals?

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So on Saturday my daughter and I are participating in "Box Wars" with our box at another box. Fun stuff since I know many of you were around when I posted about starting Crossfit in January!

So I have a few questions.... here's the details

So in my scaled division it won't be a weight heavy workout. More metcon than anything. It's "Helen" then WOD 2 will be 2 minutes of box jumps, WOD 3 is 5 minutes of Pike pushups with a 105# deadlift buy in for each break, and WOD 4 being a 2 minute cal row. So nothing heavy but exhausting.

The WODs start at 10:30am. There will be loads of Whole30 complaint food (YAY YAY YAY!) as the other box is doing a W30 challenge right now! Awesome right? So there will be a big potluck laid out as well.

So a few questions because I tend to overthink everything :)

Day before meals.... higher carbs? Does it matter?

Day of... Morning meal? Then a Pre-workout at about 10:00 when I get there? I'm in heat 2 so that puts me starting somewhere around 10:50. Would that pre-workout get me through a long day where the last WOD is 1PM or so?

What say you much more knowledgeable people? And don't laugh at my overthinking-ness LOL!

AND I should say how proud I am of my amazing 12 year old daughter who has taken to CF like a fish to water! She went in and did Cindy for her 12th birthday last week and got herself a 32.5" box jump because she's just awesome. Bragging side-note over.

Thanks! I never would have gotten to this place without THIS place :)

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Hey Kim,

Competition day nutrition is very individual and not something you should try to optimize during your first competition. When I was competing in CF, I just wanted to keep to as normal of an eating schedule as possible. I did this because running is/was...not fun for me...so running with a full stomach was not something I wanted anything to do with.

Things you can tweak going forward? Avoid fat in between workouts. Just do some easily digestible carbs (read: low on the fructose) and some protein. One of the big CF Games competitors in my region used to swear by hardboiled egg white, sweet potato sandwiches. (two slices of sweet potato, with the HBE in the middle)

Grapes are a good carb/hydration source as well.

Good luck! Have fun!

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For what it's worth, I am a CF L-1 trainer and CF Endurance trainer. At the Endurance course, we learned what Usain Bolt eats as part of his pre-competition nutrition. This may come as a shock, but he always eats chicken mcnuggets! I doubt that anyone out there is under the illusion that the ideal racing fuel, but he can get them anywhere he goes and they will always be exactly the same. So the objective "worthiness" of the food is probably less important than choosing a food that makes you feel good, helps you perform to your standards, and that you can consume with consistency.

Freaking awesome about your daughter! Heck,I can't even box jump that high! My son is five and just earned his yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a CF Kids seminar so that I can begin training him. Our kids lucked out. They are going to get the early start on lifelong fitness and nutrition habits that most of us grownups didn't get.

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Thanks! It was crazy humid and super hot that day and with that and my nerves that heavy Helen was a BEAST. I barely started my third round when the 12 minute timer went off. Wow. The rest of the competition was great and super fun!

Thanks guys! The timing was weird but my food was fine. Had some eggs, kale, and sweet potato which is normal for me so I just went with that.

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