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Hemp seed


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Well boo - never mind. I just got to the ISWF part about the PUFAS and hemp. If anyone has another something that has been helpful for chronic pain, I would be glad to know. Serrapeptase and Wobenzyme provide a little relief, but not long lasting, and not worth the money I spend on it.

*big thumbs down frownie face emoticon.* Ah well! On to find new and exciting things to knock down the inflammation!



I have serious pain in my hands/wrists/forearms from transcribing as my job for the last 19 years. I found that eating 2 ounces of raw hemp seed in the mornings takes the pain in my parts away better than anything else I have found, over the counter, and even prescribed.

I did an autoimmune protocol for 3 months taking out night shades, peppers, eggs, etc and that didnt affect the pain in my hands and I actually noticed it was worse. I had stopped consuming the hemp because of the PUFA situation.

I dont know - it works to the point where I might just have to make it #1 on my FU list :} (or is that the FO list?) but I really cant find much information on the *seeds* specifically. Folks talk about the oils much more than the seed, (as far as I have found).

Anyhoo - can anyone help shed light on this for me? I would rather know what I am doing to me instead of just *allalalalalala* ing while I jam my poor aching fingers in my ears and pretending that since its not an oil, then its not the same.

Anyone care to help a sister out? I surely would appreciate it!


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