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Tips for ordering at a nice seafood place?


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Hi All,

It seems I might be going on my second dining out trial on my Whole30. Does anyone have tips on ordering at a nice seafood place? Here's the menu: http://www.saltcellarrestaurant.com/menu.php

It doesn't give a lot of detail on preparation, if I remember correctly from last time I was there they have a lot of options and they were very accommodating with substituting sides, etc.

Thanks in advance!

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A nice seafood place has been the most accomodating place we have eaten at. We have explained that we are doing an elimination diet/have food intolerances (I'd stick with what is true/comfortable for you.) We explain the biggies - no soy, legumes, grains, dairy - definitely no butter....you know the non-compliant ingredients. Then, we talk through what we can have.

They have basically been willing to grill any seafood dry along with a double order of veggies. (Their olive oil is a veggie blend which could mean corn and soy.) As it turns out, all of their amazing seafood choices have been pure heaven without all of the breading and frying and sauces. There just hasn't been a need. The only thing I didn't get there was much fat, so I had some in the car - coconut flakes, olives, nuts. Or you can bring your own oil and vinegar to add to a salad.

If you feel more comfortable, call ahead. Otherwise, before being seated, you may ask to have someone stop by your table to discuss options. Servers can often do this, but I sometimes like to prep ahead to help the actual table experience go more smoothely.

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